Long Stay Travel Insurance
for Extended Breaks or Holidays

Cover for longer trips starting from and returning to your Home Country.
Whether you live in the UK, EU or anywhere else in the World, we have an option to suit you.

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Where do you currently live?

This should be your main residency, where you are eligible for healthcare and will depart from and return to unless one-way travel is agreed

Benefits of Long Stay Travel Insurance

  • Specifically designed for long-term travel
    Spending a long period away from home requires a different type of travel insurance to short stay holiday insurance. You may be visiting several countries backpacking, or you may be staying in one area to live and work for a fixed period before returning home.
    If you're planning a long trip, buy travel insurance suitable for spending an extended period away from home. Many insurers offer the same travel insurance policy whether you are travelling for 1 day or a year - we recognise that your needs are different.
    Backpacking travel carries different risks to shorter holidays, often involving a number of flights and less pre-booked accommodation. Inadequate cover can ruin your plans and force you to return home early.
  • Greater flexibility
    Plans often change when you're travelling long-term, so you need Travel Insurance which offers the ability to extend insurance during your trip and to add cover for activities as you go.
  • High levels of cover for Medical costs
    Medical emergencies can arise whenever you travel and Backpackers are more likely to have to visit a Dr for at least a minor ailment. Treatment for more serious illness or injury could lead to huge costs, so taking out a Longstay travel policy with high medical cover is essential.
  • 24-hr Multi-lingual Emergency helpline
    All Worldwide Insure travel policies provide high levels of cover for the cost of urgent medical treatment, whether from a GP or in hospital. Our Assistance Service can liaise between overseas medical staff and your own doctor so you don't have to. Treatment overseas can be costly, particularly if you need repatriation home following a medical emergency, so travel safe in the knowledge that your Worldwide Insure policy provides assistance should something go wrong.
  • Protection
    A holiday can be ruined by the theft or loss of personal baggage; a delayed departure; a missed flight – or having to cancel your trip altogether. At least taking out insurance means you won’t suffer the financial impact too.
  • Many Sports & Activities covered
    A wide range of Sports and Activities are covered, including Wintersports.

Is Longstay Holiday Insurance unsuitable for your needs?

If you are taking a shorter holiday, or planning more than one trip in the year, we also offer: