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Holiday Tips to Avoid Kids This Summer

The summer break is well known for turning holiday havens into destinations to be avoided if you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet. Whether you are looking for a summer holiday to celebrate a special occasion, or you are just taking a trip away from your own little angels – here is how to enjoy a holiday without being bombarded by other people’s kids!


It is difficult to avoid tantrums and flailing limbs that accompany the presence of small children on a place, but all is not lost. There are a small number of Asian airlines that are now offering child-free zones, and it looks like the rest of the world will follow suit in years to come, especially as frequent fliers have said they would pay for the privilege of a quiet flight!

In the meantime, avoid seats at the back of the plane near the loos. These seats also give parents extra time to pack everything up as other passengers disembark. On long haul flights, families are often near the bulkhead as this is where the cots are.


There are several tour operators that offer an adult-only experience, but if you are off on an adventure and don’t want an exclusive resort experience, you need to find accommodation that doesn’t attract families.

Hotel boutique Duquesa de Cardona Barcelona in front of the port

Boutique hotels and B&B’s are far less likely to be overrun with families!

Boutique B&Bs, upmarket hotels and historic inns all attract a more grown up demographic. Avoid budget chains, as this is where families often head for a bargain break. The best advice is to check the website – if they offer deals for families or kids, or you can see they have children’s facilities, then this is not the place for you!


Disneyland attracts families, exotic locations like Machu Picchu less so. Choosing where to go can make a big difference to the likelihood of families with young children being present. Alaska, Canada and Tahiti are all good examples, but it is ultimately down to the specific destination as to whether it is likely to be attractive to families or not.


As a general rule of thumb, the more remote a beach is, and the fewer facilities it has, the less likely there will be families there.

Hainan Beach


Cafes, restaurants, shops, showers, and most importantly restrooms with changing facilities all combine to attract a family crowd, and a crowd in general – it just makes life a little easier.

Tourist Attractions

Similar to finding the right accommodation, when it comes to sightseeing and indulging in some cultural activities, choose places and tours that will attract a more grown-up crowd. Art galleries, brewery tours, museums, boutique shopping and the like are less likely to have hoards of children about.


Upscale luxury liners, small ship expeditions and some P&O Cruises all offer adult-only options. Another way to avoid families on a non-adult only trip is to book a long cruise. Long cruises are far less likely to be booked by families, generally attracting a more mature crowd.

From Maubourguet, Bergerac & Paris, A Tour de France Travel Guide

With Bastille Day celebrations over, and the Tour de France well underway, we carry on with our French theme. Find out what there is to do in the key locations in the final stages of the famed cycle race, from Maubourguet, through Bergerac to Paris.


Located in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France, Maubourguet is by all accounts off the tourist radar. It is however close to Toulouse. Close in the grand scheme of things, and if you are traveling by car! If you are on a cycling holiday, you will find that this stretch of adventure takes just over 8 hours, according to Google maps anyway.

Castle of Montaner

Castle of Montaner

For the visitor, Maubourguet offers a wealth of sporting activities such as cycling, kayaking and hiking. There are several festivals on throughout the year, ranging from jazz music to medieval festivities.  If you fancy finding out more, check out the dedicated tourist website, you might want to brush up on your French first!

Places to see: 

  • Castle of Montaner
  • Saint Sever de Rustan Abbey
  • Tower of Termes d’Armagnac
  • Archaeological Museum


The journey from Maubourguet to Bergerac is just over 10 hours on a bike, not a journey to be sniffed at by the uninitiated! Bergerac boasts a delightful riverside location, is full of quintessential French charm, and is practically overflowing with historical wonders. The weather is fabulous this time of year, and the scenery is extra rewarding when out in the open on a bicycle.

