Travelling With Diabetes – Advice From The Experts

Don’t let diabetes limit your freedom! Here are a few simple insights that will get your holiday headed in the right direction so you can travel the world with total peace of mind.

Mountain Image

Image by Nina Uhlikova CC0

Get your diabetes medication sorted along with supporting evidence

As well as making sure that you have a good supply of medication to last the duration of your holiday, you’ll need to make sure that you have a letter from your doctor explaining your condition, the medications you need and the equipment that relates to your condition. A prescription will also be of huge value if for any reason you need to get more medication while you are away.

Top tip: consider taking more than you need in case you get stuck at your destination.

All medication, delivery devices, monitors and tests should be taken in hand luggage to avoid it getting lost. Be aware that cabin crew may place these items in storage during the flight – liaise with your travel provider to find out what policies and procedures they have in place. It is worthwhile also asking what the security regulations are at any airports you are travelling through – as the 100ml limit may not apply.

Remember: you will need a letter from your doctor explaining your condition and the medications and equipment essential for you to travel with for maintaining your health and wellbeing.

Get advice about taking your medication if travelling across time zones

Long haul flights, time zone changes, and muddled up meal times can cause havoc with managing diabetes. Speak to your GP or nurse about using short-acting insulin injections whilst on holiday, and whether you need to adjust the frequency of any tablets.

Know how to keep your insulin properly stored

Don’t let it freeze, and don’t let it get too hot! Lots of travellers keep their stores at a steady cool temperature using a cool bag with ice packs during travel and in a fridge at the accommodation. Do make sure that the insulin isn’t in direct contact with cold packs or cooling elements, it is unusable if has become frozen. Also learn to recognise when insulin has heat damage by speaking with your healthcare provider.

Insider advice: Insulin can expand at high altitudes which can lead to air pockets in the cartridge or pen. Speak to your healthcare provider about the need for “air shots” before injecting medicines.

Get specialist diabetes travel insurance

Don’t get stuck with a policy that doesn’t cover existing medical conditions! Our travel insurance for diabetes is designed to provide the right cover for your individual needs, including medical conditions related to or associated with diabetes such as neuropathy, heart disease, stroke, PCOS, coeliac disease and thyroid disease.

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Take care in hot climates

Neuropathy makes it difficult to detect when feet are burning – wear plenty of sunscreen and don’t walk bare-foot on hot sand. Being sedentary in hot weather can elevate blood sugar levels, and hot weather in general can cause insulin to be absorbed more quickly too – the advice is to monitor your blood sugar levels more often.

Top tip: keep test strips and meters as close to room temperature as possible – very hot and very cold weather and direct sunlight can affect accuracy.

Take care in cold climates

Just as insulin is absorbed more quickly in hot weather, being out and about in cold weather slows absorption – until you warm up back inside or from activity. To prevent a hypo wear layers so you can adjust your temperature, and again monitor more frequently. It’s also recommended to check feet regularly if you have neuropathy as the numbness will prevent you noticing frostbite in extremely cold climates.

To find out more visit our dedicated Travel Insurance for Diabetes page  or get in touch with the team on 01892833338.

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Spring Escapes – The Best Places To Go On Holiday in May

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get away on a great escape! Whether you are looking for wildlife, beach life, nightlife, or a dash or arts and culture, we have picked four of the best places to head to in May.

Best place for wildlife – Sri Lanka

May is the perfect time to visit the beautiful island of Sri Lanka – the weather is as hot as it gets, but the monsoon rains are yet to arrive. This makes it the ideal time for exploring the many nature reserves and national parks where you will find elephants, leopards, bears and wild boar. It can actually be hard to spot where rural areas end and the wilder jungle parts begin in Sri Lanka, so expect to see plentiful wildlife even while eating out, or relaxing at your accommodation, such as macaques, geckos, turtles, toads, scorpions, spiders and lots of stray dogs!

Sri Lanka Image

Image by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi CC0

Best place for culture – Barcelona

This time of year is pleasantly warm in Barcelona, perfect for exploring the plentiful museums, galleries and cultural attractions with ease. Top places to head are Park Guell – a truly unique public park designed by Gaudi, La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona Basilica), also designed by Gaudi, Picasso Museum, and the National Art Museum of Catalonia. On a side note, May is a great month for festivals in Barcelona too!

