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Things To Do In Russia Instead Of Watching The World Cup

Image by opsa CC0

With World Cup fever in full swing we thought we’d share some interesting things to do in each location of the tournament. Great for a bit of sightseeing before or after a match, or as a way to escape the footballing throngs!

Nizhny Novgorod

The Chkalov Stairs is a monumental flight of steps – 560 in total – in the centre of Nizhny Novgorod. The steps have been built in a figure of eight shape, and connect Minin and Pozharsky Square, the Upper Volga and the Lower Volga embankments, and offer spectacular views of the surrounding area. This is the place to go to chill out and take in the views, for locals as well as visitors to the area.


Kaban Lakes is a huge body of water rife with rumour of treasure! According to legend, this lake has hidden gold, looting by troops of Ivan the Terrible, that once belonged to Khan’s Queen Syuyumbike. Treasure aside, visitors will be blessed with beautiful views of sweeping cityscapes that are great from the shore, and even more impressive if you take a tour on a paddleboat.


Stalin’s Bunker is a top attraction in this city, and while Stalin was never actually here, it is packed full of everything that would have been required had he needed to come. Top tips for visiting include to wear comfy shoes, as this attraction is either 8 or 16 floors below ground (depending on your sources), and also brush up on your Russian as there is no English version of the guided tour. There is an excellent bar and restaurant at the facility where you can get your strength after burning all those calories on steps!


Mount Akhun is the highest point in Sochi. Follow the long and winding road to the top and you’ll reach an observation tower that delivers breath-taking views of the Black Sea and surrounding forests as well as the Matsesta and Khosta rivers, which flank the mountain. Top tip is to go on a clear day, otherwise all you’ll see from the tower is fog.

St Petersburg

There is so much to see here that it is recommended that you jump aboard a tour. These will give you a fly-by experience of Russian Imperial palaces, the Peterhof Fountain Park, the Hermitage Museum and includes a canal cruise through the ‘Venice of the North’. For an added dose of Russian culture, get tickets to see a ballet.


St Basil’s Cathedral is the number one attraction in Moscow. It was built by Ivan the Terrible in the 16thCentury, and borders the second must-do thing in Moscow, Red Square. The Cathedral is a colourful architectural delight, featuring nine separate chapels, each with a unique design and capped with its own individually shaped and coloured dome. Fun fact – it wasn’t always this colourful, it was once white to match the Kremlin, with the domes painted gold. The colours began to be added in the 17thCentury to reflect the colours that described the Kingdom of Heaven in the Book of Revelation.

The Worst Holiday Destinations In The World To Visit in June

Ever planned a badly-timed break? Spent your Round The World Trip visiting every destination in the wrong season? If you are thinking of a last-minute getaway this month, you’ll do well to avoid the following locations!

Dubai, UAE

Image by Charly-G CC0

In June in Dubai it is really really hot, and really really humid, which makes really really hot feel like a bath in a volcano. Basically the seasonal high of 40°C combined with 58% humidity makes it feel like a searing 59°C! That is hotter than the hottest place on earth! If you must go, stick to indoor activities – thankfully quite easy due to the many luxury shopping malls and the world’s largest aquarium.

The Everglades, Florida

Image by revilo82 CC0

June marks the start of several seasons in the Everglades – The Wet Season, The Hurricane Season and the Mosquito Season, not the most sought after combination on anyone’s travel itinerary! Plus the thunderstorms at this time of year can last for hours, so you’ll find yourself hiding for cover most of the time. FYI, the best months to visit are December to April.

Havana, Cuba

Image by 12019 CC0

Hot, wet and very very windy. June in Havana marks the start of the Hurricane Season, and the stats say it will rain on average for half the month. We all know that wind and rain are the number one enemies of enjoying a Cuban cigar, so save your trip for another time, ideally between December and May.

Death Valley National Park, California

Image by JungR CC0

This destination holds the impressive Highest Recorded Temperature In The World title, and guess when it was recorded? Yup, June – a whopping 56.7°C! The previous record of 58°Crecorded atEl Azizia, Libya, and held for around 90 years, was deemed to be inaccurate by as much as 7°C because the measurement was taken over tarmac, not a true representation of the desert terrain.