French Vineyard

When visiting Bergerac it is possible to enjoy a wide variety of sporting events, not just the Tour de France. Rugby, rowing and Bergerac handball are all on the agenda. Alternatively you can indulge in fine wines, strawberries, duck and cheese – delicious delicacies the town is famed for. There are several festivities held here throughout the year including a flamenco festival and an airshow. You can find out more at

Places to see: 

  • Peyrarede House
  • Any of the many Vineyards
  • Rue des Fontaines
  • The Old Bridge


Well, anyone on a cycle holiday should be pretty well warmed up by now, which is great, because the last leg of the final stage of the Tour de France takes a whopping 29 hours at our standard Google Map speed. Paris is the traditional finish of the Tour de France, and this is the 40th finish on the Champs-Élysées. Paris is a vibrant city full of culture, magnificent architecture and quite busy roads, so watch where you are going!

Tour de France

When you get to Paris, take a well-earned rest by indulging in the café culture that is so common here. Once you’ve got your breath back, and maybe booked into a lovely hotel, then you can really soak up the Parisian way of life. Vibrant nightlife, fabulous food, museums, galleries, concert halls and monuments all combine to make the capital of the country a very exciting place to be.

Places to see: 

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Notre-Dame de Paris
  • Champs-Élysées
  • Louvre

Don’t forget to arrange some travel insurance before you set off! We provide tailored quotes to suit your adventuring style. Just get in touch to discuss what you do and don’t need cover for and be amazed at our competitive quote.

Bastille Day 2014 – A Travellers Guide To Celebrating In Style

If you find yourself in Paris on July 14th, and you don’t know it is Bastille Day, you’re in for quite a surprise! Throughout the country there are fairs, fetes, parades, fireworks and feasts to celebrate the most flamboyant of French National Holidays, but the heart of the action is in Paris itself.While there is plenty for the accidental visitor to enjoy, there are also some great perks for the organised traveller – FREE entry to some spectacular events! We tell you which must-see Bastille Day goings-on you must not miss, and tell you where to head this year to make the most of your visit to Paris!

Yann Caradec - Fireworks on Eiffel Tower

Yann Caradec – Fireworks on Eiffel Tower

Bastille Day Celebrations 2014

Military parade on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees – from 9am until midday on 14th there is a spectacular parade along one of the most recognisable roads in France. Expect breathtaking formations of troops on foot, on motorcycle and of course troops mounted on their trusted steeds. Around mid-morning there is a fly-by by the Air Defence and Air Operations Command.

Sharat Ganapati - Bastille Day Parade

Sharat Ganapati – Bastille Day Parade

Welcoming of the Soldiers – this will take place across 9 sites, after the main celebration in the morning. It is a chance for the people of France and tourists alike to talk to soldiers about their profession and the missions they have been on to defend their country. There will also be demonstrations and talks from the soldiers too. Visitors should head to Esplanade des Invalides and Place de la Nation, the two larger sites that have been confirmed for this year’s celebrations.

Fireman’s Ball – this takes place on 13th and 14th July 2014 from 9pm until 4am at various fire stations across the city. Entry is either paid on the door, or donations are requested upon entry. All proceeds go to improving conditions for Firefighters. At the time of writing there were 28 events listed, so you are sure to stumble across one on your travels!

July 14th Fireworks Display – for 35 minutes from 11pm on 14th July 2014 those who find themselves at Champs de Mars or Trocadéro will be able to witness one of the most sensational firework displays in the world. The Eiffel Tower plays centre stage to a pyrotechnic feast you won’t forget in a hurry, and is most certainly something you don’t want to miss during your visit.

Bastille Day Free Events 2014

Eiffel Tower Concert – 14th July 2014 from 9pm

Performance at the Opera De Paris – 14th July 2014 there are limited seats, so book in advance!

Louvre Entry – 14th July 2014 all day. It is also free to go in on the 1st Sunday of the month.

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Travel Insurance Stats and Facts – Young Brits Abroad

A staggering 48% of 15 to 24 year olds go away on holiday totally uninsured.

This statistic highlights the need for British youngsters to be educated about safe holiday travel, but when you consider that 24% of adults don’t take out insurance either – we wonder where that information is going to come from.

So, what is going wrong?

European Health Insurance Card Myths

Statistics show that misconceptions about the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) may be to blame. While having a card entitles you to treatment abroad, it only entitles you to essential medical care to the same level as locals in that area.

