Guides by Lonely Planet App Review – Travel App of the Month February 2020

Who better to accompany you on a trip than the world’s leading travel expert? Check out exactly how the Lonely Planet Travel App could make all the difference to your next break abroad.

What Is The Lonely Planet Guides App?

It is everything the Lonely Planet collective know about the world in one choc-full app with a whole host of useful functions.

What Does The Lonely Planet Guides App Do?

It gives users access to offline maps, tools, tours and guides to over 8,000 cities and 352,000+ places worldwide. These include immersive guides with insider advice from on-the-ground experts and info on all the must see sights, as well as advice about visiting lesser-known attractions. Other features include:

  • Currency converter
  • Transport info
  • ‘Near me’ functionality

Who Is The Lonely Planet Guides App For?

It is for any traveller who wants to make the most of their time on their adventure or holiday and immerse themselves in the essence of their destination.

What Do The Lonely Planet Guides App Reviews Say?

The reviews are currently dominated by the introduction of a subscription service – it has not been well received by all. Lonely Planet make a very honest and acceptable argument that justifies the cost:

“Our writers travel the globe to update info, verify details & seek out the best places for you to explore. This is what makes our content different to other travel apps. The subscription plans ensure we can bring you the best content from around the world.”

It is worth noting that the guides can still be downloaded for FREE, and the additional app features are well worth the subscription costs below.

  • One month for $4.99
  • Six months for $21.99 (Save 27%)
  • One year for $39.99 (Save 33%)

Get it on GooglePlay

Get it on iTunes

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What To Do On A Lisbon City Break

The capital of Portugal is blessed with rich history, beautiful architecture, gorgeous and varied coastlines, weather as fine as its wine, and lip-smacking cuisine to match. It’s also less than 3 hours away by aeroplane – no wonder UK winter sun seekers are heading there at this time of year! Here are some must-dos for your literary on a city break to Lisbon.

lisbon travel guide Image

Image by LauraRinke CC0

Drink Ginjinha

The national drink of Lisbon may be Port, but Ginjinha is a unique experience not to be missed during your visit. It is a sweet, and strong, cherry liqueur; and comes either served with a piece of fruit in a shot glass, or in a small chocolate cup. Yum!

Eat the Seafood

Lisbon is THE place to be if you like seafood. Oysters, shrimps, clams, mussels, crabs, octopus, wreckfish, grouper, red mullet… just some of the tasty morsels that locals favour. If you are feeling adventurous seek out percebes, also known as goose neck barnacles – a delicacy in the many seafood restaurants in the city.

Ride a Tram

Tram 28 to be precise. This route will take your past all the main sights of Lisbon and offer up some of the many fantastic vistas this city is known for. It’ll also save your legs a LOT of work.

Top tip for visiting Lisbon: Take some comfy shoes! Lisbon is small enough to explore on foot, indeed there are many walking tours of the city – but it is also spread across seven hills, so make sure you’ve packed suitable footwear.

Listen to Fado

Fado is the deeply moving and passionate traditional music of Portugal, originating in the early 1800s. The melancholy vocals and accompanying string instruments of Fado emanate from pubs, bars, cafes and clubs around Lisbon.

by Postcardtrip CC0

Image by Postcardtrip CC0

Head to a Beach

Lisbon has four varied coastlines, with plenty of sandy beaches to find. Do your research to find your perfect spot before you go as there are so many to choose from, with some being much bigger, some more crowded, and some taking over an hour to get to. Bear in mind that even in the height of summer the water is really quite cool here.

Photograph Street Art

The city is awash with some of the best street art in the world, but contrary to popular consensus, graffiti isn’t actually legal outside of specially provided outdoor gallery spaces. This means, to see some of the best street art, you need to explore the city and find some of the less-policed areas where artists are less likely to be disturbed.

Fun Fact: In Lisbon many street artists ask permission of the landowners to create their masterpieces. This is where you’ll find some of the more prominent and elaborate artworks in the city!

lisbon portugal travel tips Image

Image by essuera CC0

Seek out Miradouros

There are loads of viewing platforms and terraces, known locally as miradouros, to discover in Lisbon. Some of the best are high up the seven hills that make up the city, some have restaurants, cafes, or bars where you can refuel after your hilly excursion. What they all have in common are panoramic views that should not be missed on your visit.

