50 New Year Travel Resolutions for 2015 – Ultimate Bucket List

Forget cutting down on cake as a New Year resolution, instead choose to hit some holiday highs this year with this must-try tick list! OK, you may not be able to fit it all into one year, but resolving to do even a few is bound to perk up your holiday plans!

1.       Spend the night under a starry sky – sleep on a sand dune!
2.       Go glamping at a festival
3.       Charter a luxury yacht
4.       Travel solo
5.       Watch the Northern lights
6.       Have a staycation
7.       Book a city break somewhere you have never been before
8.       Go swimming with sharks
9.       Visit the Great Pyramids in Egypt
10.   Hire a camper van and go on a road trip!
11.   Travel the Trans Siberian Railway
12.   Fly in a hot air balloon
13.   Relax in a hot tub at night in the snow
14.   Book a night at a luxury hotel – in the middle of a budget backpacking holiday!
15.   Take a cable car to the top of a volcano
16.   Ride an elephant
17.   Bathe in a hot spring
18.   Go sandboarding
19.   Traverse a glacier in Patagonia
20.   Run with bulls in Spain
21.   Float in the Dead Sea
22.   Go cave diving
23.   Holiday with a big group of friends
24.   Journey to the centre of the earth (well Ecuador – the centre of the world)
25.   Stay in a Japanese capsule hotel
26.   See the Taj Mahal
27.   Go to an all-night beach party
28.   Try couchsurfing
29.   Visit a Thai temple
30.   Heli-ski in British Columbia
31.   Place a bet in Las Vegas
32.   Sun yourself on a pink sand beach in the Bahamas, Harbour Island
33.   Go through the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu
34.   Stay on a private island in Fiji
35.   Go on a yoga retreat in India
36.   Try white water rafting
37.   Enter a Dragon Boat Race
38.   Go on a walking safari in Africa
39.   Bungee jump in New Zealand
40.   Test your fear-factor with portaledging (sleeping on a vertical rock face in a hammock/tent)
41.   Visit New England for an autumn holiday
42.   Go whale watching
43.   Dive the Great Barrier Reef
44.   Sail down the Amazon
45.   Go to Rio Carnival
46.   Book a night at a haunted hotel
47.   Go to an international beer festival
48.   Try scuba diving
49.   Shower under a waterfall
50.   Watch the sun rise at New Year

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