EHIC will NOT cover repatriation to the UK, it will not cover the cost of an ambulance, and in EU countries where there is no National Health Service, you will be expected to pay what the locals pay to see a medical professional.

As many as 17% of Brits wrongly think that having an EHIC means that they do not need travel insurance. Whereas 26% think that the card covers repatriation to the UK.

The Cost of Accidents Abroad

Last season, nearly 4,000 British holidaymakers were hospitalised abroad. 48% of these people were statistically unlikely to know that they would be responsible for their medical bills, and a further 78% would likely admit that would not have the means to pay the costs of medical care abroad.

As an example, a fall that resulted in a broken hip and missed flights in a popular destination such as Spain could incur a bill of around £15,000. If you don’t have the cash to pay bills like this, it can mean losing precious assets back at home.

Young and foolish?

Last year the tabloids were full of stories about the rise in balcony falls abroad, a mishap that seems to affect the younger generations. In just one summer three young British travellers were killed, and another 10 injured. Whilst these accidents are tragic, we can’t forget the added stress that is caused at such a time if bills in the thousands come rolling in. In fact, the problem has been deemed so bad that the Foreign Office and ABTA (The Travel Association) are part of a campaign to help prevent young people from having accidents on balconies at popular holiday resorts.

Another common accident reported amongst young travellers is on a scooter. Figures released by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) states that 82% of British tourists that hire mopeds or scooters are putting their own safety and that of others at risk. Common themes include not wearing a helmet and driving whilst drunk. The stats show that 35% don’t even check their travel insurance (if they have it) to make sure they are covered for scooter hire.

Which brings us on to another trend… the rise in extreme sports and dangerous activities.

Whether it is paragliding, jet skiing, bungee jumping or coasteering, it seems as a nation, we are getting more adventurous when on holiday. Over half of holiday makers don’t check if the travel insurance covers an accident while enjoying a dangerous activity, and even if they found out it didn’t, they would be quite likely to just go ahead and have a go anyway.

What you can do…

The cost of travel insurance is a drop in the ocean compared to footing a hefty medical bill abroad. It can be tailored to provide cover if you think you might want to take art in an extreme sport, and it can be tweaked to meet any aspect of an adventure, whether it is for a week or a year! A family policy can also ensure that the younger generation are covered, whether they know it or not – added peace of mind at a time when you need it most.

Get in touch with our travel insurance experts today to discuss getting travel insurance for the whole family.

For more information about the EHIC and whether or not you need travel insurance when you travel to the EU, visit our previous posts for more information.

What is a European Health Insurance Card

Do I really need travel insurance in EU Countries?

Kuching Destination Guide

Grin Like a Kuching Cat in Sarawak’s Jungle Bound Capital

Kuching is the perfect base for exploring the rainforest-covered state of Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo, but is also a fascinating, vibrant city to explore in its own right.

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia by Peter Gronemann

Both Buddhism and Islam co-exist here, a fact that has seen the construction of many stunning temples and mosques. Don’t miss Tua Pek Kong Temple – the oldest Chinese temple – or the striking Kuching City Mosque, an intriguing mix of mid-western and Italian architecture.


Translated literally as ‘palace’, this stunning building was built by Charles Brooke – the former governor of Sarawak – for his bride. It’s an ideal place to learn about the ‘White Rajahs’ who once ruled Sarawak. Don’t miss the Orchid Garden.

The Waterfront

Kuching Waterfront is a must – and the perfect spot to enjoy a quintessential South East Asian sunset. Here you’ll also see how the rich Kuchingnites live (property prices here are astronomical), and as such, you can expect to pay a lot more in the restaurants by the water. It is also a popular spot for young lovers.

Square Tower - Kuching Waterfront

Square Tower – Kuching Waterfront by Chipmunk_1


For museum lovers there is plenty to absorb in Kuching. Try the Sarawak Museum, The Chinese Museum, the Cat Museum (Kuching means ‘cat’ in Malaysian, so feline memorabilia is very popular here) or even the Timber Museum!


If you’re looking for a beautiful gift for loved ones back home, Kuching offers a dazzling array of locally made handicrafts and fabrics.


