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  • UK residents
    Longstay Overseas
    If you are usually a UK resident,
    and your total trip is less than 18 months,
    you can buy our Longstay Overseas policies
  • EU residents
    If you are not a UK resident,
    or your total trip is up to 3 years,
    our GlobeHopper policy is suitable for you.


 Living overseas as an expat?
 The following policies are suitable for you:

Insurance for Expatriates

If you are living and working outside of your usual home country, your insurance needs may differ from both friends and family 'back home' and new friends and colleagues where you are now living.

In insurance terms, your home is your current country of residence, but you may still feel that you want to buy cover which is more familiar to you than a local scheme. We have a variety of policies, some of which can be both quoted and paid out in your preferred currency.
Travel Insurance
We have travel health insurance options to suit all travelers, whether holiday or business.

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