Current issues affecting Travel:

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you CANNOT travel due to a government or local authority directive

If the area you are visiting has been declared as unsafe to travel to, you should contact your travel/accommodation providers to request cancellation, alteration or an alternative to your booked trip. In most circumstances, the travel/accommodation provider should offer a refund or other option as they are unable to fulfil their contract with you.
Please note that this will only apply if you are travelling soon, as advice could change meaning that the area could become safe again before your planned trip.
If you do not obtain a full refund from the provider, you may be able to submit an insurance claim, depending on the cover that you have purchased. Please check your policy terms and contact our office if you are unsure whether you are covered for this situation.

If you do not WANT to travel due to concerns about Coronavirus

If the area is still accepting visitors and there is no governmental directive advising against travel there, it will be classed as ‘disinclination to travel’ if you choose to cancel or change your trip. You should contact the travel/accommodation providers to see if they are able to make any changes but you should be aware that they are not obliged to do so.
There is no cover on Travel Insurance for disinclination to travel.

If you CANNOT travel because you have contracted the virus or have been placed in compulsory quarantine

If you have not yet left home and cannot travel for this reason, you can submit a Cancellation claim on your Travel Insurance.
If you become ill during your trip with Coronavirus, you would be able to submit a claim for any medical expenses incurred in the same way as if you became ill for any other reason.
If you are placed in compulsory quarantine during your trip and are unable to return home on the date originally planned, your Travel Insurance will automatically extend to cover you until you return home, provided you are able to produce a medical certificate confirming that it was compulsory and not voluntary quarantine. If you are placed in compulsory quarantine during the period of the pre-booked holiday, causing you to lose the benefits of the holiday for more than 24hrs, you can submit a Loss of Holiday claim.

If you need to make alternative arrangements to avoid an affected area

If your pre-booked travel, accommodation or excursions need to be amended for this reason, you should contact your travel/accommodation provider to see what they are able to do to help. As with points 1 & 2 above, their obligations to you will be affected by whether there has been an official directive or if it is your choice to amend your plans.


What impact will Brexit have on EU policyholders?

Any person who is a current policyholder will continue to benefit from the insurance for the duration of their policy
While the outcome of Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU is currently unknown, we have taken steps to be able to continue to offer cover to EU residents in any eventuality and are confident that we will continue to be provide high quality cover to all of our customers, in the UK, EU and Internationally.