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Self-Indulgent Dads Go To Iceland For Fathers Day

Image by 12019 CC0

The pressures of parental responsibility should be rewarded with at least a long weekend of awesome activities, right? Well Iceland is the destination of choice for adrenaline junkies, and just close enough for a whirlwind weekend break – perfect for Father’s Day!

Dog Sledding

An awesome activity that won’t take up much of your day, but will definitely get the adrenaline pumping! The great thing about booking a sledding experience is that while it is weather dependent, it can be done in snowy, and non-snowy conditions.

Where: Most tour pickups are from Reykjavík.

Ice Caving

The most popular ice cave experience happens in Vatnajökull, but only during wintertime. So, this time of year, the best option is to head to the Kötlujökull glacier to experience a beautiful ice cave with blue/black walls sat atop a volcano! While this sounds a James Bond experience of a lifetime, the tour is labelled as easy.

Where: Katla,Kötlujökull

Ice Climbing

This activity is available all year round, and suitable for both beginners and experienced climbers. It can be a long day out on an Ice Climbing tour, around 10 hours, but only 4 or so of that will be spent scaling an incredible glacier!  The beauty of going this time of year is that you’ll get to see a couple of fabulous waterfalls on your journey!

Where: Sólheimajökull in South Iceland


Adrenaline junkies who have a passion for being airborne will love the many summer paragliding tours available. Tours on the south coast are particularly popular, delivering unforgettable birds-eye views of unique landscapes such as black sand beaches, basalt stacks, ocean waves, lunar lava fields, waterfalls, and glaciers.

Where: South Coast, Iceland.

Skiing in The Midnight Sun

In North Iceland the ski season runs until the end of June, which gives the lucky visitor a chance to ski in the midnight sun! Gentle slopes and the lack of trees make it the perfect place for a beginner. There are 7 ski areas, most of which can be found in the Sauðárkrókur-Tindastóll ski area.

Where: Sauðárkrókur-Tindastóll,North Iceland

Image by globenwein CC0

Scuba Diving In Hot Springs

Ok, so you have to be a bit of a pro to take this on, but it is an incredible experience only available in the summer months. Scuba Diving into a hydrothermal vent has been likened to diving into an earthquake. Apparently the air bubbles coming out of the vent create a pressure so intense it makes the rocks vibrate, a sensation which the divers feel deep in their bones!

Where: Lake Kleifarvatn

Trekking, Hiking and Mountain Biking

June is the perfect time to take to the many varied landscapes of Iceland on foot, or on two wheels.  Tours can take in beaches, hot springs, mountains, valleys, glaciers, waterfalls – you name it. And because the sun doesn’t set at this time of year, you’ll feel like you have all the time in the world to explore.

Where:Anywhere and everywhere in Iceland!

White Water Rafting and Whale Watching

Because the two go hand-in-hand right? Well, they do in Iceland! This tour starts in Reykjavik’s old harbour, goes out to sea to see the wildlife then back up the Hvita River for a white-knuckle white water rafting adventure. If that wasn’t enough, tour guides encourage a leap into the glacial waters before a warming sauna and hot choc experience. Just what you’ll need after 11 hours of aquatic activities!

Where: Reykjavik

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Things To Do In Turkey For Adrenaline Junkies

Image by nastace5 CC0

Calling all thrill-seekers! If you are looking for high octane adventures on your next holiday, you’d do well to take a look at what Turkey has to offer. Here is our pick of the best adrenaline-fuelled touristy things to do at this amazing destination!

Paragliding– The place of choice is Babadag Mountain, one of the highest take-off sites in the world! On your flight you’ll get beautiful views across Fethiye, and come to land on the gorgeous Oludeniz beach.

Skydiving– Take to the skies over the ancient city of Ephesus, and you are guaranteed a VIP view not many other tourists dare attempt! The local tour operator also offers solo dives, and microlight experiences which give extra awesome views of Virgin Mary House, Pamucak Beach, and Kusadasi Yacht Marina.

Scuba Diving At Night– Bodrum is known for having a stunning coastline, but it’s what’s in the water that attracts the adventurous. Book yourself on a scuba dive to the Graveyard of Ships, at night-time, to really get your pulse racing!

Hot Air Ballooning– Cappadocia is the place to go, with its ethereal lunar-like landscape and super-surreal light. Flights depart at dawn, and you’ll be guaranteed a rush of silent wonder as you float over arguably the most “other worldly” landscape on the planet.

