Car Hire Insurance Excess for Holiday Car Hire

What is it? Do you need it? How much do you need to budget for it on holiday? And why don’t I just get the insurance offered by the car hire company? If any of these questions are bugging you – we bring all the answers right here!

car hire excess insurance

Image by Pexels CC0

The number one question is: Do I really need Car Hire Excess Insurance?

And the answer is YES! Without this type of insurance – if you return the vehicle damaged, even if it was not your fault, you will be held liable for the excess charge set by the rental company.

This particular type of insurance gives you the power to claim back the charges. There are other benefits when you get your policy through too, depending on the type of cover you choose.

The second question that everyone wants to know is: Why don’t I get the policy offered by the car hire company?

Put simply – it will not give you the same level of cover as a policy from us. The excess insurance provided by your holiday car hire company has a very long list of exclusions. If you lose the keys, suffer a tiny dink or two from loose chippings, or something happens to the tires, windscreen or underside – even if it is not your fault – you will have to foot the repair bill as well as pay the excess on the claim.

Holiday car hire excess insurance isn’t as expensive as you might think (in answer to the third question that everyone asks!)

You can get excess insurance for your holiday car hire for less than a tenner (*accurate at time of going to press!). A small price to pay considering a that paying for repairs could be thousands of pounds.

Find out why car hire excess insurance from is different!

And see our very own Norbert in action! Head over to What is Car Hire Excess Insurance? Or visit our Car Hire Excess Insurance FAQ Page. Alternatively, call us for a quote! 0189283338


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Kas or Kalkan? Travelling With Kids To Turkey

Deciding on a summer break to the Antalya coast in Turkey, raised one big question for two families travelling together – Kas or Kalkan? Let their experience guide you to choose the best destination out of the two for you!

Kalkan villa view with pool, sea and mountains



Set in the the province of Antalya, stunning scenery is guaranteed. This area is also known as the turquoise coast (and the seas here really are a stunning shade of blue), as well as the Turkish Riviera.

Kalcan itself is surrounded by the arid Taurus mountains, and is one big very steep hill from top to bottom! But don’t let this put you off if you feel hiking up and down hills isn’t your jam, because here no one does that anyway. It is so steep that everyone hops in a taxi to get from top to bottom, or drives their own car or if you are brave enough a moped!

The steep incline means that the views are just incredible. Whether looking away from the coast at all the gorgeous houses and villas that seem to trickle down towards the sea, or from higher up across the sheltered bay and the twinkling Mediterranean Sea.

Kalkan street view with plants and lights image


Where to go and what to see in Kalkan

  • Terrace restaurants and bars – these were a firm favourite with our group, not only because of the stunning views across the town and the entire bay, but also because nothing feels better than a warm evening breeze while dining alfresco!
  • Beach clubs – a family-friendly way to spend the day in the shade of a cabana right next to the sea. Most have easy access to the sea either by being on the beach, or by having platforms that lead to the sea as well as having a pool.
sea view kalkan beach park image


  • The weekly local market – a bustling space selling spices, fresh fruit and veg, and all the genuine fakes you could dream of! You can also bag yourself some freshly made turkish treats to keep your energy up as you go round. Only on a Thursday.
  • Arts & crafts boutiques – there is so much local talent hidden among the many winding streets in Kalkan. Look for handmade and artisan pieces – pottery, glass, and macrame.
  • Petara historical site – just a short drive from the town is Petara, the ancient capital of Lycia – a glorious place to be as the sun sets, with a wealth of tumbled down ruins and semi restored areas and amphitheatres complete with very friendly goats!
Petara Goat Image Turkey


Is Kalkan good for a family holiday?

A resounding yes from us all! We were fortunate enough to have a villa with a pool – so plenty of space to chill and keep cool until the temperatures dipped enough to venture out. The sea was safe and gentle for the little ones, and the Beach Club we spent a day at had a wealth of water toys (sea tractor and trampoline!) to keep the kids occupied for hours.