Barcelona Travel Image

Image by Aleksandar Pasaric CC0

Best place for nightlife – Prague

Mild temperatures in May kick off the spring season in Prague and right on cue the city starts to come alive! Beer gardens begin filling up in the afternoons, by 10pm the pubs are getting full, and after that the clubs is where the action is at! Most pubs stay open until 3am and if you feel that still sounds like too early to turn in, don’t fear – clubs stay open until 6am!

Prague Image

mage by Julius Silver CC0

Best place for beach life – Bahamas

Slip into the laidback luxury of beach life in the Caribbean with a trip to Bahamas in May. The temperatures are teetering on the edge of hot-hot (29 °C) in the daytime and pleasantly warm (22°C) at nighttime, and the rains are yet to arrive. With 700 islands that make up the country, there are certainly plenty of beaches to explore, but if you can drag yourself away from the sun lounger you’ll be rewarded with amazing walking trails in the national parks, and some of the best diving spots in the world.

Bahamas Image

Image by David Mark CC0

Remember to pack your travel insurance! For a great deal on single trip insurance or multi trip insurance tailored to your needs – get in touch with our travel insurance team online  or call 01892833338

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Top 10 Travel Hacks – Essential Tips From Frequent Travellers

Don’t let poor planning and inexperience cast a dark cloud on your holiday! Take the advice of seasoned travellers with these top travel hacks – guaranteed to make travelling abroad a more pleasant experience.

image by negahuk CC0

  1. Take toiletries and a change of clothes in your hand luggage in case your luggage gets lost – extra points for packing swim stuff and flip flops so you can hit the beach or pool as soon as you get to your destination.
  2. Opt for solid shampoo and soaps over liquid ones to prevent spillages in your luggage.
  3. Save space by using compression bags for packing clothes. top tip: pack wrinkle release spray to use the other end!
  4. Pack a dry bag (or two) and use to keep your dirty laundry separate when travelling, for beach days out, you can even use one to wash clothes in if you are backpacking, plus these handy bags can also be used for compression packing!
  5. Always take ear plugs and an eye mask so you can get decent rest while you travel and at your accommodation – your room may be noisier and brighter than expected.
  6. Pack a packed lunch for the flight – saves money and also might be of a better quality than you’ll get on board! It also means you can eat when it suits you.
  7. When renting a car – take your own photos so that you can prove that any damage isn’t from your use. Also great for finding your hire car in a full car park – because you aren’t likely to remember the number plate.

Top tip – get car hire excess insurance!  It is super cheap and could save you a lot of money as well as stress – find out more in our car hire tips blog. 

  1. In a place where haggling or bartering is common – wait until you’ve heard what a local is charged so you can haggle a better tourist rate.
  2. Pack a sarong – it can be used as a towel, curtain, bag, sling, skirt… and 25 other ways!
  3. Get a rigid case and customise it so it stands out. A rigid case will protect your belongings against the expected knocks, falls, and throws of airport life! Plus, having something that stands out – either with colourful tape, or straps or even a custom skin – will make finding your luggage an easier task.

The biggest travel hack of all is making sure that you get your travel insurance! It is the number one way to get peace of mind when travelling abroad. Get a quick online quote today!

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Easter in Europe – Where to Go & What To Try in 2023!

Discover where to go, what to do and why this Easter. From celebrating Easter the traditional way to going all out at one of Europe’s biggest chocolate festivals, check out what we’ve got for you.

