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Covet – Travel App of the Month April 2017

If you love to indulge in some serious retail therapy when you are on holiday, you’ll love this brand new app that helps you covet gorgeous finds the world over!


What is the Covet app?

Covet makes it easy for shoppers to remember what’s on their wish-list, and where to find it. The app allows you to snap a photo of the product you love and save it to revisit later on. Covet also acts as a discovery tool – helping you to find unique products and giving you the details to track down the ones you like. Covet is like a personal shopping companion whether you’re browsing actual shops or perusing finds that others have curated.

What can the Covet app do?

With Covet, you’ll be able to:

  • Snap an in-store photo of the product you’d like to bookmark for later.
  • Tag your product with a location and get the details you’ll need to head back and purchase it.
  • Save your product and add it to a created list.
  • Browse ‘featured’ and ‘following’ lists to find products others are loving and saving.
  • Locate nearby shops, stores and boutiques to find the best products in your area.
  • Search for products online if you can’t make it to the store.

Why is the Covet app good as a travel app?

Covet is an app for finders and keepers – those who enjoy browsing local shops for unique products and pieces, and those who truly cherish them. Covet makes a great travel companion for anyone who enjoys exploring boutiques around the world, saving their favourite finds for later and sharing them with friends.

What do the Covet app reviews say?

Covet was released in November 2016, so is super new and hasn’t built up a bunch of reviews yet. It looks slick, simple, and easy to use – so imagine that it has the potential to be a five-star app given a little time.

Get it on the app store

check out covet website

Stratajet Travel App of the Month March 2017

Getting to your holiday destination by private jet is no longer an option exclusive to the rich and famous thanks to the very clever technology behind the stratajet app…

What is the Stratajet app?

Stratajet is a private jet booking app that makes it easier than ever before to get from A to B. The app brings private jets to your fingertips for the first time, allowing you to search for and compare a wide range of aircraft for charter and book them instantly. The app also shows the exact prices for your trip so you won’t be stung with any additional charges post-flight.

What can the Stratajet app do?

The app gives you direct access to a fleet of over 1,250 private jets, and the ability to check their availability at a date and time of your choosing.

The beauty of private jet travel is that you control the schedule, but until now confirming a booking has been a time-consuming process. With Stratajet you just enter where you would like to go and the date and time at which you’d like to travel and the system filters through all available aircraft for that route. The results are displayed in seconds, along with accurate prices, and the system allows you to completely customise your private jet experience. You can confirm your booking there and then and pay securely within the app using touch ID.








Within its search results, Stratajet will also automatically include any available empty legs (private jets that are flying empty because they need to be repositioned).

Adapting these flights to suit your itinerary allows Stratajet to offer private jet charter at significantly reduced prices – often a discount of up to 75% off the normal cost. If an adaptive empty leg flight is available for your journey these will show at the top of the search results.

Who is the Stratajet app for?

The Stratajet app optimises door-to-door private jet travel, offering you a way to save time getting from A to B. You can enter what time you need to be at your destination and the app will tell you exactly what time you need to leave your home or office. No delays, no airport queues, no stress.

Thanks to Stratajet’s more streamlined booking process, private jets are no longer reserved for the rich and famous – they’re available at lower costs to the mainstream traveller.

What do the Stratajet app reviews say?

“Managed to get a quote within minutes, and completed my entire booking through the app with no issues.”

“Finally a way to search and book flights instantly – no waiting on quotes by email, no pushy salespeople.”

“What an amazing way to search and book jets!”

Discover more and download the app at

GoEuro – Travel App of the Month Jan 2017

goeuro logoTravelling Europe by plane, train and “bus-mobile” has never been easier thanks to a fab new app aimed at those looking for the fastest and cheapest way to get from A to B.

What is the GoEuro app?

GoEuro is a travel search and booking app for train, bus and flights across Europe with over 30,000 destinations in 12 countries – not just cities and airports like many other sites, but small towns and villages that are serviced by trains and coaches as well. The app is your best friend for discovering and booking the fastest and/or most affordable journeys via train, coach and plane.