All the restaurants and bars were super kid-friendly too – and while we didn’t stay out late it certainly seemed safe enough while we were there. For older kids and adventurous adults there were a range of outdoor adventures to choose from such as mountain biking, parasailing, jet skiing, and boat hire.

Al fresco dining in kalkan Turkey image


Kas – a better destination than Kalkan?

It seems like everyone talks about Kas more than Kalkan – and on a day trip there we could kind of see why. For a start the atmosphere is more gentle, less touristy, and has areas with more of an authentic local feel. The inclines are also less intimidating and it isn’t too much trouble to wander from the car park by the harbour right up to the highest street in the town.

Once again, the setting is absolutely beautiful as it sits along the same part of the turquoise coast, and it has a wealth of wonderful boutiques to explore and a more than its fair share of terrace restaurants to enjoy spectacular views across the harbour! All in all it seemed more grown up, less glitzy and less like a place only tourists frequent!

Boats in Kas Harbour Turkey image


Is Kas a good destination for a family holiday?

I guess it all depends on the vibe you are looking for! It is a more gentle, more Turkish version of Kalkan and I would say more relaxed too. Would the kids think it is better? Chances are the bright lights and more accessible beach clubs of Kalkan would get their vote!

Kas Restaurant Terrace with sea views image


Holiday Profile:

Turkish villa with pool


Worldwide travel insurance to Turkey

Get your worldwide travel insurance before you head off on your next trip – annual cover at great rates for families that love adventure. Get an online quote or call us on 0189283338


Travel Writer Bio:

Kerry McCarthy is a Writer, Editor, Artist & Breathwork Instructor who loves to travel with family, friends and also solo. You can find out more about her adventures over on instagram at @kerrymccarthystars

Dalaman Airport Turkey Image


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GHIC: the new EHIC – Health Insurance on Holiday

Over 5 million European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) expired in 2022 and are now replaced by the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). Here is all you need to know – including why you still need travel insurance!

GHIC travel insurance image

Image by Dusan_Cvetanovic CC0

What is a GHIC and where can I use it?

It is a Global Health Insurance Card, and although it uses the word Global, the GHIC is in fact only valid in EU countries (with the exception of a few*) and in most cases Switzerland too. It is not going to be of any use anywhere else in the world.

Fun fact: It’s all in the name. The Global part of the name signifies that the holder is not from an EU country. European Health Insurance Cards still exist – now called UK EHICS – so named because they are for use by citizens that have rights under the withdrawal agreement to access healthcare in EU countries). The GHIC – formally known as a UK GHIC – is a health insurance card for UK residents, no longer part of the EU, to access treatment in EU countries.

What does the UK Global Health Insurance Card cover?

Pretty much the same as the EHIC, but not as comprehensive in its cover. As a rule it entitles the holder to free or reduced cost state-provided healthcare where medically necessary. The wording here is key:

  • State provided may or may not be free or reduced, the charges will be the same as for a national of that country.
  • Free or reduced healthcare may not be the same things that are free on the NHS.
  • Only treatments deemed medically necessary qualify for cover – if it could wait until you get back from your trip, or you have travelled in order to get treatment then you won’t be entitled to special rates.

Do I need travel insurance if I have a GHIC?

Yes! The above bullet points are just some of the reasons why the .gov site states:

“Your UK GHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance. You should take out private travel insurance before your trip. [The GHIC] may not cover all health costs and never covers being flown back to the UK (medical repatriation).” Find out more at

Outside the UK many medical treatments do not come for free – even for citizens of that country. Additional charges may be added to a hospital bill that we aren’t used to seeing in the UK, including charges for equipment, supplies, food, medicines… and that can all add up.

GHICs also won’t cover things like mountain rescue if you are injured on a ski trip for example, and the big expenses such as medical repatriation are also not covered.

Travel Insurance also offers things a medical insurance card can’t travel insurance for existing medical conditions, help if your passport or belongings are lost or stolen, costs incurred from cancelled flights or bookings, and even if personal circumstances mean that you are no longer able to travel. Travel insurance is a product that compliments a GHIC, providing cover and peace of mind especially for existing health conditions and unforeseen circumstances beyond falling ill or being injured.

