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Already Overseas?
Travel Insurance for people usually resident in the UK

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Are you usually resident in the UK and spending no more than 18 months outside of the UK (from your original departure date until your planned return):

Yes No
If you answered 'No',
our International GlobeHopper policy may be suitable for you.

How many people are travelling:

Where are you now?

You must contact our office if visiting an unlisted country or a country or area where the British Foreign Office advise against travel.

Area of Travel:

  1. Worldwide: Anywhere in the World including the USA & Canada.
  2. Europe: The Continent of Europe west of the Ural Mountains, any country with a Mediterranean coastline, the Canary Islands, Madeira & Iceland.
  3. Australia: Australia & New Zealand, allowing for worldwide stopovers of up to 48 hours for each of the outbound and return journeys.

How much longer will you be travelling until you return to home to the UK?

Do you require Ski / Snowboarding cover?

Upgrade to include Wintersports as needed - the duration does not need to match the main policy.

Wintersports: cross country (Nordic) skiing; glacier skiing, recreational racing, snowmobiling, mono-skiing, off-piste skiing or snowboarding (within the ski area boundaries of a recognised ski resort following ski patrol guidelines), on-piste skiing or snowboarding, snow blading and snow sledging all provided local safety guidelines and warnings are observed.
This extra cover can also be added later by contacting our office during your trip - provided you do so before commencing the activity

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What does the cover include?

  • Cover the remainder of your trip for a further 1 to 18 months
  • Cover must be bought for the period until you return home, but can be extended if your travel plans change, up to a maximum of 18 months away from home (12 months if aged 50+)
  • No restriction to time spent in any one place - visit many countries or just stay in one for the whole trip
  • Wintersports cover can be added, inc. off-piste skiing & snowboarding.
  • Many Sports & Leisure Activities covered, others can be added.
  • Cover available for travellers up to & including 64yrs
  • 24-hr Multi-lingual Emergency Assistance helpline.

Any Questions?

  2. No.
    As you are usually resident in the UK, this insurance finishes as soon as you return for any reason other than short term visits home that are not the subject of a claim.
  3. No.
    As you are already travelling, this policy excludes claims relating to existing Medical Conditions.
  4. There is no cover on this policy for claims relating to illness for 14 days from the date you purchase the policy. However you would be covered for medical claims arising from accident or injury during that period.
  5. Yes, whether working on a casual basis or on a longer work placement.

Benefits of the Already Overseas Travel Insurance

  • If your travel plans have changed and your current insurers are unable to alter or extend your policy, you will need flexible cover to take over the risk for the remainder of your trip. Our Longstay Already Overseas Travel Insurance can not only do that, but can be extended any number of times if your plans change again. You can purchase cover for both leisure and working trips.

    Purchasing Worldwide Insure Already Overseas Travel Insurance means that you can enjoy the remainder of your trip with peace of mind.
  • This is a Specialist cover for people usually resident in the UK who are already travelling.
  • Our Long Stay Already Overseas Travel Insurance can cover you wherever you are in the world, provided your total trip is no more than 18 months
  • Just buy the extra cover you need until your return home, from 1 month to 18
  • Don't let inadequate cover ruin your plans and force you to return home early - take out Already Overseas Insurance and continue to enjoy your trip.
  • Already Overseas Insurance from Worldwide Insure gives you high quality cover, even though you are already travelling.

Not usually a UK resident?

If you are travelling outside of your usual home country, we can offer cover: