Ski Travel Insurance for UK residents

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Group Type:
  2. Individual(s): Any combination of adults/children NOT travelling as a family group (see below)
  3. Family: A couple and your dependent children under 18 (+ additional children travelling with you)
  4. Single Parent Family: A single adult and your dependent children under 18 (+ additional children travelling with you)
How many people are travelling?
18 - 49yrs 50 - 59yrs 60 - 64yrs
65 - 69yrs 70 - 74yrs
Children insuring with their parent(s):
2 - 17yrs under 2yrs
Children insuring with other adults:
Where are you travelling?
  2. UK: The United Kingdom, Channel Islands, the Isle of Man & Ireland.
  3. Europe: Europe west of the Ural Mountains, any country with a Mediterranean coastline, the Canary Islands, Madeira & Iceland.
  4. Australia: Australia & New Zealand
  5. Worldwide (limited countries): Worldwide excluding the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, Bahamas & Bermuda.
  6. Worldwide: Anywhere in the World.

What is the main country you are visiting?

Please contact us if you are visiting an unlisted country or an area where the Foreign Office advise against travel.
Period of Travel: (Please count both dates of travel)
If you have a discount code, enter it here:

Benefits of the Ski Travel Insurance

Single Trip Ski insurance is ideal for the occasional skiier and can be arranged quickly for a last minute booking.
It is essential when Skiing or Snowboarding to have insurance that includes wintersports cover, even if you will only ski for a short time, as minor injuries are common and major injuries can be financially and emotionally devastating.
Includes cover for Ski equipment, whether your own or hired, reimbursement of Ski Pass costs if you are unable to ski and compensation for Piste Closure.
Single Trip Ski insurance from Worldwide Insure provides essential cover to ensure that you can Ski or Snowboard with peace of mind.

Any Questions?

  2. Yes.
    If you are staying in pre-booked, paid accomodation, you can buy insurance and its important to be covered in case you need to Cancel. You will not be covered for Medical Expenses claims.
  3. Yes, if you would like to be insured for related claims. Medical treatment can be very expensive, so travelling without cover for existing conditions can be risky.
  4. We have two options, Super or Elite, which are suitable for business travellers.
    Elite has high levels of cover, including 'Replacement Personnel' insurance should illness or injury prevent you from completing overseas business.
  5. Yes, if you buy Super or Elite cover you would be insured if working in Ski resort. If you will be working as a Wintersports Instructor, please contact our office before purchasing your insurance.

Not a UK resident?

Why buy Single Trip Travel Insurance from worldwideinsure:
  • Worldwide Travel Insurance is a specialist in travel insurance and related products, with over 20yrs experience in offering high quality cover at great prices.
  • Policy Underwriters/Insurers: Cigna Europe Insurance Company S.A.-N.V, UK Branch and administered by Cigna Insurance Services (Europe) Ltd.
  • 24-hr assistance provided by Cigna Insurance Services
  • All policies purchased online are emailed immediately - ideal for last-minute bookings.
  • Cooling-off Period: Following purchase of your policy you have 14 days following receipt of your documents during which you can obtain a full refund if you have not travelled and no claim has arisen.