White Water Rafting– Köprülü Kanyon is the place to be, even if you are a beginner. Starting at nearby Antalya, you’ll paddle your way with comparative ease through the Taurus Mountains to where the rapids begin in the heart of the national park. Here you’ll suit up ready for white water action, and enjoy every inch of the eight and a half mile rapids!

Rock Climbing– The place to be is Geyikbayiri! There are over 850 routes across all grades with both north and south facing crags, but what really draws climbers from abroad are the routes through the cave systems, impressive routes that offer something different to other destinations.

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Things To Do For Free In Amsterdam

Image by djedi CC0

If you are a thrifty traveller, you’ll love finding free things to do on holiday. Here are some of the best things to do for free in Amsterdam!

Visit the floating flower market on Singel Canal – There are loads of open-air markets around the city, but this is probably the most extraordinary because it is actually floating on the canal!

Take a walking tour – There are free audio tours available to download, or if you can spare a tip book yourself on the Sandemands Free Walking Tours.

Watch some open air theatre – All of Amsterdam’s parks and gardens are free to enter, but head to the Vondlepark at the right time and you could watch a play, performance or even a festival all for free.

Catch a concert – This city is very fond of culture so it should come as no surprise that you can get free entry to a classical or jazz concert somewhere in Amsterdam nearly every day of the week. Check local listings and larger establishments like The National Opera and Ballet, and The Royal Concertgebouw.

Take a river tour – Believe it or not, there is free public transport by boat in Amsterdam. The free ferries are behind Central Station and have three routes crossing the IJ River.

Go to the beach – Even though Amsterdam isn’t on the coast, there are three beaches that can be enjoyed for free. Head to Blijburg, Muiderlaan 1001 Amsterdam if you want to swim too.

Take a tour of the Diamond Factory – There are free tours that share the history of Amsterdam’s reputation as the City of Diamonds, as well as everything you need to know about the sparklers themselves.

Go to Cannabis College – This is a not-for-profit establishment in the city that aims to educate visitors about Cannabis, including the medicinal benefits. Entry is free, but if you want to experience the indoor garden, a paradise of fully-flowering organic cannabis plants, you’ll have to pay a small fee.

UK Spring Break – Countryside or Coast?

Can’t decide how to spend that extended bank holiday weekend? Here are some top spots in the countryside and on the coast to help you make up your mind!


Snowdonia Image by diego_torres CC0

Snowdonia National Park

This area is blessed with a hugely varied landscape of valleys and mountains, river gorges, lakes and waterfalls, so you can imagine the wealth of activities that come with this! As well as the usual suite of outdoor activities there are 150 attractions packed in too. Late spring and early summer are the driest times here, so perfect for the spring bank holiday break.

The Lake District

As the home of British mountaineering, and with the highest concentration of outdoor activity centres than anywhere else in the UK, you can be assured that the Lake District will deliver a fabulous slice of outdoor life. The area combines lakes, rivers, fells, woodland and small towns, so you’ll be spoilt for choice deciding what to see and do.

The Cairngorms

This is the largest National Park in the UK, is home to over a quarter of Scotland’s native forest, and the high plateaux are more like the landscape you’d find in Greenland! The Cairngorms is an inspirational place where visitors can connect with nature, but be warned it’s not the place to go if you want to get warm – temperatures are unlikely to rise above 8 °C in May.

New Forest

While these ancient woodlands are a tamer option than mountainous regions, it is still blessed with wonderful wildlife, and lots of opportunities for embracing the great outdoors. Highlights include miles upon miles of cycle tracks and forest footpaths, all of which have cattle and horses wandering freely around. It is the ideal location to set up camp, but if roughing it in a field isn’t your idea of fun, you’ll love the many quintessentially English villages nestled amongst the glades and moors!

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Lulworth Cove Image by diego_torres CC0


If you are looking for a remote coastal experience, Sanna Bay is a must. There is very little here but white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and spectacular sand dunes. In fact, you’d be mistaken for thinking you are on a tropical beach. Apart from the temperature of course! The drive to Sanna is also extraordinary, a single track road through what has been described as some of Scotland’s oddest scenery – it is in fact the crater of an extinct volcano.