What can the GoEuro app do?

The GoEuro app is useful for those looking to travel from one European city, town or village to another as they can work out the cheapest or smartest route to their intended destination and compare travel time or price.

The app will allow users to:

  • Discover the cheapest ticket price for the fastest travel time
  • View all available methods of transport to their destination- train, coach or plane
  • Book tickets securely via credit/debit card or Paypal

GoEuro App Screenshot 3 GoEuro App Screenshot 2 GoEuro App Screenshot 1








Who is theGoEuro app for? 

Adventurers and the budget-conscious! Although the GoEuro app is for anyone looking to book travel in Europe, we think the app particularly suits the budget traveller who is looking to find the fastest and/or most affordable way to hop between European cities, or travellers wanting to explore further afield than the main tourism hubs.

What do the GoEuro reviews say?

goeuro review shot 2 goeuro review shot 1

Get The GoEuro app on iTunes or GooglePlay

Envago – Travel App of the Month Jan 2017

envago-logoThere’s a new app in town designed to unite adventure seekers and adventure planners in one great big community of global adventure!

What Is Envago?

Envago is a free app that allows those seeking adventures to search by category of adventure, listed activities or by location to access a range of experiences and providers. It is also a place where adventure planners can list upcoming trips, adventures, and events.

Adventure Categories:

  • Air: parasailing, paragliding, skydiving, bungee jumping, zip lining, hot air balloon, base jumping, parachute.
  • Earth: hiking, camping, trekking, rock climbing, cycling, backpacking, running, ATV, safari, motorcycling, mountain biking, expeditions, hunting.
  • Water: rafting, snorkeling, diving, shark cage diving, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, fishing, sailing, scuba diving.
  • Rock & Ice: skiing, climbing, caving, glacier hiking, snow boarding.
  • Volunteer: volunteer tourism, eco-tourism, environmentally sustainable activities, archeological expedition, disaster relief, refugee camps, health and educational programs.

envago-screenshot-1 envago-screenshot-2

What does the Envago app do?

Adventure seekers can:

– Browse experiences by category, difficulty, location, price and date

– Book and plan adventure breaks with verified planners

– Connect with others booked on the same adventure

– Chat with groups

– Create an adventure bucket-list

– Review adventure planners

Adventure planners can:

– Register as a planner

– List and manage adventures

– Create closed or open groups

– Set the price and number in group

– Chat with team groups

– Receive payments

What do the Envago reviews say?

This app is super-new on the scene and is yet to notch up a bank of user reviews, but we are predicting it will be the next big thing in the adventure industry – it has after all been described as “the Airbnb and Uber of adventure travel”.


Envago is free and available in the iTunes store. The Android version is being released soon. You can find out more about the Envago app at

Ski Tracks App Review – Travel App of the Month December 2016

ski tracks app logoIf you are the competitive sort, then you might like to raise your game next time you hit the slopes with a real-time performance app.

What is the Ski Tracks app?

Ski Tracks has been specifically designed for thrill seekers on skis! It is hailed as the ultimate skiers companion, promising to gather, track, save and analyse data collected both on-piste and off.

What can the Ski Tracks app do?

This nifty app can measure speed, distance and altitude to build up your own ski statistics. Not only can you use this info to see how your skills are progressing, you can also use it to compare your best times against other app users. Other features include:

• Photo storage of memorable moments
• Mapping tools – including 3D map support
• Health Connection

Wondering how it can do all this in some of the more remote mountainous places on the planet? It uses GPS signal, so no need for signal, just be sure to turn data roaming off. Just be aware that although the app uses “battery efficient technology” GPS is known for sapping battery life pretty fast, so turn it off when you’ve finished having fun!

ski tracks app screenshots

Who is the Ski Tracks app for?

It is used by complete beginners and seasoned professionals alike. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, Pebble and Magellan Echo – so if you own one of these, it is for you! Ski Tracks also works on iPad, but how many people take one of those on a black run? Finally, you need to have 79p spare to buy the app, another cost in an already budget-stretched ski break!

What do the Ski Tracks app reviews say?

