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Insurance for Older Travellers

Travelling overseas should not slow down as you get older, in fact there are many reasons to increase your annual holidays. Reduced family and work commitments give you many advantages over younger travellers:

  • You can avoid the busy (and costly) school holidays. Being able to travel off-peak lets you enjoy the best climate, avoid the crowds and pick up holiday bargains.
  • Having more time gives you greater flexibility when booking holidays and lets you travel more often or for longer.
  • There are many holidays designed specifically for the senior market, enabling you to visit quieter, less touristy areas whilst retaining the benefit of travelling with the support of an experienced tour operator
  • Many retired travellers have more money to spend, allowing frequent travel, luxury cruises, or a 'once in a lifetime' holiday. Retirement can also be an opportunity to visit family overseas or to take a long-haul multi-destination trip.

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Don't let buying travel insurance be the sticking point...

Restrictive policies can mean that it became harder to buy insurance as you get older, so it is essential to check policy age limits and to purchase insurance which covers any pre-existing medical conditions.

Most of our policies cover travellers up to 74yrs, but we have policies available with no age restrictions at all. We can cover many pre-existing medical conditions, including long-term stable conditions and ones which have been only recently diagnosed and treated. if you call our office, we can quickly go through your medical details and will provide the best quote from a selection of policies.