Lulworth Cove

If you are looking for warmth, your best bet for the Spring Bank Holiday Break is to head to the south coast, Dorset in particular. The Jurassic coast is said to have more hours of sunshine and be warmer than anywhere else in the UK. Lulworth Cove, and further down the coast at Durdle Door you will find shelter from cold northerly breezes whilst being blessed with sunny blue skies. This area also has spectacular coastlines, far-flung views, and wonderful beaches where you may find a fossil or two.


The mix of sand dunes, marshlands, and sensationally genteel historic town is just gorgeous. Add to that the fact it has it’s own brewery, and you’ll see why Southwold is a go-to for a wonderful long weekend! As well as delightful scenery, first class eateries and up-market shopping opportunities, Southwold also lays claim to having the quirkiest pier in England, a nice nod to the many artists that have been drawn here, and of course reside here.

Swansea Bay

This is billed as the best beach in Wales – a vast sandy stretch of coast hugged by gently sloping hills. From the top of these hills you can see the Pembrokeshire coast, and a wealth of natural wonders. This is a great place to catch some gentle surf, which might be tempting as the temperature is creeping up at this time of year, or relax in natural surroundings – but it will also appeal to those of you who like to be near the hustle and bustle of city life too!

Chocolate Themed Breaks – An Alternative Easter Treat

Why have a chocolate egg when you can have a chocolate holiday! Here are four choice ways to have an eggstra indulgent Easter!

© Image Courtesy of Jade Mountain.

Chocolate Alchemy, Jade Mountain Spa Hotel, St Lucia 

This luxury hotel bathes in the glory of Piti and Gros Piton mountains, floating upon the Caribbean Sea, and rather indulgently is set in an estate where there are over 2000 cocoa trees growing! This makes Jade Mountain the place to go for an ultra indulgent chocolate experience!

In the Chocolate Lab guests can taste and help make the estate’s very own Emerald Estate Chocolate. Chocolate infused activities include sensory tastings, educational estate trips, and truffle making classes. There are also chocolate inspired dishes and cocktails in the resort restaurants and bars – plus chocolate themed spa treatments – the coarseness of ground cocoa makes for the perfect scrub, infusing the skin with natural nutrients and anti-oxidants. The Chocolate Alchemy Package Includes:

  • A chocolate welcome amenity and cocktail
  • Chocolate Lovers’ Breakfast in Bed celebration
  • Chocolate infused 1 hour spa treatment
  • A learning excursion to the resort’s Emerald Cocoa Estate
  • Chocolate Sensory tasting
  • Chocolate making class in Jade Mountain’s chocolate laboratory
  • A chance to create your own fudge and personalized chocolate bar

© Image Courtesy of Jade Mountain.

Chocolate Journey Cruise, Worldwide

Princess Cruises offers indulgent on-board chocolate experiences on all its liners, in partnership with award-winning chocolatier Norman Love. Each ship is different – but chocolate is always a key theme. Some for example do a monster Chocolate Indulgence breakfast buffet, and some boast a chocolate fountain or two. Experiences to entice guests aboard include:

  • Exquisite chocolate desserts
  • Chocolate-flavoured cocktails
  • Wine and chocolate pairing tasting sessions
  • Chocolate-themed spa treatments


© Image Courtesy of Cruise Critic

Mövenpick Signature Chocolate Hour, Worldwide

 This Swiss hotel chain is so connected with its heritage that it dedicates one hour in the afternoon to an exquisite chocolate tasting experience!

Mövenpick’s Signature Chocolate Hour takes place in the lobby of all their hotels and resorts around the world. Each day you can discover Mövenpick chocolate variations and homemade creations such as éclairs, brownies, truffles, chocolate fountains and much more!

© Image courtesy of Mövenpick.

The Chocolate Indulgence Break, Vale Resort, Wales

A complete hands-on experience in chocolate making, combined with a luxury break. The chocolate indulgence break includes:

  • 1 night luxury 4* break
  • Full Welsh breakfast
  • Vale Grill, A la Carte dinner
  • Half a day hands-on course making dipped chocolate & hand rolled truffles
  • Take home 25-30 chocolates
  • Tasting session & recipes
  • Half day in the Vale Spa with 25 minute facial or massage

© Image Courtesy of Vale Resort.