Delicious Malay and Chinese food is found everywhere in Kuching – and eating out a major pastime. If you buy fish from a stall, however, be sure it is heated thoroughly, as your stomach may not be as resilient as those of the locals!

Visiting the Sunday Market is essential if you want to see just how much produce comes out of Sarawak: find colourful displays of fruit, vegetables, fish and honey, alongside such items as potted plants and even pets.


If you want to get close – but not too close – to some crocs, head along to Jong’s Crocodile Farm, where feeding time is an unforgettable sight.

Jungle Trekking

Tourists often use Kuching as a springboard for one of the many jungle trekking experiences available further east. Sarawak boasts some of the most unspoilt rainforest in the world, where orangutans and a host of exotic creatures can be viewed in their natural surroundings.

Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey by Peter Gronemann

Bako National Park is nearest Kuching, offering steamy mangrove forests and lots of proboscis monkeys.


There are options for all budgets in Kuching, from hostel dormitories (RM20) to mid-range hotels (around RM90) and of course the usual array of top-end establishments asking for around RM300. However, low season can bring some real bargains, even in the most expensive hotels.


While Malay and Mandarin are widely spoken in Kuching and Sarawak, most Kuchingnites take English as a second language, so being understood here is usually straightforward.

Getting to Kuching

Intrigued by this unique rainforest citadel? It’s the ideal place to spend a few days before embarking on jungle adventures in the east of Sarawak – and is easy to get to from the UK. Most flights from London go through Singapore or Kuala Lumpur and usually take from 17 to 20 hours.

20 Essential Travel Tips You Need To Know

There is an art to travelling well, and it can take a lifetime to learn all the tips and tricks that make traversing this planet a little easier. To help you out, we have gathered together the top 20 tips that will make travelling a total cinch.


1. Don’t fold your clothes, roll them – this prevents creasing and it also means you can fit more in because you pack more tightly.

2. Hide some cash – an empty lip balm stick is a great place as it is unlikely to be stolen should you get mugged.

3. Pick up maps as soon as you arrive at the airport or station – free maps are available at most terminals and stations – pick them up while you can , you’ll need them later!

Lost in Times Square by Kevin Dooley

Lost in Times Square by Kevin Dooley

4. Scan and email important documents – having electronic copies of passports, travel insurance documents, tickets and travel plans in your inbox will make life a lot easier if you lose the originals.

5. Learn language basics – “yes”, “no”, “hello”, “goodbye”, “please” and “thank you”, little words that will get you a long way when you are abroad – it pays to be polite wherever you go.

6. Pack a needle and thread – with limited belongings, it is good to be able to mend a wardrobe malfunction.

7. Tell your bank you are going away – sometimes banks will block a UK card if it is being used abroad in case it has been stolen. Not very helpful if it hasn’t and you are trying to pay for food, transport or accommodation!

8. Wear warm socks on the plane – cosy toes make it easier to sleep, and air con on aeroplanes means that cold tootsies are guaranteed.

9. Pack plastic bags for dirty clothes – this will keep your clean clothes fresher for longer, and make unpacking easier.

10. Take hand sanitizer and baby wipes – this will mean that you can keep clean if you find that you are delayed on your journey in a place that has questionable facilities.

11. Call your phone network provider before you leave – you may want to make sure you can call and text abroad, you’ll also want to know how much that might cost. Beware of roaming data use – this can cost more than a holiday itself if you aren’t careful!

12. Take tissues – works wonders for a snotty nose, but ultra useful should you find you are sans toilet roll.

13. Pack ear plugs and an eye mask – you will be grateful if you need to squeeze in some sleep after delays or during a long journey on public transport.

14. Get travel insurance even if you are only travelling within the EU – relying on your European Health Insurance Card is not enough, find out why you really need travel insurance in EU countries, then to go to the best place on the planet to get travel insurance (from us of course!).

15. Pack spares in your hand luggage – make sure you have essential toiletries and a change of clothes, if your luggage gets lost you will be most glad.

16. Take a first aid kit – painkillers, tummy settlers, plasters and antiseptic, whatever you know you might need to help you feel better if you get ill, or keep you in one piece until you find medical help.