Don’t forget your travel insurance! While your EHIC (EU Health Insurance card) will entitle you to state provided medical treatment, it won’t help if your belongings are lost or stolen, or if there is a problem with your flights or accommodation.

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Last Minute Winter City Breaks For February

Visiting portugal travel insurance image

Image by Julius_Silver CC0

Lisbon, Portugal

This is one of the warmest places in Europe in winter, and February is the cheapest time to visit. Another plus is that there are far fewer visitors this time of year! The weather is just about warm and dry enough to enjoy the beaches (but probably not a dip in the sea) alfresco dining, and sightseeing.

Top tip for visiting Lisbon: Try Ginjinha, a cherry liqueur served in either a shot glass with fruit, or a small chocolate cup!

visiting barcelona travel insurance image

Image by Mariamichelle CC0

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is known for being host to literally hundreds of festivals a year, and in February it is a chance to experience the Santa Eulàlia Festival, also known as “La Laia” festival. It is a family-friendly event packed with traditional Catalonian entertainment, and in Barcelona it is held in the Old Town. The weather is a little cooler than Lisbon in February and not so dry.

Top tip for visiting Barcelona: Go to Park Güell – a surreal park filled with crazy mosaic masterpieces created by architect Antoni Gaudi.

sofia bulgaria travel insurance image

Image by vasilstf CC0

Sofia, Bulgaria

Head to Sophia if you fancy a bit of romantic winter weather! In February the capital is still cold and has frequent heavy snowfall, ideal for wintersports such as skiing, ice skating and snowshoeing. To warm up after, check out some of the city’s cosy jazz clubs!

Top tip for visiting Sofia: Vitosha Mountain– close enough to go ski for the day and still be back in time to enjoy the nightlife.

Bergen norway travel insurance Image

Image by Mariamichelle CC0

Bergen, Norway

For an even more wintry treat, Bergen is a great destination. It is a UNESCO World Heritage city, and its colourful buildings are ultra insta-friendly set against the grey mountains and white snow. February is a great month to visit because the cold temperatures means you are more likely to experience snow than rain!

Top tip for visiting Bergen: Take the funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen – for some adrenaline-fuelled fun you can choose to ski or sledge your way back down, and it is open until 11pm!

dublin travel insurance Image

Image by Maguiss CC0

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is close to home and an ideal choice if you only have a few days for a winter city break. Why go in February? It may be cold, and quite likely wet – but this is the best weather for experiencing the cosiness of an Irish bar and all the hospitality that comes with it! If you are a rugby fan things get even more exciting as the whole city – or every bar at the very least – is tuned into the start of the RBS Six Nations Championships. Also known as The Guinness Six Nations. Go figure!

Top tip for visiting Dublin: At the bar ask for “A stout that isn’t Guinness”.


Don’t forget your travel insurance! Even if you are only hopping across the sea to Ireland, you still need travel insurance – it can help if your belongings are lost or stolen, and even help if there is a problem with your flights, ferries or accommodation.


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How Does Brexit Affect Holidays To Europe?

The deal is done and until the end of the year the UK is in a transition period – here is what you need to know about how it might affect your upcoming travel plans.

Eu Travel after brexit advice Image

Image by kirkandmimi CC0

UK Visas During Brexit Transition

Until the end of the year UK citizens will be free to travel to countries in the EU – this includes Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – with just a passport.

After the transition UK residents will be allowed to travel without a visa for 90 days out of 180 as long as they do not plan to study or work while overseas. Keep your ears open for the new visa-waiver system being introduced in the EU in 2021 called The Etias (European Travel Information and Authorisation System).

UK Passports During Brexit

Your UK passport will be valid until its expiry date. One thing to note is that after the transition period you will not be permitted to travel unless there is at least 6 months left on your passport.

Travel Insurance for EU 

To our customers: “Regarding Brexit, policies already purchased will be unaffected by any regulatory changes as cover would have already been authorised. We would contact our EU customers if there are likely to be major changes to their policy terms when they come to renew. We do already have policies available to customers living all over the World, so we would not expect to be in a position where we could not offer cover at all to EU residents, even if it needed to be via our International products.”

EHIC – European Health Insurance Cards

Again, these will be valid until the end of 2020. The Government has always advised that travellers get travel insurance with comprehensive medical cover, regardless of whether not they have an EHIC – after the transition period this will be even more important. Read more about the difference between an EHIC and Travel Insurance here.