Some Apple users who have upgraded to ios10 seem a little disgruntled, but the reviews on Google Play are almost completely five star.

ski tracks app iTunes review

ski tracks app Google Play reviews



6hourly App Review – Travel App of the Month November 2016

6hourly app logoMicrostays are all the rage, but how on earth is a weary traveller meant to find a place to rest for a few hours, or simply somewhere to just freshen up? Ah….. with 6hourly! At the moment, the 6hourly app is only available on Android, but the website is there for all to use – so pop a bookmark in your browser!

What is the 6hourly App?

It is the ultra convenient version of the 6hourly website, a booking site for hotels that are happy to have guests stay for just a few hours – without charging for a full 24 hours!

What does 6hourly Do?

Simply pick your city, pick your check-in time, and then how long you would like to stay (6, 12, or 18 hour microstays and 24+ hours, perfect if you are looking to book something last minute), and the search engine will provide a list of lovely places handpicked by the 6hourly team for you to choose from. All hotels are top rated 3, 4 and 5 star places to stay.

6hourly app screenshot

What would make 6hourly better?

Being worldwide! 6hourly is currently only available across 19 cities in India but the good news is they plan to roll out across Asia Pacific, Europe and USA in the near future. A budget hotel option would also be welcomed by the thriftier globetrotting individual.

We think the concept is just fabulous for travellers, especially those who are on longstay adventures, and think it would be welcomed all over the world.

6hourly App Reviews

It is early days for this venture, but initial reviews are more of a thumbs up than a thumbs down. Quick, convenient and simple – exactly what you need when you just want somewhere to stay for a few hours!

6hourly app reviews

HolidayPirates Review – Travel App Of The Month October 2016

holidaypirates-logoAs we “go to press” HolidayPirates may well be celebrating a major success at The British Travel Awards, having been nominated for The Best Travel Deal Provider Award 2016! Great credentials indeed, but what does that mean for those of us who are interested in the HolidayPirate travel app? Let’s splice the mainbrace and find out…



What is the HolidayPirates app?

It is the convenient, at the tip of your fingers way of finding some great deals. Flights, hotels and travel packages are researched and compiled on a daily basis, offering travellers hard to find deals. They also publish voucher campaigns too for the extra-thrifty globetrotter!


What can the HolidayPirates app do?

It can help you find great deals, set travel alerts, and offers advice on finding cheap flights, trains, car rental, hotels and holiday packages.

  • Deals on flights, hotels, cruises, and package holidays
  • Car hire, coach, bus, and train ticket deals
  • Travel alerts to match your dream destinations, travel dates and budget



Who is the HolidayPirates app for?

Anyone who likes to bag a bargain when it comes to going on holiday! They promise that users can save a lot of money by using the app to book a holiday to their chosen destination. It is also an app for the free-spirited, allowing you to go where the whim of wanderlust takes you.


What do the HolidayPirates apps reviews say?

The reviews give it the thumbs up, although they are a little out of date. Some of the gripes mentioned by users are no longer relevant after recent updates. It is interesting that users gave 5 stars anyway even when it wasn’t everything they wanted it to be!


HolidayPirates is available for FREE on the iTunes Store. Find out more about what they do on


Untappd – Discover Beer App Review – Travel App of the Month September 2016

untappd logoIf enjoying a drop or two of the beautiful beverage that is beer on your holiday makes you happy, then you should consider downloading Untappd, a beer discovery app with a social twist!

What Is The Untappd App?

It is a kind of digital beer appreciation society. Craft beers are all the rage right now, so it comes as no surprise that some nifty coders came up with such a fab idea. A bit like Pokemon GO for social drinkers, the app offers users a chance to discover local beers, check in to brew houses, see what beers are trending and find out what other people are drinking. Drink enough of a variety and you could unlock some beer badges to show the world what a connoisseur you have become.

untappd screenshot

What does the Untappd App do?

Loads! Here we go…

  • Personalised recommendations
  • Find beers and locations
  • Photograph and rate beers
  • Share your photos and ratings
  • Find beer-drinking buddies
  • Post to all your other social networking places
  • Create your ultimate beer wishlist
  • Badges for trying different styles and drinking in different places

Why is Untappd good as a travel app?

