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Motorhome Hire Excess Insurance

Renting a Motorhome on holiday gives you unrivalled freedom and independence to explore - whether you intend to pitch at one site and explore the local sights, or take advantage of your mobility and travel around a wider area, it's a relaxing way to spend your holiday.

Don't let worries about accident, damage or theft of the vehicle spoil your holiday - arrange cover through Worldwide Travel Insurance for complete peace of mind!

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Where do you currently live?
This policy is available to residents of EEA countries. Please select your current Home Country to check whether cover can be purchased:

Sorry, this policy is currently unavailable to residents of non-EEA countries. We are working to get alternative cover in place for our International customers as soon as possible.

Where are you hiring the vehicle?
  2. Europe: All countries in the continent of Europe to the west of the Ural Mountains, islands in the Mediterranean, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, and the Canary Islands, Madeira & the Azores, the UK, Isle of Man & the Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland.

    Rental in your current EEA Home Country: only available if you select the 'Home Country rental' option
  3. Worldwide: All countries in the World.

    Rental in your current EEA Home Country: only available if you select the 'Home Country rental' option
  4. Home Country rental: Covers you to hire a vehicle within your current Home Country within the EEA.
Period of Cover:
This insurance must be purchased before the vehicle has been collected.
Maximum period per rental agreement is 45 days.
If you have a discount code, enter it here:

Benefits of the Motorhome Hire Excess Insurance

If your hired vehicle is damaged or stolen, you are usually liable to pay an 'Excess' charge.
This charge will apply even if the damage is not your fault.
'Collision Damage Waiver' is offered by most Rental companies, enabling you to remove the charge: but this add-on can be costly, and does not always cover the whole charge.
Our insurance acts in place of CDW, at a much lower price.
You are covered for the charges applied in the event of theft or damage to any part of the vehicle

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