Travel Insurance for UK residents: cover for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Does cover include claims for Covid-19?

If you purchased your travel insurance before 1st November 2020:

  • You will be covered for Emergency Medical Expenses if symptoms develop during a trip requiring urgent treatment, provided that, prior to the trip commencing, the UK Foreign, Commonweath & Development Office (FCDO) had NOT advised against travel to the area being visited. There is no cover for the cost of exploratory tests, including for Covid-19, unless it is part of a hospital admittance.
  • There is no cover for claims under any other section of the policy.
  • IMPORTANT: if your insurance AND holiday were both purchased BEFORE Covid-19 was declared to be a Pandemic, please email our office for advice on cover.

For policies purchased after 1st November 2020, the following benefits apply:

Section 1 - Cancellation or Curtailment/Loss of Holiday

A claim can be made if the Insured Person:
  • tests positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of the planned departure date
  • is admitted to hospital following a positive test for Covid-19
A claim cannot be made if the Insured Person:
  • has been advised to quarantine, or chooses to self-isolate, after coming into contact with a person with Covid-19
  • has symptoms of Covid-19 but has not had a positive test result
  • has been advised not to travel due to being in a higher risk group, e.g. due to age or underlying health conditions

Section 2 – Emergency Medical Expenses

A claim can be made if the Insured Person:
  • develops symptoms of Covid-19 during the trip, requiring urgent treatment.
  • is unable to return home on the originally booked date due to a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 and needs to pay accommodation on a B& B basis.
A claim cannot be made if the Insured Person:
  • Needs to pay for exploratory tests, including testing for the virus unless it is part of a hospital admittance.
  • Any claims if, prior to the trip commencing, the UK Foreign, Commonweath & Development Office (FCDO) had advised against travel to the trip destination.

Other Sections of the Insurance policy

There is no cover for ANY claims relating to Covid-19 under any section of the Insurance other than Sections 1 & 2 as above.

Can insurance be purchased during the current Pandemic?

  • If the area you are visiting is listed as safe to visit by the UK Foreign, Commonweath & Development Office (FCDO), you can purchase cover and will be insured to travel provided the area is not removed from the list. Please refer to
  • There is no cover for any claims arising from travel to a destination if the FCDO advise against travel (this includes both advice against ALL travel, and advice against all but essential travel).
  • If your destination is currently subject to travel restrictions, please contact our office for details of our 'High Risk' insurance policy designed for travel to areas restricted by the FCDO.

Can a policy be changed if the trip is postponed due to Covid-19 travel restrictions?

  • If your trip is postponed and you need to make a change to your insurance policy, please email our office.
  • If you need to make a claim relating to the original booking, you will need to purchase a new policy to cover the rescheduled trip.
  • Annual Multi-trip policies: We are not able to amend the start and expiry dates of an annual multi trip policy once it is live. We cannot ‘suspend’ a period of the cover if you are unable to travel, nor can we extend the cover beyond the 12 month period.

Can a policy be extended if return home is unavoidably delayed

  • If you are unable to return home due to unexpected circumstances beyond your control, e.g. due to airline reduction, border closures, local lockdown etc., please email our office with details of the reason for the delay and your new expected return date.