Can I still use my EHIC?

If it is still valid, then yes – the last EHICS were issued in 2020 (the GHIC replaced it in January 2021) and have been allowed to run up to their 5 year expiry date. However, all EHICs now fall under the restricted use of GHICs, so no longer valid in non-EU European countries e.g. Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. As stated above, UK EHICS are also available to those who have been allowed special access under the withdrawal agreement.

GHICs are free – so get one!

There are a few sites out there that are charging people a handling fee to get a GHIC, this is not necessary – GHICS are available directly from via the NHS and they are FREE – you can apply for GHIC on the NHS website. Once you apply you will be sent an email with all the details you need until your card arrives, make sure you take your card with you while on holiday – if you find that you’ve lost it or left it behind you’ll need to apply for a temporary certificate.

*The GHIC isn’t valid in Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican. It is not valid for treatment in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein either.

Don’t forget your travel insurance!

Travel insurance is a product that compliments a GHIC, providing cover and peace of mind especially for existing health conditions and unforeseen circumstances beyond falling ill or being injured.

Get your travel insurance quote online today.


This article was originally published in October 2022. The content has been updated.

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Free Travel Insurance With Your Bank? Why Packaged Policies Don’t Always Pay Out

While it may actually be possible to get a free lunch, free travel insurance policies as part of a packaged bank account aren’t the perk they appear to be. Read on to find out what they really do and DON’T cover.

Travel Insurance Airport Image

Image by JoshuaWoroniecki CC0

Bank Accounts with Travel Insurance Included – what’s the catch?

The first alarm bell that sounds should be about the lack of information you give to get that travel insurance! Chances are, with any other insurance purchase, you would have spent a while on the phone or filling out forms that might feel like you are sharing your life story.

There is a reason for that. The insurer wants to make sure that the risk is minimal in relation to the premium a person has paid. The higher the risk, the higher the premium the insurer will ask you to pay.

So for FREE travel insurance…

What kind of risk level is the bank expecting? The answer is VERY VERY low.

What is (and who is) really covered with Free Bank Travel Insurance?

Cover that can be “purchased” with just one click means the bank is making assumptions. The main one being that you won’t read the small print – which will clearly state whether or not it will provide the right cover to meet your needs. The most common criteria are:

  • Within a certain age-group – the younger the more likely
  • No pre-existing medical conditions
  • Not planning any sports or activities

What happens if something happens on holiday and I only have Free Travel Insurance?

As long as you are the right age, and it has nothing to do with a pre-existing condition (as long as they don’t mind that you didn’t tell them about the pre-existing condition, as in some policies that can invalidate the insurance), and the reason you need to claim wasn’t anything to do with an activity or sport, you are probably alright and may make a successful claim.

Having said that – claims are usually rejected over something that wasn’t agreed on, probably COULDN’T be agreed on because it was a one-click-wonder policy.

Whichever way – if you find out that you aren’t covered, you could well be kissing goodbye to your savings to sort out the situation.

What should I do if I already have Free Travel Insurance with my bank?

Read the policy details and make sure that you are VERY SURE that you have the cover you think you need. If you have any doubts, contact your policy provider.

The best way to have the confidence you are covered is to get travel insurance from a specialist provider. It’s not like you’ll be losing money by not using your Free Travel Insurance, and you may well save a lot of money by being covered by the right policy in the event that something goes wrong on holiday.

For more information about comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for what you need contact us at!

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All Inclusive Holidays – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There is a section of globetrotting society that holds the idea of an all-inclusive holiday with utter distain. It is quite likely that a similar proportion of the travelling fraternity feel the same about backpacking. Well, we’re not here to take sides – instead here are the pros and cons of going on an all inclusive holiday, plus some home truths anyone should consider before booking a break away.

