Private Medical Insurance

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Need flexible PMI cover?
Our Private Medical Insurance is available to residents of any country, providing comprehensive medical cover on a short or long-term basis, giving you access to high quality care whether you are in your usual Home Country or living overseas.
The insurance is flexible, allowing you to choose the level of cover and policy deductibles (excesses) applying in the event of a claim.
With Comprehensive medical cover to suit your needs, with no medical screening required.
Yearly cover
Short-term cover

Benefits of Private Medical Insurance

  • Suitable for anyone living or working abroad
    Flexible, long-term, annually renewable, international medical insurance plan designed for individuals, families and groups living or working abroad, including contract employees.
  • Choice
    Short-term or Yearly cover with three high quality options - Primary, Primary+, Select
  • Security
    Emergency Medical Evacuation and other evacuation benefits
  • Flexibility
    Optional add-on coverages: Dental & Vision Care, Maternity, Global Personal Accident Plan, Global Daily Indemnity, Terrorism, Sports
    Choose your area of coverage: Europe; Worldwide; Worldwide (exc. USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Singapore & Taiwan)
    Choice of premium instalment payment/currency options
  • Easy to Arrange
    With no medical screening required, application is simple and fast. Existing medical conditions which have required medical treatment in the last 2yrs are excluded

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