Globehopper International Single Trip Travel Insurance

If you need short-term medical coverage while travelling outside of your Home Country, this plan is ideal: you can insure periods of up to 3 years and renew (extend) cover while you are away. It is easy to buy online and can even be purchased after you have already left your Home Country, giving you the reassurance of knowing you are covered so you can enjoy your trip.

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Our GlobeHopper is suitable if:
  • You are looking for cover for Emergency Medical Expenses only - this policy does not include cover for other common sections of cover such as Cancellation or Baggage loss
  • You do not need cover in your Home Country
  • You are not travelling for more than 3yrs in total
  • You are aged under 75yrs

This product is quoted and sold on an external website. Any discount code or special offers will not apply.

Main points of our Globehopper Travel Insurance:
  • Suitable for travel for up to 3 years away from Home
  • You can buy cover even if you are already travelling, provided that the total trip is not longer that 3yrs
  • Cover available in blocks of up to 12 months - so if you are travelling longer, simply extend as needed.
  • Choose to buy in $USD, £GBP, and €Euro, with claims settled in your chosen currency
  • Covers travellers up to 75yrs - To obtain a quote for 75's and over, click here
  • Arranged by IMG Europe Ltd., an award winning and wholly owned subsidiary of International Medical Group

Why buy International Globehopper Travel Insurance?

The cover is available worldwide to any nationality
Buy cover, wherever you are in the world.
Insure the rest of your trip of up to 3 years if you are outside of your Home Country
You can renew (extend) cover while you are away
It is easy to buy online even if you are already travelling.