Pet Passports and Brexit

These will remain valid during the transition – but – if you are planning to travel with your pet to the EU for the first time this year you will have to visit your vet. Pet passports will no longer be valid from 01stJanuary 2021 regardless of the expiry date.

Passport Control at Borders

UK citizens should continue to use the EU/EEA passport gates until the end of the year.

Travelling to and from Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey

British and Irish citizens can still enjoy freedom of movement within The Common Travel Area.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – passenger rights

EU regulations that apply to trains, ferries, coaches and buses are incorporated into UK law, so there will be no change there.Passenger rights for air travel will not be affected during or after the transition.

Driving in the EU During Brexit Transition

Until the end of 2020 there’s no need for any additional paperwork – for a full picture of what it might look like from 01 January 2021 take a look at our post on Driving in Europe Post-Brexit.

Mobile Data

You’ll still be able to enjoy zero roaming charges during the transition.

Duty Free

Nothing will change during the transition.

Beyond the Transition Period

From 01stJanuary 2021, UK rights will depend on the future UK-EU relationship, which is yet to be negotiated. Things that are likely to be affected include:

  • Driving in Europe – it is likely extra paperwork will be needed.
  • Duty Free  – might be subject to import rules.
  • Pet passports – UK might become a “listed country” which makes travelling with pets from outside the EU a bit easier.
  • Mobile Data – Roaming charges are likely to be applied, but maybe with a capped charge limit.






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Hipmunk App Review – Travel App of the Month January 2020

hipmunk travel app logoLove a holiday but hate trawling every travel site to find a bargain? Don’t worry – there’s an app for that! Hipmunk compares deals on flights and places to stay, and also offers users huge savings on last minute hotel deals.

What is the Hipmunk Travel App?

Hipmunk is a search engine for major airlines, hotels, and other travel sites, comparing options and prices based on your preferences., and Airbnb are just some of the comparisons you’ll see when searching options for your next holiday.

What does the Hipmunk Travel App Do?

This app keeps it real – in particular we just LOVE the option to sort flights by “agony”. Yep, you read it right. This is a total winner if you don’t care how cheap a flight is, just please don’t make it the longest one possible with layovers that mean you won’t sleep for a week!

The hotel heat-map feature is also a winner – an at-a-glance way to see where you should stay based on what you like to do near your hotel.

. DISCOVER great destinations by searching our curated travel themes

  • FAST and EASY flight and hotel booking
  • Find the LOWEST PRICES on airfares
  • Easy to SEARCH by continent, country, region and city
  • See flights sorted by “agony” to SAVE TIME by minimizing duration, layovers and price
  • Unique layout makes it easy to find flights with Wi-Fi
  • FAVOURITE cities to get real-time price alerts
  • BOOK HOTELS INSTANTLY on Hipmunk within the app
  • Need a LAST MINUTE hotel room? Get up to 60% OFF with TONIGHT DEALS
  • See guest reviews, star ratings, and easily COMPARE HOTELS
  • Hotel heat maps show how close lodging is to shopping, dining and more
  • COMPARE and book hotels and vacation rentals
  • SHARE flight deals easily with friends via SMS, email, and more

hipmunk travel app screenshot

Who is the Hipmunk Travel App For?

Given the great savings on last-minute hotel deals, and the sort by agony feature – this app is ideal for those who find out on Tuesday that they are going to be in a different country on Wednesday. Whether your impromptu trip is for business or pleasure – this app is designed to save time searching for somewhere decent at the drop of a hat.

What do the Hipmunk App Reviews Say?

Easy to use, great primary resource, loads of customisable options… It’s been around for a while, so the developers must be keeping users happy!

hipmunk travel app review google play

hipmunk travel app review iTunes


Get it on iTunes

Get it on Google Play

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Social Media Adventure Travel Tips For Students

If you want to be an adventure travel influencer that shares the love through insta, snap chat and the like, there is a way to do it and a way to totally not. Don’t let the pressure tocapture the most unique content land you in hot water – (and possibly prison!) – follow these top tips on how to be a responsible and respectful social media traveller instead.

taking a break machu pichu adobe stock courtesy of

Image courtesy of studentuniverse

  1. Keep your clothes ON

This should go without saying: don’t pose naked at tourist attractions anywhere in the world. What might seem funny and harmless to you is disrespectful, and in many countries public nudity is illegal and can come with heavy penalties and punishment.