17. Think about safe sex and sanitary needs – some countries don’t sell tampons, so ladies, pack some just in case; and it should go without saying that condoms should be a firm fixture in your wash bag whether you intend on indulging in carnal delights or not.

18. Avoid jetlag – stay awake until it gets dark on the first day. Your body clock will adjust better if you are out in the daylight when you arrive, and you avoid taking a nap during the first day.

19. Brush up on local laws and etiquette before you leave – with the world wide web at your disposal there is no excuse for not knowing the local laws and customs of where you are going. Ignorance could end up costing you a lot if you don’t!

Laying down the law of the land by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

Laying down the law of the land by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

20. Check your passport a few weeks before you travel – there is nothing worse than finding out the day before you travel that your passport has expired. Believe me, I know!

Easter Holiday Ideas for Sun Seekers

Easter Holiday Ideas for Sun Seekers

The weather may be warm in the UK right now, but if you are a dedicated sun seeker, you might be in search of warmer climates over the Easter break – especially as the British Bank Holiday has a reputation unto itself! If you were wondering where in the world it might be hot and sunny in April, this is the definitive list of desirable destinations!


Head south! With temperatures in the low 20s and as much as 6 hours of daylight to squeeze in sunbathing, water sports or whatever else takes your fancy – southern Europe is an excellent idea at this time of year.

Spain – We recently wrote about a city break to Barcelona. Located on the south coast of Spain, you can expect plenty of sun and fun rolled into one.

Malta – Great if you want to squeeze in some sightseeing as well as soak up some sun. There is also a growing trend for tourists taking medical holidays here.

Ggantija temples gozo

Malta temples – Ggantija temples gozo by Ronny Siegel






Sardinia – Beat the crowds by visiting this gorgeous island off the coast of Italy now. In the summer months it is packed to the rafters with tourists.

Middle East

This part of the world is unbearably hot in the summer, and often dogged by unpleasant weather in the winter. That means that springtime is the perfect time to travel to the Middle East. Expect temperatures to be in the high 20s to early 30s and the days to be as long as 13 hours.

Turkey – Antalya is the best place to be at this time of the year. Lots of sun, long days, plenty of beach and a great deal of culture too.

Egypt – Take in the sights at Giza, head for a city break in Cairo or make your way to the Red Sea where you can surf, scuba dive and sunbathe, and stay in dedicated resorts.

Morocco – Marrakech is hot, exotic and luxurious. Spas, shopping and golf excursions curiously mix with the tradition and fantasy of Arabian life.


Essaouira by Patrick Nouhailler

Essaouira by Patrick Nouhailler


A perfect part of the planet which is at its best in the springtime. Temperatures are a balmy average of 31 degrees and there are around 12 hours of daylight to spend lapping up the luxury of a Caribbean break at these top destinations.

Jamaica – Great food, stunning scenery and of course the home of a laid back vibe. If you are fond of outdoor activities Jamaica also offers a selection of fun things to do such as hiking, snorkelling, kite surfing, scuba diving and horse riding.

Dunn Falls Jamaica

Dunn Falls Jamaica by Ricardo Mangual

Barbados – The dream sunshine break? Sun, sand, sea and a reggae soundtrack. Barbados is a great place to party at night and kick back and relax during the day.

Tobago – This is the ultimate beach retreat. There is no place better on the planet to feel the stress melt away while you sit on a beach with a cold cocktail in hand.


This is a fab list of favourite destinations, but a word of warning if you are heading to any of them over the Easter holidays – Don’t take your Easter eggs – they WILL melt!

5 Fab Things To Do In Barcelona! Travel Guide

5 Fab Things To Do In Barcelona!

If you fancy jetting off on a weekend city break, then Barcelona is a hot spot of culture, fun, frolics and of course fiestas! Uniting beach with the buzz of city life, you’ll find plenty of great things to do on your break. Here are our top recommendations.

 1: Find Your Feet

There is no better way to explore the vibe of Barcelona than on foot. This way you get to take in the wonderful architecture, smell the fabulous food on offer and of course breathe in the laid back atmosphere that this cosmopolitan city exudes.  If you find your feet getting a little tired, then there are plenty of places to catch the metro. Just make sure that you pick up a city map before you lose your bearings!