Hotel Drinks Image by Engin Akyurt CC0

Image by Engin Akyurt CC0

The GOOD – Pros of all-inclusive holidays

Great if you have a budget to stick to

Price includes travel, accommodation, food and drink, which means all you have to think about, is what to pack and remember to take a bit of spending money if you want to buy gifts for folks back home.

Easy to arrange

You don’t have to deal with arranging flights and transfers – once you have booked your holiday, everything is already arranged for you.

Easy to book excursions

The tour operator will have all the information you need to explore the area and will offer an easy booking system. These packages usually make sure that you are collected and dropped back at your hotel too.

Discounts and deals are common

Tour operators don’t want empty seats on planes and often have kids go free deals to help families get away at what is a notoriously expensive time of year.


Whilst the entertainment on offer might not be to everyone’s taste, there is usually plenty to do. Facilities often include games rooms, swimming pools, tennis courts, crazy golf and a variety of local acts putting on a show for guests each night.

Great for family holidays

With all the food, drink and entertainment you want, and often with crèche facilities too – all inclusive holidays are a child friendly option for holidaymakers. If you are not travelling with your clan in tow however, this could be considered a detrimental to a break abroad.

Pool View Image by Robin Smith CC0

Image by Robin Smith CC0

The BAD – Cons of a package holiday

Lack of culture

Some destinations encourage holidaymakers to stay well within the walls of a resort, and many resorts are a long way from local life and attractions, which makes getting to grips with the culture of your chosen destination rather tricky.

Lack of choice

From what to eat to things to do, an all inclusive break is synonymous with monotony. If boredom (or taking the opportunity to relax and do nothing) is a problem, make sure you choose a resort that is near bars, restaurants and local attractions.

Noisy and busy

With free child places on most packages, there is no denying that resorts are often packed with families, bringing all the noise that comes with them. This can be said of plenty of places in the height of the holiday season though, but there are resorts that are exclusive to adults only, the other option is to go off-peak.

Poor quality food and drink

Stories of watered down alcohol and cardboard food are often features of low quality hotels – not part and parcel of a package holiday. All inclusive guests are served the same goods as cash paying guests, but don’t expect the Courvoisier to be part of the deal, you will have to pay extra!

Buffet Bowl Image by Engin Akyurt CC0

Image by Engin Akyurt CC0

The UGLY – The truth about booking all-inclusive holidays

It s not necessarily all inclusive that is at fault here, it is the packages that people choose don’t suit the type of holiday they would like to go on. If you want action, adventure, going off the beaten track – then a package holiday is going to leave you feeling somewhat deflated.

There is also some truth in you get what you pay for. An all inclusive package holiday at a 6 star couples-only hotel with be closer to some people’s idea of paradise than a lower star beachside resort in the summer holidays aimed at entertaining families.

If you want to make sure you book the package holiday of your dreams – read our recent article:  How To Get The Most form an All-Inclusive Package Holiday!

New Zealand Beach - Safe Holiday Destinations

Image by Lars_Nissen_Photoart CC0

What’s the worst that could happen?

With any luck, just the fact that your all-inclusive holiday didn’t live up to your expectations – but sadly much worse can happen on a trip abroad.

Whilst travel insurance can’t turn a disappointing break into a holiday of a lifetime, it can help should something go wrong while you are away. From losing a passport, missing a flight, your luggage getting lost, or even needing medical help and repatriation – travel insurance can have you covered. To find out more check out our range of travel insurance policies at!

This article was originally published in May 2015. The images and content have been updated.

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Roadtrip Top Tip: Get Rental Excess Insurance for your Motorhome Hire!

Hiring a motorhome or camper is the way to do a summer roadtrip in comfort and style, but don’t get  caught out by the rental company’s collision damage waiver – all is not as it seems!

Image of a white motor home with excess insurance on a road trip through mountains

Image by memorycatcher aka Siggy Nowak via Pixabay CC0

What is a collision damage waiver?

A collision damage waiver (CDW) is an extra insurance the hire company will push you to take out when you hire a car or motorhome. Its purpose is to cover the cost of repairs or replacement in the event of a collision.