It’s also worth researching whether countries have a preferred dress code for those religious and cultural temples. Some countries will require visitors to cover up, so even though it may be 30˚+, a swimsuit or shorts won’t be appropriate when visiting a sacred place of worship.

  1. Don’t climb on ancient sites

While a selfie in front of some of the world’s most famous and recognisable landmarks is a must for many travellers, unfortunately the perfect shot can sometimes only be achieved by climbing to a spot where you shouldn’t.

Although ‘getting off the beaten track’ is encouraged when travelling, it’s important that visitors to ancient sites and attractions stick to the designated path. These guidelines aren’t in place to restrict freedom, but for the safety of those who visit and the site itself.

Image courtesy of - Credit: Unsplash

Image courtesy of StudentUniverse– Credit: Unsplash

  1. Check the rules for filming and using drones

Video content is increasingly popular on social media platforms, and with easy access to GoPros and drones, more and more people are able to capture epic footage from all corners of the globe.

However, there are strict rules for filming and flying drones in most public places. Whether they’re landmarks, national parks, or even entire cities, drones are off limits. It’s important that extensive research is carried out before launching a drone, in some countries a permit or formal permission may need to be pre-arranged or granted. Most importantly, never, ever fly a drone near an airport.

  1. Treat wildlife with respect

Photos posed with animals are extremely common on social media channels, but the lengths some people will go to get these pictures can cause a lot of problems. Most revolve around food, as people use snacks to lure animals close enough for the perfect image. Firstly, the choice of food might be harmful to the creature. Secondly, it risks making them too used to humans, and seeing them as a ready source of tasty treats. This can lead to them turning aggressive and causing disturbances amongst travel groups. Remember, the best animal experience is observing them in the wild at a safe distance, and in their natural habitat.

  1. Stay safe!

Status-destroying backlash and imprisonment are very real responses to irresponsible, illegal and disrespectful social media content from photos taken in dangerous locations – but so is DEATH. There has been a steep rise in accidental deaths caused by travellers risking their safety to take a selfie, which has led to many destinations and tourist attractions implementing ‘no-selfie zones’.

It may be obvious, but the numbers of accidental deaths show that it’s common enough for it to be taken seriously. According to Student Universe, the latest figures revealed that between October 2011 and November 2017, there were 259 selfie deaths, with the highest occurrences in India, followed by Russia, United States, and Pakistan.

No matter how good you believe a photo or video shot might look on your channels, it’s never worth endangering your safety.

Get longstay backpackers travel insurance!

If you are off on a round-the-world trip, either for fun or for a gap year, get travel insurance that covers you for every adventure worth posting on instagram! Find out more at

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Why Belize is the Place to Be in 2020

It may be one of the most expensive countries in Central America, but Belize has a whole lot going for it even if you are travelling on a budget. Here’s what you need to know to plan your perfect holiday in 2020.

belize san pedro travel

Image by hunterfoy CC0

It’s an idyllic mix of rainforest retreats and Caribbean island getaways

In Belize you can hop from one idyllic destination to another in the skip of a heartbeat. The mainland is a network of national parks, rivers, and lagoons and home to some amazing wildlife. Take the time to hike and you’ll see tapir, howler monkeys, coatis, and beautiful birds such as the toucan. There are over 200 islands, known as Caye, that you can visit too.


belize jungle jaguar

Image by peperpizza CC0

They speak British in Belize

Belize was formerly the British Honduras, and as a result English is the most widely spoken language here, in fact, Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America.  You’ll also hear Spanish and German dialects as you travel about, part of the cultural melting pot that also inspires Belize’s unique cuisine.  Rice and beans, fried meat pies, flour tortillas, cassava bread, and fry jacks – a fried dough often topped with cheese – all combine to deliver a very varied choice of foods.


