Car Hire Excess Insurance

This policy provides a great value alternative to the Collision Damage Waiver offered by the Rental Company.
Available to cover just one hire, or on an Annual basis if you rent vehicles more than once a year.
Cover is available for residents of most countries worldwide.

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Benefits of Car Hire Excess Insurance

  • Covers Car Rental at Home or Abroad
    Renting a Car on holiday gives you flexibility to explore the area at your own pace. Short-term Car Rental at home may be necessary while your own vehicle is repaired, or for occasional use as part of a car share scheme. Whatever your reasons for hiring a car - make sure you're not left with the bill if the vehicle is damaged or stolen whilst in your care.
  • Easy to arrange insurance to suit your needs
    If you don’t hire often, we offer single hire insurance. Alternatively, if you are likely to hire two or more times a year, Annual multi-trip insurance gives fantastic value and year-round peace of mind.
  • Why pay your Rental firm's costly Collision Damage Waiver?
    Collision Damage Waiver is offered by most Car Rental companies, enabling you to remove or reduce the amount charged for damage to the car. This add-on can be expensive and may not cover all costs, particularly relating to tyres, windows and underbody.
    Our car hire excess insurance acts in place of CDW, at a much lower price and covering damage to any part of the vehicle
  • Protection
    If your holiday rental car is damaged or stolen, you are usually liable to pay an Excess, or Collision Damage charge.Even if the damage was not your fault, you will be charged.

Is a Car Rental Policy not for You?

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