We think it is a fun way to discover a new place, especially if you like beer! Plus, if ale is your elixir, finding the finest local craft beers on holiday will make for some very pleasurable memories indeed. If you really want to go out on a limb, you could use Untappd to create a travel itinerary based on your wishlist and personalised recommendations!

What the Untappd App reviews say

Simple, easy to use, and our favourite review said “Great App, especially for finding beers while traveling and encouraging diversity.” Told you so!

untappd google review

untappd itunes review

Get it on iTunes

Get it on Google Play

Find out more about

Golden Hour App Review – Travel App of the Month August 2016

golden hour logoSimple, effective, no need for an internet connection and preloaded with some renowned photographic locations around the world. What more could you ask for in an app for travel photography?



What is the Golden Hour app?

It is an app that gives essential sunlight data in any part of the world at any time of day to help photographers plan photography shoots in the most favourable light possible. Golden Hour in particular is well known as being the most magical time to take a picture.

golden hour screen shot

What does the Golden Hour app do?

One of the great things about this app is its simplicity. As such, it does what it says on the tin – tells you the golden hour time.

In addition:

  • Bookmark favourite places
  • View preloaded photographic locations worldwide.
  • Colour coded World Sun Clock display.
  • Rotate your device to get detailed timings on key events of the day.
  • Golden Hour display graph showing the altitude of the sun throughout the day with markers for Sunrise, Sunset and the Golden Hour.
  • Explore any date of the year with the slider or date picker.
  • Fully indexed and searchable list of locations worldwide.
  • Latitude and longitude display plus other useful information such as approximate population and Olsen Timezone.
  • Access to the online geonames database plus location setting via the built in maps.

As a bit of a bonus, the app also features a complete years worth of NASA blue marble satellite images of earth.

What do the Golden Hour app reviews say?

Reviews are mostly five stars, with users stating that it is simple, does what it is meant to do, and is an essential piece of tech for planning a photo shoot, especially when travelling.

golden hour app review

The app is only available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for £1.99 – get it on iTunes or visit the website to have a pre-purchase play!

Airbnb Review – Travel App of the Month July 2016

airbnb logoThis is for the spontaneous traveller, the holidaymaker that refuses to go home, the adventurer who wants to keep on adventuring… Sure, you can use the Airbnb app to pre-book your holiday accommodation, but using it en-route is the best way to feel its excitement to the fullest.


What is the Airbnb app?

It is an accommodation booking app with over 600,000 listings across 191 countries. The accommodation includes, yurts, tree houses, homes, rooms, long term lets… all hosted by local people. So you get to live like a local wherever you are visiting.

What does the Airbnb app do?

The app is useful for those travelling, as well as those hosting. As a traveller you can:

  • Discover and book accommodation via the app
  • Search for last-minute rentals
  • Message your host
  • Get directions to your accommodation
  • Access your itinerary
  • Create a destination wish-list based on accommodation

airbnb screenshot 2

Who is the Airbnb app for?

Anyone who needs somewhere to stay for 1 night up to many many nights! Families, groups, you name it. According to a few surveys, once someone has tried Airbnb for accommodation, they don’t go back to booking hotels.

We think the mobile app particularly suits the adventurous traveller who has decided to extend their stay overseas, visiting the places your bookings take you. (Don’t forget we offer travel insurance for people who are already travelling –more on that below!)

What do the Airbnb reviews say?

It seems that the app works better for iphone users than for android users, but Google Play is still giving the Airbnb app a very respectable 4.3 stars out of 5. Get Airbnb for free on iTunes, or Google Play.

airbnb screenshot 3

airbnb screenshot 4

Travel Insurance while you are already travelling

If you are looking to extend your adventure, you won’t just need to find somewhere to stay, you’ll need to make sure you have the right insurance. Here at we provide cover to suit your plans, over the phone, without you needing to be in your usual country of residence. So, if you are still travelling and want to keep on moving you can buy cover online or over the phone by calling 01892 833338.