Belize has got some of the best snorkelling and diving in the world

Take your pick from the barrier reef, the famous blue hole, or one of the many well-known marine sites – you won’t be disappointed! Sharks, rays, dolphins, turtles, octopus, and manatee are among a vast list of wonderful marine life you’ll catch in the waters off Belize. There is also the Belize Barrier Reef – the second largest reef in the world and a true wonder to witness. Do make sure that you book a tour with an ethical operator who has the health of the marine life and delicate reef system as a priority!

diving belize travel

Image by kandhalkeshvala CC0


The Mayan ruins are a must-see

The ancient Mayan civilisation at one time called this beautiful place home. Make time to hike to the top of ancient temples and you’ll be rewarded with 360-degree views of the jungle. You’ll also find tours that will allow you to explore excavated tombs, and even learn the ancient Mayan art of making chocolate.

It’s small, so you can pack a lot into a short trip

To keep travel costs down, lots of visitors to Belize – back packers in particular – pay a visit en route to Mexico or Guatemala, packing in everything this pint-sized place has to offer in the space of a week. If you are planning a whirlwind tour make sure you:

  • Fly to Ambergris Caye
  • Take a water taxi to Caye Caulker
  • Visit the Tikal Ruins
  • Go snorkelling
  • Hike in the rainforest
  • Explore the ATM Caves
belize caye caulker

Image by amon1500 CC0

Don’t forget your Travel Insurance for Belize!

Petty theft is the most common threat in Belize so keep your personal belongings safe and avoid wearing flashy items. While having the right travel insurance will give you peace of mind, it is better to not experience the stress of losing your belongings or worse, having them stolen in the first place. Travel Insurance can also provide cover for all the amazing adventurous activities you can do in Belize including snorkelling, caving, hiking, and sailing.


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New Year’s Resolution Travel Bucket List 2020!

Happy New Year! Let 2020 be your year of adventure and excitement! To help you along we’ve complied a bunch of bucket-list faves that will set your travel itinerary ablaze and make your insta stream look awesome!

1. Montana – Glacier National Park

It’s the largest sea hole in the world and absolutely awesome for diving, but if it’s the view you are after – take a trip on a small plane!

Glacier national park travel bucket list

Image by 12019 CC0

2. Belize – The Great Blue Hole

1,500 square miles of pure wilderness with hundreds of miles of hiking trails amongst the fabulous glacier carved peaks of the Rockies.

belize turtle travel bucket list

Image by taylorklekamp CC0

3. Hawaii – Volcanoes National Park

Here is where you’ll find some of the best volcano viewing in the world. Active volcanoes are constantly adding to the flowing rivers of molten rock and lava lakes, creating a natural pyrotechnic show as the lava spills into the ocean.

volcanoes national park travel bucket list

Image by skeeze CC0

4. Turkey – Cappadocia

A lunaresque landscape like nowhere else on earth. The best views are from the daily hot air balloon rides, which take place at dawn – a surreal sight that adds to this awesome destination!

cappadocia travel bucket list Image by SashSegal CC0

Image by SashSegal CC0

5. Peru – Machu Picchu

High in the Andes mountains the relics of the Inca civilization will have a profound affect on your heart and soul. Take the long route there, a 4-day trek, and you’ll get to witness the Amazon cloud forest too!

machu pichu travel bucket list

Image by goldbug CC0

6. Brazil – Iguazu Falls

These are collectively the largest waterfalls in the world, located on the border of Argentina and Brazil. If you want to see the whole thing, head to Brazil. If you want to feel the power of the falls but with limited views, head to Argentina.

Iguazu Falls travel bucket list Image by SammyRevenge CC0

Image by SammyRevenge CC0

7. Norway – North Coast

This is the only country in the world that will let you snorkel with orcas! Between November and February they appear to feast on migrating herring. You’ll likely see a host of other marine mammals during the dive too.

swim with orcas bucket list

Image by skeeze CC0

8. Iceland – Vatnajökull National Park

Ice caves, glaciers, lagoons with icebergs, geothermal rivers, snowy mountains, waterfalls and endless hiking trails all rub shoulders in this part of south Iceland.

skaftafell iceland travel bucket list

Image by JimboChan CC0

9. New Zealand – Milford Sound

Could this be the most picturesque paradise on the planet? This fjord in the southwest is home to mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, fur seals, penguins and dolphins, and it is also the eighth wonder of the world.

