Travel Insurance for
Cancer patients

A Cancer diagnosis can be life changing for you and your family. In addition to the health impact during and after treatment, it can continue to present long-term problems whenever you are required to give medical history details. Many travel insurance policies have exclusions or restrictions on Cancer and other major health conditions, leaving you with the unenviable choice of travelling with inadequate insurance or cancelling your travel plans altogether.

We understand that after a Cancer diagnosis, the type and duration of treatment, plus long-term aftercare and prognosis can be very varied, which may affect the insurance cover that you require.

Whether you have successfully completed all treatment; are on preventative maintenance medication following Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy or Surgery; are currently receiving treatment or are having check-ups on a 'watch & wait' basis, we have a range of policies available and our experienced Sales Consultants can guide you through the medical screening to help you choose the right cover for your needs.

Every day, approximately 1,000 people will be diagnosed with Cancer in the UK. With improving treatment, more people are living with Cancer successfully in remission or maintained at a slow-progressing stage. Cancer should not prevent you from travelling overseas, so Worldwide Travel Insurance are here to help you buy cover to give you real peace of mind so you can relax knowing you're insured.

Worldwide Travel Insurance offers cover at competitive rates, with low medical endorsement premiums, giving you the cover you need at an affordable cost.

To find out more about insurance options for travellers affected by Cancer conditions, please call our office UK(+44) 01892 833338 or email us.

Many policies exclude existing medical conditions, so be sure to buy cover from a Company that understands. When you contact our office, we wil quickly go through your medical details and travel plans to provide the best quote options from a selection of policies to enable you to make the right choice for your individual needs

Benefits to travellers with, or after, Cancer when buying travel insurance with us:

  • We offer a Specialist Screening service over the telephone for customers in the UK with medical conditions including Cancer
  • Medical screening is also available for some EU residents - please contact us for information
  • For residents of other Countries, we are currently unable to screen existing medical conditions, so please contact us to discuss the policies we can offer
  • In addition to our main range of comprehensive policies, we have insurance options with no age restrictions; cover for medical conditions whether long-term or recently diagnosed; cover for higher risk conditions. This enables us to assist you in finding the right cover for your individual needs
  • We can cover UK and EU-based travellers with, or following, various Cancer conditions, including Breast Cancer; Prostate Cancer; Bowel Cancer; Malignant Melanoma, and other Skin Cancers; Leukaemia; Lung Cancer; Ovarian Cancer; Testicular Cancer; Bladder Cancer; Liver Cancer; Stomach Cancer.
  • Our policies can also insure many associated conditions including Solar Keratosis; Pre-cancerous Cells.
  • If you have Metastatic Cancer, or have had a terminal prognosis of more than 6 months, we may be able to help; contact us for information on policy options for higher risk condition
  • our Sales Consultants are highly trained to provide a friendly, sympathetic and professional service.

Buy travel insurance from the experts...

Many policies exclude existing medical conditions, so be sure to buy cover from a Company that understands your needs and those of your family and travelling companions.

We have policies with no age restrictions at all and can cover many existing medical conditions, including long-term stable conditions and ones which have been only recently diagnosed and treated. if you call our office, we can quickly go through your medical details and will provide the best quote from a selection of policies.