What’s so wrong with a hire company CDW?

CDWs usually have a hefty excess charge which you would be liable to pay in the event of a claim – even if the collision was not your fault. These charges are often in excess of £2,500 and it isn’t unusual for them to be much higher.

How does motorhome rental excess insurance make a difference?

It acts like (but replaces) a collision damage waiver but with a much lower fee. It also covers things that would not usually be covered under a CDW.

I’m unlikely to have an accident though, so I probably don’t need it right?

Wrong! The hire company is able to charge for ANY damage to the motorhome, it doesn’t need to be an accident. If there is damage to the bodywork, even a minor scratch, that could count as a collision. Damage to mirrors, tyres, the underneath of the motorhome… anything could be flagged as damage, and if you don’t have motorhome hire excess insurance you will have to pay the excess.

How do I get Motorhome Excess Insurance?

Either visit our website, give us a call 01892 833338 or drop us an email and we’ll get a quote to you quickly – even if you are already at your motorhome hire destination!

To find out what else you need to prepare for your roadtrip check out our mega-guideRoadtrip 101- Everything You Need To Know Before You Go!

Don’t forget your travel insurance!

For peace of mind (beyond making sure you motorhome hire doesn’t cost the earth) get yourself comprehensive travel insurance tailored to suit you and your roadtrip. From lost luggage and stolen items to medical costs and repatriation our policies can ease the impact should something go wrong on holiday.

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Lindos Family Holiday in Rhodes – A budget-friendly destination guide

With passport back in the nick of time (a week before the June school holiday!) the mission for this family was to find a last-minute hot holiday, with a pool, and on the coast that wouldn’t break the bank. This is how it was done.

Greek Rooftop Taverna With chairs and plants

Cesar Meze Rooftop Bar, Lindos © Kerry McCarthy

Why choose Rhodes? Why choose Lindos?

The choice was simple – get on the Jet2 app, then sort by cheapest first! We also filtered for a few countries with short flight times, and hotels close to the beach and with a pool. An Ibiza location was the top result, but it was so close to the party zone that it wasn’t an option for us – we were really looking for something family friendly and peaceful.

The next result was a place called Palm Bay Hotel  in Pefkos, Rhodes, just a couple of miles from Lindos. We heard that Lindos was beautiful so decided this would be close enough to enjoy the delights of the historical Greek town.

Travel Package

  • Tour Operator: Jet2
  • Flew from: Stanstead Airport
  • Travel time: 4 hours
  • Package: Flights, Transfers, Hotel, Bed & Breakfast
  • Hotel: Palm Bay Hotel
  • Travel Date: June half term 2023
  • Weather: Mostly sunny, 26 degrees
Pefki Beach Image

Pefki Beach, Pefkos, Rhodes © Kerry McCarthy

Location Location Location – but not in Lindos!

Lindos is indeed incredibly beautiful, but sadly wasn’t within our budget so we got as close as we could get in one convenient package holiday. It wasn’t until we arrived that we realised that we were actually on the very edge of a resort called Pefkos – a very different vibe from Lindos indeed!  While very beautiful, the resort itself was mostly restaurants and bars catering to a British audience (a far cry from the traditional Greek experience we were hoping for) but luck was on our side  and our hotel was in an isolated beach-front spot along the Lindos-Lardos road, right on Pefki Beach.

Authentically Greek Experience

Palm Bay Hotel was once the only place to stay in this part of Rhodes, and when the family opened their first taverna (closer to what is now the resort) Pefkos and Pefki beach were only accessible by donkey. In fact, the reputation for it being a remote hideaway made it a secluded location of choice for celebrities the world over.

Today,  the road between Lindos and Lardos is built for four wheels over four legs, but Palm Bay Hotel remains a Greek family hotel with all the welcoming hospitality you’d expect, traditional Greek food and traditional Greek entertainment – mixed in with some evening fun for a British family crowd!

