International Single Trip Travel Insurance

If you need short-term medical coverage while travelling outside of your Home Country, we have options to suit you. It is easy to buy online and can even be purchased after you have already left your Home Country, giving you the reassurance of knowing you are covered so you can enjoy your trip.

Our Single Trip Insurance for International residents offers comprehensive cover and is suitable if:
  • You do not need cover in your Home Country
  • You are not travelling for more than 180 days in total
  • You are aged under 71yrs
  • You have not yet left your home country
  • This policy is also suitable for one-way trips
If the Travelcare policy is unsuitable, you may find our Globehopper option meets your needs. It can cover you if:
  • You do not need cover in your Home Country
  • You are not travelling for more than 3yrs in total
  • You have already left your Home Country

These products are quoted and sold on an external website. Any discount code or special offers will not apply.

Benefits of the Travelcare Single Trip Travel Insurance

  • Flexible
    Choose to buy in $USD, £GBP, and €Euro, with claims settled in your chosen currency
  • Easy to arrange each time you travel
    If you travel occasionally, single trip insurance is ideal for you. It is easy to buy cover for trips from 1 to 180 days for either business or leisure travel. We can even cover a one-way trip if you are relocating. Whatever your plans, make sure that you’re covered with Single trip Travelcare Insurance from Worldwide Insure.
  • All options include Emergency travel medical insurance
    Covers you against the high cost of medical treatment and emergency medical evacuation
  • Additional benefits to suit your needs
    You can choose to add Enhanced Benefits which cover you against losses to property, liability and accident that you may suffer whilst travelling abroad.
    You can also add Cancellation and Curtailment, to cover you if your trip is unexpected cancelled or you are forced to return home early.
  • 24-hr Multi-lingual Emergency helpline
    Our travel policies provide support if you need urgent medical treatment during your trip. Our Assistance Service can help you communicate with overseas medical staff to ensure that you are getting the treatment you need.
  • Protection
    A holiday can be ruined by the theft or loss of personal baggage; a delayed departure; a missed flight – or having to cancel your trip altogether. At least taking out insurance means you won’t suffer the financial impact too.
  • Many Sports & Activities covered
    A wide range of Sports and Activities are covered, including Wintersports.
  • Arranged by Expatriate Healthcare