Is Single Trip Travel Insurance Worth It?

Travelling literally opens up whole new worlds and is arguably one of the most exciting things to do with your time, but it also comes with its fair share of risks. If you are trying to weigh up if the cost of single trip travel insurance is worth the cost you might be interested in what it could cost if you don’t get cover…

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Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

From lost luggage to medical emergencies, there are many unforeseen circumstances that can disrupt your trip and upset your personal finances! That’s where travel insurance comes in. It provides cover for unexpected events and gives you peace of mind while you’re exploring the world.

Protect Your Finances

One of the main reasons to get travel insurance is to protect your finances. Travel insurance can cover the costs of medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost or stolen belongings, and even repatriation. Without insurance, you could end up paying a hefty sum that far outweighs the cost of travel insurance, even if you are going for one trip!

Emergency passport replacement while abroad cost £100 (non refundable)

Examples of medical costs in Spain:

  • Doctor appointment: €100 (free with GHIC)*
  • Emergency room visit: €200 (does not include treatment)

If you were travelling to Thailand, medical appointments can be anywhere from €100 – €700!

Even with a GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) it doesn’t mean you can get access to free healthcare – it means you will be entitled to it at the same price the locals pay, which, without insurance may not come cheap! You can find out more about that over on our dedicated GHIC blog.

What if…? you’re hiking in a remote area and break your leg, and need to be airlifted to a hospital for treatment. Without travel insurance, this could cost thousands of pounds. However, with travel insurance, your insurance provider can cover the costs of your emergency evacuation, hospital stay and treatment.

Protect your time (and your sanity!)

Without travel insurance you will have to liaise with local authorities, embassies, and companies yourself. Even if you are fluent in the local language, and even if you are familiar with the customs of the country, this can be a lengthy process that will eat into your holiday time, not to mention your energy!

With travel insurance, you have access to a 24/7 multilingual helpline, and a team of experts who can liaise with the right people at the right time to get any issues you are facing sorted. Leaving you to get on and enjoy your time abroad as much as possible knowing everything is in hand.

Travel insurance doesn’t just kick in on holiday!

Travel insurance can reimburse you if you have to cancel your trip due to a covered reason, such as illness or injury. For example, if you’ve booked a trip to Thailand and have paid for your flights, accommodation, and activities, but a few days before your trip, you become very unwell or have an accident meaning you are unable to travel; with this type of cover, you can file a claim.

Is single trip travel insurance right for you?

The only question is whether you require a single trip or a multi-trip policy! The benefits of travel insurance apply to any length of travel insurance policy, but if you think you might make more than one trip over the next year, an annual travel insurance, or multi-trip travel insurance policy brings greater value for money.

If you just have the one trip on the horizon, then single trip travel insurance will do the trick – make sure to speak to an advisor and ensure that you are covered for any activities you will be doing while you are away, or any pre-existing medical conditions that you may have.

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