We opted for a sea-view apartment which had stunning balcony views of the Mediterranean, and the mountains that wrap around this stretch of the coast. The pool, restaurant and beach bar were on the opposite side of the road right on the sandy shore. Closing the door to the apartment to toes in the sea took no more than 3 minutes.

Image of Lindos, Rhodes

Lindos Town © Kerry McCarthy

Luscious Lindos & The Acropolis

We travelled by bus to spend time in Lindos. Its white walls, narrow streets, and jaw-dropping vistas totally lived up to our high expectations. The bus stop is at the top of a hill, so before you get into the town you are greeted with the most wonderful views across the bay, and the acropolis sitting high on the next hill.

As we dropped down into the town we made our way through the winding streets, lined with white walls and pebble paths, snaking in all directions. It is clear that Lindos is very much geared towards tourists as barely a wall went by that wasn’t adorned with mati (evil eyes), crochet pieces, linen clothes, jewellery, and leatherwork. It was however still a totally serene experience, even in the school holiday!

Lindos Acropolis Image

Lindos Acropolis Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay CC0

The walk to the Acropolis is hot hard work for small kids, but worth it for the adventure. Once up high on the hill, the age of this monument hits you hard. Steep worn steps, ancient engravings, toppled columns, and crumbling parapets merge with modern repairs. Olive trees and cavernous dark rooms offer some respite from the sun. The views form the top – of the ocean in one direction and the town in the other are a huge reward, but if you don’t have a head for heights, definitely keep away from the parapets as it is a long, steep, and rocky drop from every part of the acropolis walls!

After embracing the Indiana Jones vibe, the only way to go is back down to the town – donkeys are waiting patiently for those who don’t fancy the steep descent on foot.

For light refreshments and to cool down we visited one of the many rooftop bars – this one in particular, Cesar Meze Bar had a swimming pool – the perfect place to cool down and take in more of those stunning views!

White Walled Street with doorway in Lindos, Rhodes

Lindos Museum © Kerry McCarthy

St. Paul’s Bay Beach, Lindos

Before heading back to Pefki beach we visited St. Pauls Bay – a hidden gem of wonder in this town. It is very small, but sits in a wonderfully secluded bay, and has plenty of luxurious beach-beds amongst lush vegetation to chill out to the max, as well as a beach bar. It isn’t maybe the right place to head for a family day out, or if you are on a budget, but definitely one to bank if coming back on an adults-only break.

Top money-saving tips

  • Bulk buy big water bottles – €2 for 5 litres
  • Order all-day-breakfast or continental breakfast (giant croissant with greek yoghurt, honey & nuts)
  • Make your own lunch with local ingredients
  • Catch a bus to tour the island – Family ticket to Lindos was less than €5
  • Eat at a local taverna over a restaurant €8 for calamari vs €15
  • Order starters over mains or share a dish – portions here are BIG!
  • Drink village or “bulk” wine – €2 a (very) large glass or €8 a litre
  • Get travel insurance! Even with a GHIC medical care could still be costly, plus the peace of mind it offers in the event of something going wrong on holiday is worth every penny.
Image of Lindos Beach, Rhodes

Lindos Beach © Kerry McCarthy

Pefki Beach, Pefkos

Even though it is on the edge of a resort, Pefki beach feels like a bit of a hidden gem. It was quiet, had a small number of  loungers with parasols to hire – €12 for 2 for the day, a beach bar for food and drink (very reasonably priced), and the views of the surrounding mountains – and the resident mountain goats was just beautiful, especially as the sun moved during the day. The rockpools were great for exploring as the tide changed, and having the family-friendly pool available just a minute’s walk away was an added bonus.

Best bits staying on the road between Lindos and Lardos

The beach was quiet and the sea was calm. We weren’t in the resort proper so felt like a more remote location with clearer views. There were two local shops nearby to get snacks, drinks, and ingredients to make our own food in the apartment. The hotel staff were super friendly and the whole place felt incredibly welcoming. Transport is easy, cheap and frequent – reference was made to the first bus arriving at 8.50 GMT – Greek Maybe Time – which got a few laughs! Even if they aren’t on time, they do come every 20 minutes or so.