 Bologna, Italy

Bologna Italy Travel Image

Image by orpanahannaelina CC0

The weather is good at this time of year, and the country is well known for having a rich Christian heritage. There are many traditions that are still in place in Italy to celebrate Easter, Bologna historic centre is one such place. Over the Easter weekend the streets are busy with locals who have gathered to celebrate. Make sure you try Colomba, a traditional Easter bread in the shape of a dove before hading to San Petronio’s Terrace on top of the Cathedral for stunning views of the city, surrounding countryside and the leaning towers of the Bologna skyline.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna Austria Image

Image by Ivan Dražić CC0

As well as being the place to go for Christmas Markets, Vienna is the place to head at Easter too. Once again, you’ll find the town alive with markets, parades, plays, and intriguing artworks and all of the delicious seasonal foods that go with this time of year! Celebrations start around 10 days before Easter Sunday. Grab yourself a freshly baked osterpinzen, a type of sweet bread roll, a bar of Zotter chocolate and hit one of the Vienna city walking trails to take in the sights of this spectacular city.

Seville, Spain

Seville Travel Image

Image by Raw2Jpeg CC0

Semana Santa, or Holy Week is held in the days leading up to Easter Sunday. All through Spain, and Seville in particular, towns are dressed to impress and the locals get dressed up for the celebrations too. Before you pack party clothes, note that this is a very serious and sober celebration and one that should be attended with respect as thousands of residents don traditional clothing and take part in numerous processions around the town. To get the best seat, book a place to stay that has great views of the streets from above and pour yourself a Limonada de Leon – a traditional Holy Week cocktail made of red wine, citrus fruit, sugar and spices.

Eurochocolate Festival, Perugia, Italy

Perugia Travel Image

Image by francesco_centamori CC0

This one goes out to those who love Easter for all of its cocoa goodness! In the weeks leading up to Easter Perugia goes bonkers for its springtime chocolate festival, Eurochocolate. There are chocolate themed trails, games, and activities around the city, an indoor chocolate festival and special choco labs where you can meet master chocolatiers and join workshops to indulge in your own creations. The city itself is also pretty spectacular and well worth a visit for its renaissance frescoes, beautiful basilicas, and ancient artefacts in art galleries and museums!

Remember your GHIC & European Travel Insurance!

A GHIC card will get you medical cover at the same rate as the residents of your destination country, but it won’t cover additional medical expenses, lost luggage, misplaced passports, stolen belongings (check out our latest blogs on the most common tourist scams in Europe!) or repatriation should the worst happen. Make sure you get the cover you need with European travel insurance for your trip today.

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Top Six Tourist Scams – Spot Them & Stay Safe Abroad!

Seasoned travellers have the same advice about avoiding scams on holiday – don’t dress like a tourist, cover up your “all inclusive” wrist bands, and trust us when we say pickpockets are EVERYWHERE – and they have all the best scams to catch you out. Here are some of the most common ways that tourists get scammed abroad. Read. Remember. Stay safe!

Barcelona Travel Safety Image

Image by Aleksandar Pasaric CC0

1. Friendship bracelet scam

They throw a bracelet, you automatically catch it to hand it back – but they then slip it on your hand and tighten it until you agree to pay. Never let anyone put anything in your hands, and if they throw something to you DON’T catch it!

2. The helpful local at a confusing cash or ticket machine

As the helpful local guides you through the confusing display they are waiting for the moment you put in your PIN so they can use it when they pickpocket it in a few minutes time.

3. The friendly local telling you “beware of pickpockets!”

What a stroke of genius this one is – a friendly local tells you to take good care around these parts because they have just seen someone have their phone and wallet stolen by ne’er do-gooders. Trusting tourist immediately pats the places where their own phone and purse/wallet lives and there we have it – the friendly local pickpocket knows exactly where your stuff is.

4. Map seller scam

A true distraction technique, holding a map near your face while someone pilfers your purse, wallet or valuables. It may only take a second for the map seller to shove their unwanted wares in your face and for you to bat it away, but it is long enough to lose your valuables.

5. The guilt-tripping person in need

While they are begging you to spare a bit of change, their partner in crime somewhere nearby is seeing where you keep that change. Hopefully along with your credit cards and other cash monies so they can help themselves to it later down the line.

6. The fake takeaway scam

Beware of takeaway menus slipped under your door, into your hand or left in your room. These scammers are waiting for you to ring through your call, hand over your card details so they can take more money than you would like for a takeaway that will never arrive!


Don’t get caught out, get your travel insurance!

Comprehensive travel insurance policies that will give you peace of mind should the worst happen on holiday. Get an online travel insurance quote now.

