Brexit Information

Changes affecting travel between the UK and EU post-Brexit have of course been further complicated by the Covid-19 Pandemic, so it can feel very confusing when considering trips which were previously straightforward.
The need for good Travel Insurance cover is more important than ever as travellers will require the same protection as they have when travelling further afield.

Do UK nationals need a visa when visiting an EU country?

UK nationals will be able to visit the EU for up to 90 days in any 180 day period. This means that if you travel to France for 2 weeks then Spain for a month, the total period is less than 90 days.

A visa or permit may be required if you travel for longer periods, will be working or studying or are a business traveller.

Will I need a new UK passport?

No, however you should check when your current passport is due to expire. UK nationals will now need to have at least 6 months remaining on their passport when visiting an EU country, with the exception of the Republic of Ireland.

Is the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) still valid?

The EHIC entitles EU citizens to state-provided medical treatment if they fall ill or have an accident in an EU country (plus any other country which has signed up to the scheme).

Following Brexit, the UK now issues a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) which provides similar cover to the EHIC. All EHIC cards issued to UK nationals before the end of 2020 will remain valid until the expiry date shown on the front of the card.

While it has never been a substitute for Travel Insurance, the GHIC does provide a 'safety net' for travellers but should never be relied upon entirely. It does not cover the costs of Repatriation in the event of illness or injury and will not cover some treatment relating to existing medical conditions.

The best protection when travelling overseas has always been a good quality Travel Insurance policy and this is even more important if you do not have the benefit of the GHIC scheme. Even when using the GHIC, there are limitations which make buying travel insurance an essential part of your holiday booking.

I am an EU resident. Can I still buy insurance cover?

We offer a range of policies for customers living all over the World. When you select the policy type that you are interested in buying, for example Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance, you will be asked where you live and will receive a quote for the most appropriate policy for your needs, so you can rest assured that the policy will be valid for residents of your Home Country.

Does Brexit affect Car Rental Insurance?

Our Car Rental Insurance is available to residents of most countries world-wide, so this policy will continue to be valid for purchase by EU residents. UK residents will continue to be covered when hiring in the EU and EU residents will be covered when hiring in the UK.

As Brexit may have an impact on acceptable Driving Licences, particularly for UK expats living in the EU, it is important to ensure that your licence is valid when renting a vehicle.