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Longstay Travel Insurance for UK residents

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How many people are travelling:

Period of Travel in each area:

Additional weeks in one of your chosen areas:

Mixing areas of travel: You can reduce the cost of your policy by mixing the areas of travel, but please be aware that you must buy adequate cover for the higher rated areas you will visit

  1. Europe: The Continent of Europe west of the Ural Mountains, any country with a Mediterranean coastline, the Canary Islands, Madeira & Iceland.
  2. Australia: Australia & New Zealand, allowing for worldwide stopovers of up to 48 hours for each of the outbound and return journeys.
  3. Worldwide: Anywhere in the World.

Do you require Ski / Snowboarding cover?

Additional ski weeks in one of your chosen areas:

Upgrade to include Wintersports as needed - the duration does not need to match the main policy.

Wintersports: cross country (Nordic) skiing; glacier skiing, recreational racing, snowmobiling, mono-skiing, off-piste skiing or snowboarding (within the ski area boundaries of a recognised ski resort following ski patrol guidelines), on-piste skiing or snowboarding, snow blading and snow sledging all provided local safety guidelines and warnings are observed.
This extra cover can also be added later by contacting our office during your trip - provided you do so before commencing the activity

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Benefits of the UK Longstay Travel Insurance

Longstay Travel insurance is ideal for backpackers and long-term travellers, offering cover for up to 18 months travel, anywhere in the world.
Cover is available to suit all budgets, and can be extended any number of times during your trip
Backpacking travel carries different risks to shorter holidays, often involving a number of flights and less pre-booked accommodation. Inadequate cover can ruin your plans and force you to return home early.
Longstay insurance from Worldwide Insure gives you high quality cover, with flexibility to adapt the policy to your needs.

Any Questions?

  2. No.
    This insurance finishes as soon as you return to the UK for any reason other than short term visits home that are not the subject of a claim.
  3. Yes, if you would like to be insured for related claims. Medical treatment can be very expensive, so travelling without cover for existing conditions can be risky.
  4. Yes, whether working on a casual basis or on a longer work placement.

Not a UK resident?

Why buy Longstay Travel Insurance from worldwideinsure:
  • Worldwide Travel Insurance is a specialist in travel insurance and related products, with over 20yrs experience in offering high quality cover at great prices.
  • Policy Underwriters/Insurers: Cigna Europe Insurance Company S.A.-N.V, UK Branch and administered by Cigna Insurance Services (Europe) Ltd.
  • 24-hr assistance provided by Cigna Insurance Services
  • All policies purchased online are emailed immediately - ideal for last-minute bookings.
  • Cooling-off Period: Following purchase of your policy you have 14 days following receipt of your documents during which you can obtain a full refund if you have not travelled and no claim has arisen.