What Is Car Hire Excess Insurance? (and do I need it?)

You can get car hire excess insurance for less than a tenner* but it could save you thousands when it comes to damage on a hire car. Especially in light of all the car hire companies who insist “damage” has been caused while the car was in your care. Here are some insights into why it is worth spending just a few pounds extra if you plan to hire a car.

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*Correct at time of publishing, May 2023, prices subject to change.

Car hire excess insurance explained

This is a type of insurance that you can choose to pay so that you are covered for damages to the hire car while it is in your care.

Why not take the hire company’s excess insurance?

The insurance provided by the hire company has a long list of exclusions, things that are not covered by the insurance. Common items on this list are lost keys, tyres, windscreens, the underside of the vehicle – and even the most minor damage counts, even if it was not your fault (hello loose chippings!). You will be liable to pay for this damage to be rectified on top of paying the excess on the claim.

How is car hire excess insurance from worldwideinsure.com different?

Our Car Hire Excess Insurance covers the types of things that are on the exclusion list from the car hire company, and our offering stacks up to be cheaper than getting the insurance offered by the hire company.

There is also the benefit of the insurance not being with the car hire company – it is very difficult to dispute a claim that you caused damage by the hire company who is tied in with the insurance!

What if the hire company say that we MUST take their excess insurance?

Ignore it and say you don’t want it. Whatever they say, trust that the car hire excess insurance from Worldwideinsure.com is valid. And if they try to tell you you need extra insurance for windscreens, tyres and undercarriage, you can inform them that the policy you have taken out HAS IT COVERED!

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How can I minimise the chance that I’ll be charged for damage I didn’t cause?

Take pictures/videos of the car as you collect it, and document any little mark, scratch and dent that is there inside and out before you drive away. Do exactly the same as you return the car so there can be no disputing any “new damage”.

Benefits of car hire excess insurance

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To find out more and get a quote contact our team, we can provide cover even if you are already travelling!


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