2. Amble Along Las Rambla

Las Rambla is a pedestrianized tree-lined avenue that runs through the old town. Stretching from Playa Catalunya down to the seafront, it is just over a kilometre long – perfect for a gentle stroll. Bear in mind that it is a place that attracts lots of tourists, which unfortunately means that pickpockets like the area too. Expect to see lots of street performers, great to watch while you stop and enjoy the food and drink at one of the many cafes and bars.

3. Go To Park Guell

Also known as Gaudi Park to tourists, Park Guell is a magnificent feat of creativity where modernist architecture mixes with the incredible décor. The park was originally intended as a private development for the wealthier residents of Barcelona – unfortunately the venture was a commercial failure. Allow a good couple of hours to explore the area. There is plenty to see without having to pay to get into the main development area – but it is well worth it if you do!

Park Guell, Barcelona

Park Guell, Barcelona Park by George M. Groutas

4. See A Bit More Gaudi at Sagrada Familia

From the top of Park Guell, you’ll be able to see the Sagrada Familia – Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family, rising out of the city like a monolith. Your next challenge is to get to it by foot to marvel at the architectural talents involved! The walk should be about half an hour, at a leisurely pace of course – but make sure you have your map. The buildings are quite imposing in the city, and believe it or not, you will soon lose sight of this towering giant! The Basilica was designed by Gaudi, and believe it or not building work started in 1882, and it is still in progress!

5. Taste The Delights of Tapas and Sangria

A trip to Spain surely isn’t complete until you have tucked into some tapas and quenched your thirst with Sangria! There are loads of places to sit and eat – indoors and outdoors, all year round. In the cooler months restaurants in the plazas bring out an army of patio heaters to make dining al fresco a pure pleasure. Your biggest struggle will be deciding where to go and eat!

Barcelona – Tapas Bar

Barcelona – Tapas Bar by Adam Wyles

Festival Fever – a short note

The Catalans love to party, and during some months you’ll find there is more than a festival a week! When you book a Barcelona break, bear in mind that festivals often mean bank holidays, and if a weekend is going to be a long one, then many people in Barcelona take most of the week off anyway. Great if you want to party, not so great if you are going for a spot of retail therapy.

Forget Paris: Escape with your lover to Florence

The only problem with a romantic break in Florence, Italy, is that you might be tempted to shun your lover for the city itself, such is its allure. But if you stay true to your special someone, then you could find no backdrop more conducive to an amorous getaway.

Where to stay

There is a huge choice of hotels available, from the budget to the grand. But you won’t have to spend too much for suitably romantic accommodation – especially if you avoid high season, or are prepared to stay a little way out of the centre.

A day in Florence

Even if you spent a week here strolling the many Renaissance squares (piazzas) and narrow cobbled streets, you would only see a portion of the secrets of Florence.

However, for those with limited time, head for the Piazza della Signoria. Here you’ll find the grand Palazzo Vecchio with its iconic tower. Nearby you’ll see a copy (though a very splendid one) of Michaelangelo’s David. Enjoy the atmosphere in one of the numerous cafes edging the square.

After topping up your Italian coffee reserves, wander towards il Duomo – the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. No doubt you will have already seen its majestic dome from afar – dominating as it does the entire Florentine skyline. Big enough for 20,000 people, it is well worth the effort of looking inside. The outside, however, is equally breath-taking.


Il Duomo’s Dome – Florence by Anna Fox

Make sure you take in the splendour of the Campanile – or Bell Tower – also located in the Piazza del Duomo.

Next, take a stroll over to the 11th Century Baptistery of John the Baptist, built of stunning green and white marble. Its three large, beautiful bronze doors make this is one of the most unique buildings in the city. It is located in the Piazza San Giovanni, just off the Piazza del Duomo.

After this, move southwards to the unmissable Ponte Vecchio – a medieval bridge on which there are still shops selling jewellery. The perfect place to buy your loved one a token of your affection?

