Insurance if you are outside of your usual Home Country

If you have already left your usual Home Country and find that you need insurance until you return, we can help.

It may be that you forgot to buy Travel Insurance, or that you had cover which has now run out. You may have even changed your plans and extended your trip.

If you are a Student studying overseas, you may require insurance to cover you for a year or more whilst you complete your course.

Alternatively you may be living more permanently in another Country and need long-term Private Medical Insurance to cover any medical bills.

Our range of policies includes options to cover all of these situations and are available to residents of the UK, the EU and most countries worldwide.

What type of Insurance are you interested in?

  2. If you usually live in the UK but have already started your trip overseas, we may be able to cover you provided you intend to return to the UK at the end of your trip.

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  3. If you usually live in the UK and are aged over 65yrs, our cover may be suitable if you are already travelling, provided you intend to return to the UK at the end of your trip.

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  4. If you are already travelling outside of your usual Country of residence and intend to return home at the end of your current trip, we may be able to cover you.

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  5. Overseas Student Insurance is designed to cover you when attending college or university in another country

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  6. Private Medical Insurance available to buy wherever you live in the world. It covers treatment received locally and has options to cover treatment in other countries too.

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