Frequently asked Questions

I have tested positive for Covid-19, but my family show no symptoms and have tested negative. I need to cancel my trip as I am unable to travel and my partner does not want to travel alone with our children. Can I claim?
  • Insurance purchased after 1st November 2020 includes cover for Cancellation if it is necessary and unavoidable to cancel your trip if an insured person named on the policy certificate either:
    a) tests positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of your trip departure date, or
    b) is admitted to hospital due to testing positive for Covid-19 after the purchase of this policy
    When submitting a claim, you must provide (at your own expense) a positive official test result confirming your Covid-19 diagnosis.
  • Insurance purchased before 1st November 2020 does not provide Cancellation cover relating to Covid-19
  • IMPORTANT: if your insurance AND holiday were both purchased BEFORE Covid-19 was declared to be a Pandemic, please contact our office for advice on cover.
Someone I have been in contact with has tested positive for Covid-19. I have been advised to self-isolate for 14 days, which means I will have to cancel my trip. Can I claim for cancellation?
Unfortunately it is not possible to claim on your insurance for Cancellation unless you have a positive test result for Covid-19
We would suggest that you contact your Travel Provider as soon as you are aware that you will be unable to travel and see whether your trip can be postponed. You should then contact our office to change your insurance policy to match the new travel dates.
My GP has advised me not to travel, as I have underlying health conditions that place me at a higher risk from Covid-19. Can I claim if I cancel my trip?
Unfortunately, as above, it is not possible to claim on your insurance for Cancellation due to Covid-19 unless you have a positive test result within 14 days of travel or have been hospitalised as a result of the illness.
If you have been advised against travel due to your health and will be unable to do so until you have been vaccinated, you should not book any new trips and should discuss postponement of existing bookings with your Travel Provider.
My holiday balance is due but I am worried about paying when there is so much uncertainty. Can I delay payment?
  • If your destination is in an area which is currently listed as safe under the FCDO 'travel corridors', the balance should be paid according to the booking terms. By accepting the payment of the balance, the travel provider should provide protection of both the deposit and the balance, so if the area is subsequently removed from the FCDO 'safe' list and the trip needs to be cancelled, the travel provider should refund or offer an alternative.
  • If you are unable to obtain reimbursement from the travel agent/tour operator in these circumstances, there may be protection through ABTA (if the agent is a member)
  • If you are travelling to an area where the FCDO advise against travel, you should discuss with the travel provider whether they are willing to agree a delay in payment without it affecting your contractual obligations
    IMPORTANT: You must follow your contractual obligations with the travel agent/tour operator. If you refuse, or delay, payment of the balance of the holiday without the travel provider's agreement, it could be treated as disinclination to travel.
    As disinclination to travel is not an insurable situation, there would be no cover under the Travel Insurance policy and you would not be able to claim for the Loss of Deposit already paid.
My trip has been cancelled by the Travel Provider, can I claim?
  • Travel Insurance provides cover in the event that you have to cancel a trip for an insured reason. However, if it is the travel provider who is cancelling the trip, they are liable to provide appropriate compensation
  • If the travel provider is no longer able to provide the booked holiday due to FCDO (or equivalent local advice), they should be providing a refund or similar alternative (voucher, rebooking) to you.
  • If you are refused a refund or equivalent by the travel provider, you may be able to claim the refund through your credit card issuer; under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, if an item costing more than £100 is purchased using a credit card, the card issuer is equally liable if something goes wrong.
    Please follow these links for more information:
I do not WANT to travel due to concerns about Coronavirus. Can I claim?
If the area is still accepting visitors and there is no governmental directive advising against travel there, it will be classed as ‘disinclination to travel’ if you choose to cancel or change your trip. You should contact the travel/accommodation providers to see if they are able to make any changes but you should be aware that they are not obliged to do so.
There is no cover on Travel Insurance for disinclination to travel.
Does the Covid-19 vaccine affect my insurance cover?
Under the Travel Insurance policy terms, you may not be insured if you fail to have recommended vaccines or similar precautions before travel. So, if it is a requirement of your travel destination country that you have received the Covid-19 vaccine, you will not be able to claim for any losses if you are refused entry.
It is essential that you check the entry requirements of your destination country and look out for any changes or updates to those requirements as the current situation changes. Some countries are requiring visitors to provide evidence of a negative Covid-19 test within a few days of travel and may require follow-up testing or quarantine on arrival.

If you have been offered the Covid-19 vaccine, you should not book travel which could co-incide with your vaccination date as you will not be able to claim for Cancellation in order to attend the vaccination appointment.
Can I cancel my insurance if I am no longer travelling?
  • There is a 14 day 'cooling off' period following purchase when you can cancel your policy and receive a full refund as long as you haven't travelled and will not be making a claim.
  • If your travel plans are cancelled and your insurance has been in force for more than 14 days, please email our office regarding a possible refund or credit voucher. If we are able to offer a refund on the insurance, it will be subject to a charge; depending on the circumstances and the period that the cover has been in force, this may be an administration charge or a percentage of the policy premium. Refunds will only be considered if you haven't travelled and there will not be any claim made on the policy.
  • Annual Multi-trip policies can only be cancelled from the date that the request is made and any refund or credit voucher will be a pro-rata calculation based on the period of cover remaining. If there is less than 6 months cover left on the policy, refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances. Refunds will only be considered if no claims have been made and there is no intention to claim on the policy.