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Wintersport & Skiing Travel Insurance

Specialist travel insurance for holidays involving wintersports, such as skiing, is essential if you will be spending any of your holiday Skiing or Snowboarding - whether it's just for a few hours or for most of your trip.
Minor injuries on the slopes are common and major injuries can be financially and emotionally devastating, so rather than take the risk, take out a wintersport & skiing travel insurance policy with Worldwide Insure.

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Benefits of Wintersport & Ski Travel Insurance

  • Our Wintersports policy is a single-trip insurance, ideal for the occasional skiier, or snowboarder. Cover for your holiday can be arranged quickly, for a last minute booking, providing the essential cover to ensure that you can Ski or Snowboard with complete peace of mind.
  • Our travel insurance for skiing or snowboarding includes cover for Ski equipment, whether your own or hired, reimbursement of Ski Pass costs if you are unable to ski, and compensation for Piste Closure.

A Single Trip Wintersports & Skiing Travel Insurance Policy Isn’t for Me

If you are not taking part in winter sports such as skiing, then you will not need our wintersport & ski travel insurance for your trip. Instead, why not take a look at some of the other travel insurance policies that we offer?