Milford Sound New Zealand Travel Bucket List

Image by Juilius_Silver CC0

10. Japan – Kyoto

Head here in autumn for the most stunning vistas of forests, formal gardens and Shinto shrines.

kyoto japanese travel bucket list

Image by derwiki CC0

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App in the Air – Travel App of the Month December 2019

app in the air app reviewAnything that takes the stress out of travel is a winner, especially at airports! Check out this app, which is more like a pocket PA, for passing through airports with ease.

What is App in the Air?

It’s a personal flying assistant for managing every aspect of your aeroplane travel, combing a host of features that will make sure you are on time, at the right gate, and in the know about facilities at the airport.

What does the App in the Air app do?

Loads! Including the power to turn what could be tedious travel into a game.

  • Luggage scanning feature to make sure all personal, cabin and drop-off luggage bags are within the size requirements
  • Real-time updates on security wait times
  • SMS updates for use offline, and to avoid data roaming
  • Information on where to get the best free Wi-Fi
  • Where to find the fastest check-in counters
  • Find phone charging points and plug sockets
  • Track your itinerary
  • File boarding passes
  • Connect with frequent flier programmes
  • Weather information at your destination
  • Record expenses
  • AR globe for visualising previous trips
  • Profile setup that logs your globetrotting and even places you on a worldwide leaderboard

app in the air app review screenshot 1

app in the air app review screenshot 2

Who is App in the Air for?

Frequent travellers are going to get the most value from this app. Basically anyone who lives out of a suitcase, whether it is for business or pleasure.

What do the App in the Air reviews say?

It’s getting great average reviews, even though there are reports of a few glitches here and there. The support team are ultra-responsive so it looks like this app is going to get better and better as time goes on.

app in the air app review

app in the air app review

Get it on iTunes

Get it on Google Play


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Curacao – A Brief Guide To A Colonial Caribbean Paradise

Travel Insurance to Curacao Image by Patrice_Audet CC0

Image by Patrice_Audet CC0

A Caribbean holiday is what dreams are made of – white sandy beaches, clear blue seas, delicious cocktails filled with fresh fruit and mouth-watering cuisine. So why haven’t you been? It’s expensive right? And hard to get to.  Maybe you’re worried about tropical storms. Well let us introduce Curacao, an under-the-radar Caribbean paradise that deserves to catch your attention.

Curacao is cheaper than you’d expect

It is actually the cheapest of the Caribbean islands to visit. It doesn’t mean the prices here are low, they are just cheaper than Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas etc. Prices here are usually in dollars, but as a Dutch destination (yes, it really is), you have the option to pay in Guilder at some places too.

Curacao is easy to get to from the UK

There are direct flights from the UK to Curacao International airport. So, no need for stopovers, sea planes or boats to get to your destination.

Curacao is unlikely to be hit by bad weather

The island’s close proximity to South America takes it more or less out of the path of hurricanes. In fact the last one to hit was in 1877. Because it is outside the hurricane belt it is actually less windy during hurricane season (start of June to end of November)!

Curacao Lagoon Image by MariaMichelle CC0

Image by MariaMichelle CC0

Curacao has over 35 beaches all within a 45-minute drive

And it is great for adventure travel. Coral reefs and shipwrecks make for great diving, and the rugged landscape is great for hiking – if you can tear yourself away from just kicking back on one of its many sandy beaches!

Curacao is culturally diverse

You’ll see a whole host of European influences on this island – but most notably, Dutch as it’s part of the Netherlands. Dutch architecture, trinkets, snacks and foods are present across the island, but fused with a distinctly Caribbean flavour. An insight into its varied past lies in the languages spoken here – Dutch, Spanish, Papiamentu, and English.

Curacao is a foodie paradise

The cuisine here is unlike food anywhere else in the world. Dishes such as iguana stew and fried cactus are served with a side of bitterballen no less! There is also the Dutch liqueur famously named after the island, made with oranges grown here. The food trucks are not to be missed either. These places serve up fusion fast food, like fries with peanut sauce, to hungry locals and tourists after a night on the town.

Curacao has a great nightlife

That brings us nicely to the fact that the island has a decent nightlife. It is a popular place for music festivals, DJs, and club-life in general. The music is as diverse as the food and many of the beaches are transformed into bars by night for a truly tropical feel.

Curacao sunset Image by Mariamichelle CC0

Image by Mariamichelle CC0

Get travel insurance for the Caribbean from We can tailor your policy to provide cover for a wide range of watersports and activities, many of which are covered as standard



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