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Babymoon Travel Guide – Travel Safe in These Top Destinations

Fancy one last break abroad before baby arrives? Check out these awesome destinations for a babymoon in 2023 featuring beach breaks, city escapes, and rural retreats! Plus we include some expert advice on travelling safely while pregnant.

The City Escape – Rome

Rome Travel Image by Chait Goli CC0

Image by Chait Goli CC0

Rome is a great city to head for a babymoon, it is quite compact, and mostly flat so easy to see the sights even if you need a slower than usual day. As well as attractions such as the Colosseum, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain – there are huge number of galleries and museums to explore and there is great cuisine on every corner. Pasta, pizza and gelato will certainly help keep your energy levels up!

Top tips: Go late spring when temperatures are pleasantly warm, and avoid high season when the streets are bustling with tourists and the heat is high!

The Beach Break – Sardinia

Sardinia Travel Image

Image by fradellafra CC0

Beautiful sandy beaches, warm blue sea, and plenty of places to escape to and be at one with nature. Sardinia is the perfect place to go for peace, quiet, and together time – and the coastal areas really are as idyllic as it gets without going to the Caribbean. Head to the east coast if you want to explore the nature reserves on gentle hikes, and head to the north coast if you want a more lively seaside experience.

Top tips: Get a hire car! Even though the island is small,  public transport doesn’t reach all the most beautiful parts. Get yourself some wheels so you can get to remote beaches, and take in wonderful views from the mountains.

The Rural Retreat – Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley France Image

Image by Ledain CC0

Beautiful landscapes, stunning chateaux, and quaint villages make the Loire Valley the place to be for a rural babymoon retreat. Whether you are travelling by train, or have decided to take a bit of a roadtrip, this stunning and serene area of France will fill you with tranquil vibes. There are lush green forests as far as the eye can see, plentiful vineyards, and of course the meandering Loire, the last wild river in Europe.

Top tip: Take a river cruise to Marseilles-les-Aubigny, to visit the Floral Park at Apremont-sur-Allier. At 625 miles, the Loire is the longest river in France and has plenty of tours running from multiple destinations along it’s banks.

Travel Safety While Pregnant

  • Although you can travel up until 36 weeks pregnant (note that some airlines have a lower limit, especially for long-haul flights) a babymoon is best taken before you reach 28 weeks. Not only is it considered safer, but you will likely have more energy to enjoy your break before baby arrives.
  • For your comfort and to minimise risk of DVT, keep to flights that are under three hours and try to avoid lengthy transfers at your destination.
  • Choose a location that has good transport connections and medical facilities, and don’t forget to take your GHIC (the new European Health Insurance Card), and make sure you have adequate travel insurance to meet your needs.
  • Remember to pack your maternity notes! If you become unwell during travel or at your destination this will make things a whole lot easier when you go to get treatment.
  • It is recommended to avoid areas where you would need a vaccination to travel – live vaccines can be harmful to an unborn child, but having them is recommended if travelling to a high risk area. Places with Malaria, Zika, and Dengue are very high risk destinations during pregnancy.

Travel insurance while pregnant

Whether you are heading to beach, city, or countryside, ensure that you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy that meets your needs. It should include cover for unexpected complications of pregnancy, cover for any medical condition which could impact on your pregnancy, and any complications you have had in a previous pregnancy. can offer travel insurance during pregnancy to travellers affected by a variety of conditions relating to pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia; diabetes; high blood pressure, and anaemia.

Kids Go Free with

Whether you have children already or you are planning a trip once baby is born, remember Worldwide Travel Insurance – kids go free on our family travel insurance policies!

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Too Old To Travel? No Such Thing!

The freedom of retirement, reduced working hours, or just fewer commitments in general make the later years of our lives the perfect time to travel. You can travel for longer, travel further, and even enjoy more than just one trip-of-a-lifetime thanks to being able to travel outside of school holidays!

