Car Hire Insurance Excess for Holiday Car Hire

What is it? Do you need it? How much do you need to budget for it on holiday? And why don’t I just get the insurance offered by the car hire company? If any of these questions are bugging you – we bring all the answers right here!

car hire excess insurance

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The number one question is: Do I really need Car Hire Excess Insurance?

And the answer is YES! Without this type of insurance – if you return the vehicle damaged, even if it was not your fault, you will be held liable for the excess charge set by the rental company.

This particular type of insurance gives you the power to claim back the charges. There are other benefits when you get your policy through too, depending on the type of cover you choose.

The second question that everyone wants to know is: Why don’t I get the policy offered by the car hire company?

Put simply – it will not give you the same level of cover as a policy from us. The excess insurance provided by your holiday car hire company has a very long list of exclusions. If you lose the keys, suffer a tiny dink or two from loose chippings, or something happens to the tires, windscreen or underside – even if it is not your fault – you will have to foot the repair bill as well as pay the excess on the claim.

Holiday car hire excess insurance isn’t as expensive as you might think (in answer to the third question that everyone asks!)

You can get excess insurance for your holiday car hire for less than a tenner (*accurate at time of going to press!). A small price to pay considering a that paying for repairs could be thousands of pounds.

Find out why car hire excess insurance from is different!

And see our very own Norbert in action! Head over to What is Car Hire Excess Insurance? Or visit our Car Hire Excess Insurance FAQ Page. Alternatively, call us for a quote! 0189283338


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