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Medical Conditions:

We offer a specialist screening service to customers with pre-existing medical conditions. When you call our office, we can quickly go through your medical details and will provide the best quote from a selection of policies.

To consider whether you need to call our office, please consider the following questions regarding yourself, your travelling companions and any non-travellers (relatives, business colleagues or people with whom you have arranged to stay). If you answer 'yes', you should call us for a quote and to purchase cover.

To declare existing medical conditions, please call us on 01892 833338.

  1. Have you or any of your travelling companions ever suffered from, been investigated, treated for or diagnosed with:
    1. any cancer or malignant condition
    2. any lung- or heart- related condition (including Angina),
    3. any circulatory condition (including hypertension (high blood pressure), unless it is the only condition you have and it is well controlled)
  2. Do you or any of your travelling companions suffer from any other condition that has required referral to or consultation with a specialist or hospital for treatment, investigation or check-up within the last 24 months?
    You do not need to answer 'Yes' if:
    1. You did not require any follow-up visit, medication or treatment.
    2. You visited the doctor on a single occasion and the problem was rectified.
    3. You are pregnant and have been having normal antenatal check-ups.
We are able to provide cover for many pre-existing medical conditions. When you call our office we will be able to take details and can usually let you know immediately whether cover can be offered and if an additional premium will apply. You are not covered for any related claims if:
  • You are on a hospital waiting list for in-patient investigation or treatment
  • You are planning to travel against the advice of your medical practitioner
  • You are planning to travel with a view to obtaining medical treatment
  • You, or as far as you are aware, a travelling companion or non-traveller have been given a terminal prognosis