Older Traveller Image

Image by Ron Lach CC0

Best bits about travelling when you are older:

  • Enjoy travelling for less money during term-times.
  • Make the most of destinations without the hustle and bustle of high season tourism.
  • Travel for longer, and for further if you no longer have work restrictions.
  • Get more for your money with luxury travel, and long-haul multi destination adventures.
  • Tap into adventures aimed at older travellers offered by dedicated over-70s tour operators.

Fun-fact: People who are over-50 are the fastest growing demographic of solo travellers!

What should you be aware of as an older traveller?

For the most part, nothing that you wouldn’t have to consider at any other age! You can sleep at a hostel along with the “young ones”, there are no international travel restrictions based on age, and if anything, greater life experience will keep you safe wherever you go. Travel insurance for seniors can be trickier to secure, especially if you are over 74 or have existing health conditions – but you don’t have to worry about that, we have it covered! More information below!

General travel safety tips (whatever your age):

  • Don’t trust free wifi
  • Keep the bling and fancy gadgets to a minimum
  • Check the reviews of where you intend to stay
  • Ask your accommodation what safety measures are in place
  • Tell friends and family what your itinerary is, and if you plan to change it
  • Let the hotel/hostel or someone know if you are planning a solo adventure
  • Get the right travel insurance

Say goodbye to age-restrictive travel insurance policies!

At we offer:
* Cover for most existing medical conditions *
* Policies that automatically cover travellers up to 74 years of age *
* Insurance options with NO AGE RESTRICTION, chat to the team for more info! *

Travel Insurance for Over 70s - Senior Travel Cover - Worldwide Insure

Get a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)

The GHIC replaces the EHIC, entitling the holder to the same free or reduced cost healthcare of the residents of the destination country. Bear in mind that this only entitles holders to medically necessary treatment and may not cover medications, equipment etc that comes as standard with the NHS. It also doesn’t recover additional costs such as repatriation.

These are just some of the reasons why the .gov site states:

“Your UK GHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance. You should take out private travel insurance before your trip. [The GHIC] may not cover all health costs and never covers being flown back to the UK (medical repatriation).” Find out more at


Things you should consider if you have health restrictions:

Taking medicines abroad

Be aware that some prescription drugs available in the UK are not legally available in other countries, and others may be a controlled drug where you are limited by the amount you can take into the country. The types of medicines affected would be ones most likely to cause addictions, or those that are injected.

Pre-travel check list:

  • Check with your destination country’s embassy or High Commission for information about controlled medications.
  • Ask your GP to tell you if any of your medications are restricted in your chosen destination.
  • Take enough medication to last your entire trip, plus a few days in case of delays.
  • Get a GP letter to explain why you are taking medicines, which medicines you are taking and what doses are required.
  • Take a copy of your prescriptions – This will help with issues at border control or security as well as if you lose your medication abroad and need to get more while you are away.

Arrange airport and airline assistance

If your medical condition means that you need early boarding, a wheelchair, or oxygen for the journey, contact the airline’s medical officer to make arrangements well in advance of your travel date. Assistance can take a while to arrange and may also require a “fit to fly” letter from your GP.

Older travellers are having the time of their lives!

If you are ready to book your next adventure, whether it is a longstay trip or a mini break abroad get in touch with our team to arrange the right travel insurance for YOU! For instant online quotes call 01892833338 – we can even arrange cover if you are already travelling!

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Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

Some people seek the quiet comfort of a safe resort, while others like to travel off the beaten path – but some like their holiday adventures to take them to the edge. Here are the most risky places to head to in 2023 and why.

Dangerous Travel Destinations Image

Image by cocoparisienne CC0

Destinations with greatest risk of a natural disaster

Philippines, India, Indonesia, Mexico, & China.

The risk index for the Philippines is 46.8 and this decreases down through the above countries to 28.7 for China. As a measure, the safest place on the index is Singapore, scoring just 0.8!

  • Philippines – earthquakes, tropical cyclones, and flooding.
  • India – floods, earthquakes, landslides, and cyclones.
  • Indonesia – volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, landslides, forest fire, and tsunamis.
  • Mexico – flooding and landslides, earthquakes and tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.
  • China – the most risks come from storm surges, landslides, forest fires, earthquakes, typhoons, and floods.