The Pefkos resort in particular has a community vibe, where the local businesses watch out and take care of each other, and look after the place incredibly well.

Overall we felt safe and welcome – a great place for a budget-friendly family break!

Colourful Palm Bay Hotel Sign Image

© Kerry McCarthy

Travel Writer Bio

Kerry McCarthy is a Writer, Editor, Artist & Breathwork Instructor who loves to travel. You can find out more about her adventures over on instagram at @kerrymccarthystars

People walking thoguh airport with suitcases

Diagoras International Airport Rhodes © Kerry McCarthy


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What Is Car Hire Excess Insurance? (and do I need it?)

You can get car hire excess insurance for less than a tenner* but it could save you thousands when it comes to damage on a hire car. Especially in light of all the car hire companies who insist “damage” has been caused while the car was in your care. Here are some insights into why it is worth spending just a few pounds extra if you plan to hire a car.

Car Hire Exess Insurance Image

Image by Yaroslava Borz CC0

*Correct at time of publishing, May 2023, prices subject to change.

Car hire excess insurance explained

This is a type of insurance that you can choose to pay so that you are covered for damages to the hire car while it is in your care.

Why not take the hire company’s excess insurance?

The insurance provided by the hire company has a long list of exclusions, things that are not covered by the insurance. Common items on this list are lost keys, tyres, windscreens, the underside of the vehicle – and even the most minor damage counts, even if it was not your fault (hello loose chippings!). You will be liable to pay for this damage to be rectified on top of paying the excess on the claim.

How is car hire excess insurance from different?

Our Car Hire Excess Insurance covers the types of things that are on the exclusion list from the car hire company, and our offering stacks up to be cheaper than getting the insurance offered by the hire company.

There is also the benefit of the insurance not being with the car hire company – it is very difficult to dispute a claim that you caused damage by the hire company who is tied in with the insurance!

What if the hire company say that we MUST take their excess insurance?

Ignore it and say you don’t want it. Whatever they say, trust that the car hire excess insurance from is valid. And if they try to tell you you need extra insurance for windscreens, tyres and undercarriage, you can inform them that the policy you have taken out HAS IT COVERED!

Car Hire Excess Insurance image

How can I minimise the chance that I’ll be charged for damage I didn’t cause?

Take pictures/videos of the car as you collect it, and document any little mark, scratch and dent that is there inside and out before you drive away. Do exactly the same as you return the car so there can be no disputing any “new damage”.

Benefits of car hire excess insurance

Benefits of Car Hire Excess Insurance Image

To find out more and get a quote contact our team, we can provide cover even if you are already travelling!


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Hostel Hacks for Gap Year Travel

Heading out on a longstay adventure or planning to backpack from country to country on a gap year adventure? Here are some top tips, and handy hacks to help with hostel life!

Hostel Travel Image

Image by Kampus Production CC0

Looking to vibe or somewhere to be a digital nomad?

This is a crucial detail – some hostels are geared towards people using the social spaces to work on laptops, and some even have dedicated workspaces, other places however have a far more social aspect in mind. Not only might you not be able to get much work done but your fellow guests might think it a tad rude that you’re not joining in the fun.

Hoping to work remotely on an extended travel adventure?

Working remotely is a great way to secure your plans for a longterm travel adventure, after all you can continue to travel as long as you are bringing the money in! To make it work however, you do need discipline and to reduce the chances of missed flights interrupting your worklife. Big tip from successful digital nomads: Only ever change locations at a weekend!

Want to make friends and socialise?

When searching for hostels, rather than filter by best rated, filter by size. A 20-30 person hostel with a central social area is ideal. Also look for one that host “dinner nights” as this encourages people to get to know each other a bit better – and it is a great way to find out more about your location and plan your ongoing adventure.

Longing to party night after night?

