Sightseeing Goes Sci-Fi with Interactive Travel Game Apps

Discover all the hidden gems of your holiday destination with apps that mix self-guided tours with interactive smart-phone gameplay, a kind of urban entertainment for travellers. These apps aren’t for passing the time waiting for your travel adventure to start, they bring sightseeing to the next level!

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Explore over 140 cities worldwide by taking tours and solving puzzles in the Questo app. This blend of real-world adventure with interactive app “gameplay” is a great way to connect to your surroundings, and discover amazing insights into local history and culture. You can even take a themed tour as an iconic local character. Games are are set both indoors and out, in museums and galleries for example, and you can choose themes around a historical fact, local legend, books, films and more.

Examples of real world city exploration include hunting for Jack the Ripper in London, and Taking a tour with Albert Einstein to discover the wonders of Zurich.


Self-guided discovery through 66 travel guides covering over 13,000 destinations. The app is a travel guide in a game where you score points as you progress through your destination. It promises to take players off the beaten path, educate and inspire through an interactive quiz with activities and riddles that will allow you to immerse yourself in local culture an customs.

Passes last from 1 to 7 days, play can be against people in your group or play solo to compete with fellow travellers also using the Cluecation app.

Urban Adventure Quests/ Hidden City

This a great option for a couple or group, taking a treasure-hunt style tour on a story-led adventure with teams pitted against one another. The Urban Adventure Quest app, also known as Hidden City sends clues to your phone so you can follow a trail around your chosen destination and even interact with characters and people on the way in the real world around you. Just like a real-life tour guide the app has built-in stops so you can grab some refreshments. Genius.

Games take 3 to 4 hours, teams can be of 1 to 5 people and the app promises that you’ll discover hidden locations on your fantasy city adventure.


Billed as the world’s largest treasure hunt, you can count on the Geocaching app to take you off the beaten path wherever you find yourself on holiday. Simply select a geocache in the app and work your way to it and discover what’s been hidden. Log your find, replace the geocache and continue on your journey.

While this app isn’t going to reveal insights into the history and culture of your destination, it certainly gives you a reason to explore routes you’d probably not consider otherwise.


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