Mothers Day Weekend Getaways – Go On Treat Yourself!

Image by NRThaele CC0

Whether you are looking to spoil your mum, or you are a mum looking to get away from it all on a Mother’s Day break, here are three sensational destinations to choose from!

MILAN – for the mum who likes to shop

Synonymous with design and fashion, the Italian city of Milan is the place to go on a shopping spree! The top five spots to shop are:

  • Via Montenapoleone – Luxury shopping from world-class designers including Gucci, Prada, and Valentino. It’s also where you’ll find the best of Italy’s leather goods!
  • Corso Venezia – Exclusive, elegant, and surrounded by beautiful gardens, parks and palaces. This is the place to be seen if you are in to fashion.
  • Corso di Porta Ticinese – Alternative brands, unique boutiques, and boasting a very cool hipster vibe. You’ll also find well-known brands like Vans, Levi and Diesel here.
  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele II – High street fashion from the likes of Zara and Mango, plus it’s got one of the biggest department stores in the city, 8 floors of retail therapy heaven!
  • Corso Buenos Aires – Europe’s longest shopping street with the highest concentration of clothing stores. A sure fire guarantee that you’ll shop till you drop.


BUDAPEST – for the mum who likes a pamper

The Hungarian capital is brimming with thermal baths, and spas, offering a wide range of pampering opportunities such as mud therapy, massage, facials, and salt cave experiences. Top places to go are:

  • Rudas Thermal Baths and Swimming Pool – A glorious historical building where you can get the most authentic hammam experience. There are 6 baths, all of a different temperature, a steam chamber and a Finnish sauna. Divine!
  • Lukács Bath – An enormous spa space with everything you could wish for under one roof. Outdoor hot pool with mini river, massage services, swimming, and Himalayan salt steam room – all supplied by what is touted to be the best quality thermal spring in the city.
  • Széchenyi Baths – As the largest spa complex in Europe, you know that this place has everything you could possibly want, but one spa in particular comes to attention – the Beer Spa! Here you can soak in the mineral-rich thermal water but blended with natural extracts used to brew beer. While the spa lists many benefits to this spa, the fact it has beer on tap within reach of the tub is a winner.


ICELAND – for the mum who likes an adventure

There is just so much for an adrenaline junkie to do in Iceland! Here are some top activities and where you’ll find them:

  • Ice Climbing – Sólheimajökull in South Iceland.
  • Ice Caving – one of the most popular places to explore is on a glacier hike near Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding – Head to Akureyri, Hlíðarfjall, these ski resorts are open for more days in the season.
  • Dog Sledding – Locations vary, but most tour pickups are from Reykjavík.
  • Trekking, Hiking and Mountain Biking – All over Iceland taking in beaches, hot springs, mountains and valleys.
  • Snowmobiling – Tours are mostly at the top of glaciers, so expect awesome views too!
  • Scuba Diving – Silfra Fissure, situated in Þingvellir National Park – one of the top 5 diving sites worldwide!
  • White Water Rafting – Hvíta´ river, south Iceland, Jökulsá Austari in the North East, Vestari Jökulsá in the North West.
  • Paragliding – Birds eye view of Reynisfjara black sand beach, Reynisdrangar basalt stacks, ocean waves, lava rock formations, waterfalls… you get the picture!

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8 Destinations that DO Live Up To The Hype

Places so pretty they could have been photoshopped, and with enough culture to put you in a Stendhal spin – could these be the best holiday destinations on the planet?

Banff National Park, Canada

Image by Djwosa CC0

Gorgeous lakes and incredible mountains, every photo looks so good people probably don’t think the place is real. Banff is also home to bears, elk, deer, and bighorn sheep – an idyllic setting that ticks all the big wilderness boxes.

Fjords of Norway

Image by 3093594 CC0

There are 1,190 drop-dead dramatically gorgeous fjords to visit in West Norway. The region is great for hiking, camping, kayaking, and there is the added benefit of being able to see the Northern lights. 

Table Top Mountain, Cape Town

Image by by halpertnoah0 CC0

To get the best out of a trip here, hike up from the Botanical Gardens (taking some time to enjoy the attraction, it is billed as one of the best gardens in the world), to go past waterfalls and a lake before you walk across Table Mountain itself. Then catch the cable car down.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Image by christal21 CC0

While the Cliffs of Kerry are more rugged and bigger than Moher, at Moher visitors can walk along the side of the cliffs on the trails. The visitor centre is almost as dramatic as the cliffs themselves, and well worth a visit.


