Insurance for Travellers with existing Medical Conditions

If you, or a member of your family, have existing medical conditions, it is essential to consider the additional requirements you may have when buying Travel Insurance.

Worldwide Travel Insurance understand the impact that an existing medical condition can have; it may put you at higher risk of needing to cancel your trip, or may increase the likelihood of requiring treatment during your holiday. The impact of this can affect the whole family.

For more information on specific conditions:

To find out more about insurance options for travellers with existing medical conditions, please call our office UK(+44) 01892 833338 or email us

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Many policies exclude existing medical conditions, so be sure to buy cover from a Company that understands your needs and those of your family and travelling companions.

We have policies with no age restrictions at all and can cover many existing medical conditions, including long-term stable conditions and ones which have been only recently diagnosed and treated. if you call our office, we can quickly go through your medical details and will provide the best quote from a selection of policies.