Fun Fact – the United Kingdom has a natural disaster risk index of 5.8 from flooding, landslides, sinkholes and wildfires! The safest place is Singapore which has on occasion felt mild tremors from earthquakes  in neighbouring countries.

Places where you are most likely to get murdered

South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, & Philippines.

There are 36.4 murders per 100,000 people in South Africa, a huge jump form the lowest of the most dangerous – the Philippines with 6.5 per 100k. The UK scores 1.2 and the safest place on the planet for not facing death by homicide is Singapore with just 0.2 deaths per 100,000 people.

Essential safety advice:

  1. Stay where there are other people – a hotel, hostel or apartment.
  2. Check accommodation reviews before you book.
  3. Ask what security measures your accommodation has in place.
  4. Plan an itinerary and let a friend or family member know.
  5. Avoid posting too much information about your trip or itinerary on social media. Especially if you are travelling solo.
  6. Carry as little cash as possible and use credit cards.
  7. Avoid showing off expensive gadgets and jewellery.
  8. After dark it’s best to go in pairs or groups when possible.
  9. Walk in well-lit areas and avoid shortcuts that are less well lit.
  10. If you are going to a bar or club never leave your drink unattended.

Find out more essential safety tips in this travel safety article.

Highest risk of being killed in a road traffic accident

Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, & Vietnam.

A staggering 64.6 people per 100,000 are killed in a road traffic incident in the Dominican Republic. This drops to 30.6 in Vietnam, a destination well known for it’s crazy roads. So how do we fare on this index in the UK? We have just 1.2 traffic deaths per 100k people per year.

If you’re travelling to the Dominican Republic, or any of the destinations in the danger zone, keep your wits about you as you cross the road, wear a helmet if you hire a scooter, wear a seatbelt in a car, make sure you use your lights when it’s dark, and be aware of everybody around you. It should go without saying but don’t drive a scooter or a car if you’ve had any alcohol!

Places where people lose their life to an injury

South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, & India.

In South Africa 5,331 people out of every 100,000 lose their life to an injury. There isn’t a great difference between this and the number of people who meet the same fate in India (a total of 3,970 per 100,000). In the UK this number is just over 1.5 thousand, and the place with the least number of lives lost to personal injury is once again Singapore with just 1,360.

One of the most common causes of injury to holiday makers for sometime was through balcony falls. This is being swiftly overtaken by people who are meeting their untimely demise taking a selfie on the edge of a cliff or with a bear in the background.

Destinations with most deaths from poor hygiene

India, South Africa, Indonesia, Cambodia & Philippines.

India scores the highest – the  number of deaths from poor hygiene conditions is 18.6 people per 100,000 shifting the mortal coil in this way. By contrast the Philippines has just 4.2 deaths per 100k, and the United Kingdom has 0.2. There is a tie between a whole lot of countries for the place you are most unlikely to experience such poor sanitary conditions – among them is Croatia, Australia, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, and of course Singapore, all scoring 0.1.


Feel like you should get travel insurance?

So the safest travel destination across the board is Singapore, and least safe is South Africa. No matter where you are heading for a holiday or travel adventure, it is wise to get travel insurance that will cover you in the event of illness, injury, or if you require repatriation.

Get in touch with one of the team on 01892833338 or get a no obligation travel insurance quote online.

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Anti Valentines – Top 3 Places for a Solo Trip

Join the self-love club and take yourself somewhere spectacular for some rest and recuperation this Valentine’s Day. We’ve picked three of the best places to head to where it is more fun with one, no compromise in sight!

Valentines Travel Image

Image by chrismohring CC0

New York

Are you a culture vulture with night owl tendencies? Well, New York is the place to go for some solo circuits on the arts and culture scene. Galleries and museums stay open until 9 or 10 at night so you can explore the galleries in sweet serenity. And if you do fancy striking up a conversation with someone, you’ll find the hospitality of New Yorkers more than accommodating – it is the place to be if you like to chat with strangers!

What not to miss: Whitney Museum of American Art – open until 10pm on Fridays.


This is the best place to head to if you are seeking solitude. Whether your plan is to bike, hike, horse ride, or explore in a 4×4, Iceland offers a wealth of natural wonders to discover in it’s vast and expansive landscape. February is a great time to make a trip, there is likely to be snow, and the Northern Lights might still put on a show!