Ponte Vecchio by Colby Blaisdell

Another must-see is the Galleria degli Uffizi which boasts the world’s greatest collection of Renaissance art, but buy your tickets in advance since queues are long and may add a little too much tension to your romantic escape.

After consuming all this architecture and art, you will probably feel the need to consume some of Italy’s famous cuisine.

But, before you and your loved one dine, why not head back to the Piazza del Signoria and enjoy the sunset with some Tuscan wine?

When it comes to eating, strolling the cobbled streets in search of a restaurant is a joy in itself, with every type of food imaginable on offer. But classic Tuscan cuisine is the order of the day.

After your romantic break in Florence it won’t be long before the capital of Tuscany beckons you and your partner back for a little more amour.

UK Activity Breaks for Families

UK Activity Breaks for Families


This month we have focussed on the Great British Staycation, bringing you all the info you need to make the most of a holiday in the UK. Last week we shared our top UK destinations, but this week we bring you the very best activity breaks available for families!


Forest Holidays

Forest Holidays have a multitude of fun-packed locations across the UK to offer a convenient option for families of any area. There is a selection of cabin types to choose from, with the added option of luxuries such as hot tubs and log burners, and plenty of locations also welcome animals to come along and enjoy the holiday too! Activities are available to suit all ages, abilities, and adrenaline ranges, with things to do such as hiking, cycling, archery, kayaking, motorsports, fishing and even cliff jumping! If you’re looking to have fun and gain an adventure without the fuss of going abroad, Forest holidays offer packages that are perfect for your needs.


GoActive Breaks

The British countryside is famed for being inspiringly picturesque, and what better way to enjoy those fantastic views than to get right in amongst them! GoActive has accommodation dotted all over the UK so finding your nearest one should be no trouble at all. All of the activities at GoActive are led by experienced professionals and cater for people of all ages and abilities, so you can be sure that your holiday is going to be fuss-free and safe. A multitude of fun-packed activities are available including sailing, horse riding, 4×4  safari, snorkelling, pilates, paintball, abseiling, water parks, zorbing, circus workshops and golf. The list of things to do seems never-ending, and you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied from morning until night.


Go Ape

Go Ape is the UK’s number one forest adventure, and makes for an exhilarating day out for the whole family. Swing from the treetops on an adrenaline-inducing course of ropes and wires through the forest to get to the other side. You’ll get the chance to take in some fantastic scenery, have a lot of fun, and make memories you’ll laugh about for a lifetime. Separated into ‘gorillas’, ‘baboons’, and ‘tarzans’, all abilities are welcome and there are trained staff on hand at every point to ensure your safety and security. If some of the family don’t quite feel up to the task, there are Segway rides that can be taken around the forest floor, for a buzz without any worry. Go Ape has 29 locations across the UK, so finding one locally shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


Go Ape - Thetford - by opopdodo

Go Ape by opopdodo

Extreme Element

If adrenaline is what you’re looking for, Extreme Element is your answer! One of the benefits of choosing to spend your family holiday in the UK is that you save yourself money in travel and overseas accommodation, so why not put that saved money to good use by booking some exhilarating activities? Whether you stay at home, rent a house or holiday home elsewhere or decide that a trip in the campervan is the way forward for your family, be sure to have lots of activities planned to keep you occupied. Extreme Element is a website that offers near enough every hair-raising pastime you can imagine, from skydiving to hot-air ballooning to white water rafting. There are locations for these activities all over the UK, so you can find yourself having fun right on your doorstep. If some of the family would rather keep it low-key, there are plenty of things on offer from Extreme Element that cater for the slightly less adventurous. Flight simulations, martial arts, scuba diving and quad biking all offer the chance to make memories without worrying about parachutes and life vests!


Whatever imaginative activities you choose to occupy yourself with this holiday, make sure you always feel safe. Having trained members of staff on hand will reassure you if you’re worried, and all of the necessary equipment will be available for purchase, hire, or free use so you can feel as confident as possible when trying new things.


For added peace of mind, check that your travel insurance covers you for all the activities you want to do and travel arrangements and bookings you have made. Happy holidays, and enjoy your adventure!