There are plenty of places that advertise themselves as party hostels – be prepared for a constant party as the bar will be open around the clock and there will always be someone who is ready to get a party started! Party hostels do also have chill zones where you can go and relax after a heavy session, but you may want to change to a more relaxing location for some R&R after a week.

Take a burner phone and a dummy wallet.

These very much depend on where in the world you are travelling to, but even in the safest of places, if you are living in a communal space you are at greater risk of having your valuables stolen.

Pack flip flops or sliders.

Shared showers and wash areas are much more pleasant with something between your feet and the floor!

Get longstay travel insurance.

Longstay travel insurance is ideal if you are travelling between countries and frequently changing your travel destination, it takes into account that the risk of something going wrong is higher, and is there to give you greater peace of mind! Longstay travel insurance allows you to extend travel insurance while travelling so you are always covered for what you need, when you need, and WHERE you need it.

Don’t forget a travel towel, sarong, or hammam towel.

Whatever it is make sure it is something that will dry quickly. A sarong or hammam also doubles as a makeshift curtain, bedsheet, or blanket – all of which might be welcome depending on the comforts of your hostel.

Learn some card games and dice games.

A pack of cards and a few dice won’t take up much space in a backpack but they will help you meet new people or while away time on your trip.

Buy an eye mask and ear plugs.

You’ll be grateful of these even if you have a private room, in a shared dorm – priceless!

Get yourself a power splitter.

Don’t expect the hostel to have enough sockets for everyone to charge every device at once – at least if you have a splitter, you can bundle in on a socket already in use!

Bring noise cancelling headphones and portable chargers.

Essential if you are planning to work while travelling and a just plain handy if you are on a purely leisure adventure!

Beware hostel romance.

People are generally the best versions of themselves while travelling – freedom of movement, idyllic adventure and no day-to-day pressure of work or mundane “life admin” to deal with. Enjoy it for what it is and while it lasts, but don’t expect to be able to carry on the same romance once your travels are over.

Get your longstay travel insurance with – committed to providing the right cover for your needs, wherever in the world you are.

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Best European Road Trip Routes

Hit the road this summer on one of the coolest road trip routes through Europe! We’ve selected one for sun-seekers, one for the romantics out there, and yet another for culture vultures looking for adventure.

car hire excess insurance

Image by Thamlamm CC0

 Surf, Sunshine & Wine – Bilbao to Bordeaux

Allow about a week for this 10 hour trip so you can make the most of each location The best vehicle for the job is a camper van so you can lap up the sun-kissed surf-culture on your coastal adventure!

Essential Stops:

  • Bilbao
  • San Sebastian
  • St Jean-de-Luz
  • Biarritz
  • Dune de Pilat
  • Bordeaux
biarritz surf Image by moibtz CC0

Image by moibtz CC0

The Romantic Road Germany – Wurzburg to Fussen

This 220 mile scenic trip takes in some wonderful fairytale scenes through Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg, from wine country to the foothills of the German Alps. As this route was designed as a post-war effort to boost tourism in Germany we feel a classic Volkswagen such a fastback would be the ideal car for the trip!

Don’t miss these towns:

  • Wurzburg
  • Bad Mergentheim
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Nordlingen
  • Augsberg
  • Fussen
rothenburg ob der tauber  germany Image

Image by Zachtleven CC0


Glitz, Glamour & Culture – Paris to Berlin

You’ll want to give yourself a couple of weeks to soak up this road trip of a lifetime as you take in cities, countryside, Roman baths, basilicas, villages and world heritage sites. Pack a bag, book some Airbnbs, and hire yourself a glamorous ride – maybe in a convertible – and enjoy every single minute!

Where to stop:

  • Paris
  • Trier
  • Bacharach
  • Lepzig
  • Dresden
  • Berlin
montmartre paris Image

Image by edmondlafoto CC0

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Just a few pounds could save you THOUSANDS of pounds! The insurance provided by the hire company has a long list of exclusions not covered by the policy such as lost keys, tyres, windscreens, and the underside of the vehicle – all of which are covered with our car hire excess insurance!

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