Where to go: Diamond Beach – huge chunks of ice set against the black volcanic sand is a spectacular sight.


It doesn’t get friendlier than Dublin! This is the destination du jour if you like to travel solo but still want to feel the love and connection of those around you. Head to any bar and you’ll be met with a warm welcome, great conversation, and you’re almost guaranteed to come away feeling like you’ve made a fair few friends for life. There is plenty to explore in the city, but don’t forget to balance it out with some time in the wilds of Ireland.

Top spot to visit: The Cliffs of Moher – Space to let your mind wander while you take a tranquil walk on the emerald isle and gaze across the Atlantic.


Got a thirst for travel?

Get yourself Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance!

Book as many breaks, holidays, and adventures as you like without having to worry about what will happen if your passport gets lost or your luggage ends up elsewhere. Plus you are automatically covered for a huge range of sports and activities. Get an online quote or give us a call on 01892833338 – we can even arrange cover if you are already travelling!

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Ski and Snowboard Destinations – Save, Spend, or Splurge!

The wintersports season is upon us, and if you’re not already covered form head to toe in snow, it’s time to start planning a holiday that’ll get you there. Here are our top tips for where to go whether you are working to a tight budget, have a pot to spend from, or you are planning to splurge on the holiday of a lifetime.

Save: Italy

Opting to ski and snowboard in Italy could make all the difference if you are hoping to stick to a tight budget. Generally speaking ski passes, lifts, and ski schools are cheaper in Italy than they are across the border in France, and the food is often cheaper in the resorts too

Livigno Travel Image

Image by stevanaksentijevic CC0

Livigno, located in the Italian alps is a top budget-friendly destination, and caters for skiers of all abilities. It is home to Italy’s largest snow park and boasts over 100km of off-piste action to enjoy. The biggest draw has to be that it is a total bargain to stay here. The whole place is VAT free, so everything is much cheaper than it is at other resorts, and even at home!

Spend: Switzerland

Switzerland is not known for being a cheap country to visit – the food is pricey, the accommodation is pricey, and believe it or not the ski lift passes are actually some of the most expensive in the world – BUT it is said that you do get your money’s worth when you come here for a ski or snowboarding holiday. For starters, you get the old-timey feel of a ski holiday compared to the cosmopolitan vibe in French resorts, and there is the Magic Pass, a year-long pass that gives access to 19 snowparks, 1375km of slopes, and a couple of glaciers as well as hiking trails, thermal spas, and even a couple of revolving restaurants over 50 ski resorts!

Phew! So where to go?

St Moritz Image

Image by Pitsch CC0

St Moritz. Although it is a truly luxurious resort, attracting celebrities and billionaires alike – if you book an all-inclusive ski holiday food, drink, lessons and lift passes are all included making it easier to budget for extras that will add to the luxury feel, such as luxurious gourmet restaurants! The slopes are best suited to intermediate to experienced level skiers and snowboarders, but there are nursery slopes where beginners can soak up the scenery while honing their skills.

Splurge: Canada

Admittedly, adding the air fair is what makes a ski holiday to Canada an expensive option compared to the luxuries of the Swiss mountains. Having said that the world-class resorts that can be found here truly offer visitors a trip of a lifetime.

Whistler Canada Ski Image

Image by ArtTower CC0

Whister – a dream destination for anyone who loves to hit the slopes. Day-passes are costly, and the runs less suitable for those new to skiing and snowboarding. This resort is rightly reserved for those who have put in the hours to hone their skills and looking for some high adrenaline fun. There are in excess of 200 runs over 8000km of skiable terrain with some of the most challenging black diamond runs in the world!

Wherever you end up, make sure you plan ahead to stay safe on the slopes! Check out or recent post Safety on the Slopes for everything you need to know before you going skiing and snowboarding, including getting the right  travel insurance. This should be number 1 on your list!

Skiing and snowboarding are a fun way to spend time in the great outdoors but they are high risk activities – get in touch today for a wintersports travel insurance quote.

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