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Car Hire Excess Insurance

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Benefits of the Car Hire Excess Insurance

If your hired vehicle is damaged or stolen, you are usually liable to pay an 'Excess' charge.
This charge will apply even if the damage is not your fault.
'Collision Damage Waiver' is offered by most Rental companies, enabling you to remove the charge: but this add-on can be costly, and does not always cover the whole charge.
Our insurance acts in place of CDW, at a much lower price.
You are covered for the charges applied in the event of theft or damage to any part of the vehicle

Any Questions?

  2. Yes.
    With the exception of Iceland, hires within your Home Country are covered under the 'Deluxe' option, even if hiring in your home town (many policies exclude hires within 150km of your home)
  3. The Lead named Driver, plus any other drivers named on the Rental agreement, if aged 21 to 84yrs. Up to 4 drivers can be named on the policy and cover will only be valid for hires where one of those policyholders is the Lead Driver on the Rental Agreement. In the case of Annual policies, all policyholders must live at the address shown on the policy certificate.
  4. You are covered when driving on any Public Highway, i.e. any road made or unmade that is intended for use by the general public.
    The only exception is when travelling to/from accommodation that is only accessible by unmade road and, in these circumstances, due care and attention must be exercised to minimise risk of any damage to the rental vehicle.
  5. - Rental cars carrying up to 9 people.
    - Can be used to cover a courtesy car provided under a loan agreement whilst your vehicle is being repaired
    - Deluxe Annual covers vehicles used within a Car Club scheme
  6. - Non-rental vehicles
    - Vans, Trucks, non-passenger carrying vehicles
    - Motorcycles, Mopeds, Motorbikes
    - Off-road and recreational vehicles
    - 'expensive' or 'exotic' vehicles with a retail price exceeding £50,000, or 'antique' vehicles which are over 20yrs old and have been out of manufacture for 10yrs or more
    - Motorhomes, trailers or caravans - go to excess insurance for Campervans and Motorhomes

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