Image by Campanile CC0

Volcanos, glaciers, waterfalls, caves, mountains, rivers, pools and the best aurora borealis – Iceland has it all. While many other top destinations might have a better example of one of these wonders, this is probably the only place you can find them all!

Vienna, Austria

Image by Anemone123 CC0

Incredible architecture, fantastic art, first class food, and oodles of history – plus the people are friendly people and the views are great. Vienna is the place to go if you think you want to go to Paris. Another bonus is that to get there you have to experience the glory of the alps… what a shame!

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Image by Julius_Silver CC0

New Zealand is what bucket list dreams are made of! Idyllic picture postcard scenery of an astoundingly huge variety, and geological wonders galore. Here’s a taster: tropical Island beaches, Lord of the Rings mountain ranges, Norwegian-style fjords, and rain forests with cold-weather parrots.

Yosemite National Park, California

Image by InfiniteThought CC0

Supersized, epic, and inspiring scenery that is worth experiencing every season! Top tips: Go in winter and you will feel like you have the park to yourself (plus the snow is a magical touch not to be missed), although some trails and roads may be closed. Brave the crowds in the spring to experience the waterfalls, which are absolutely breath taking. To escape the crowds at any time, go along any trail for about a mile and there will be far less people!

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The Best Places To Go For A Hot Holiday At Christmas

If you are feeling the chill setting in, it’s not too late to ditch the Christmas turkey and go on a hot sunny break instead. Here are the top destinations to travel to this December!


Cape Town Image by Ganossi CC0

Cape Town

Temperatures average a daily maximum of 19.8 °C with just 15 mm of rain, and an average of 11 hours of sunshine each day. The climate is very much like the Med, so you’ll be in for a treat if you like a good wine, as the place is home to some fantastic vineyards!


Expect temperatures to reach 21.9 °C during the day with around 6 hours of sunshine. Due to its flat landscape, Lanzarote has lower rainfall rates than the other Canary Islands, so you’ll probably stay nice and dry. The island is well known for lunar-like volcanic landscapes, so if you like holidays that have a touch of surreal, this is the place for you!


This is a popular place for sun seekers during the Christmas period, with temperatures reaching a very pleasant 22.2 °C, during a 6 hour sunshiny day. Note that during winter it is wetter on the north side of the island. While the beaches draw crowds, it is the night sky that is truly impressive here. Teide National Park has been recognised as one of the best star gazing sites on the planet due to its close proximity to the equator and low levels of light pollution!


Melbourne Image by DroneUAVWorld CC0


The beginning of the summer sees temperatures reaching a toasty 25.5 °C with 8 hours of sunshine each day. It’s one of the driest cities in Oz, but during December the weather can be unpredictable, so at least pack a waterproof poncho. Melbourne is a cultural hub of wonder, so if you like a hipster vibe, damn good coffee and a destination teeming with art and design –this is the hot holiday for you

Cape Verde

Temperatures are dropping here at this time of year, to a much more acceptable average of 26.4 °C! Humidity is high, but the coastal breezes make it more than bearable. The main reason to head to Cape Verde at this time of year is for the beaches. Miles upon miles of golden sands and turquoise seas bordered by lush tropical landscapes.

Hot Hot Hottest!

Barbados Image by PublicDomainPictures CC0


It’s hot all year round in Barbados, but in December you can enjoy the searing average temperature of 29.6 °C without the humidity, plus this season brings with it a nice breeze from the north-east trade winds. It does rain quite a bit – 112mm – but showers are short. Barbados is the birthplace of Rum, which goes really well with sun, and fun. If you like your sun, fun, and rum best on a white sandy beach or luxury yacht, then this is definitely the break for you!


Could there be such a thing as too hot? Cancun can get very very hot, (reaching an incredible 37.5 °C in May), so December is an ideal time to visit with temperatures at a hot but bearable, 30.4 °C and rainfall at an average of 38 mm. The place is practically paradise with ivory beaches and sun-kissed seas, enticing divers, surfers, swimmers, and snorkelers as well as sun-worshippers.

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