Top Tips for Taking a Detox Retreat

January is traditionally all about good intentions, and more often than not a time when people go on a health kick. Inspired by the recent getaway of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin to the We Care Spa in Palm Springs, we thought we’d share some top tips for going on holiday for a detox.

What to look for in a destination

Ideally, you are looking for peace and quiet, somewhere where you can relax. It also has to be a place that doesn’t have a reputation for fast food and bucket sized cocktails! To avoid temptation, it may be wise to head to an isolated location, but it really is your call and your personal preference whether this is a snow capped mountain or a sun-drenched beach.

Where to go: A self-catering staycation is the ideal way to avoid temptation. Only pack what you need then head to a cottage miles away from pubs, shops and restaurants. Sykes Cottages has a superb portfolio of out of the way places to stay.

What to do when you get there

If you are aiming to get fit and healthy, then you’ll probably have to do some exercise! Specialist detox resorts will have a wealth of fitness programmes available, as well as equipment. Plan to embark on an exercise regime that includes running, weights, cycling and swimming to get the most out of your stay. If your abstinence is more about general wellness than weight loss, consider a yoga and meditation retreat, or find a spa that offers these types of classes. If you have headed to the isolated cottage, regular long walks and short runs will soon whip you into shape!

Where to go: Nothing comes as close to idyllic as Silver Island, a dedicated yoga retreat on a  Greek island. The place practically oozes health! It is peaceful, rejuvenating and because it is completely off-grid also offers a digital detox too!

What to eat

The general detox advice is to cut caffeine, sugar and alcohol, and steer well clear of anything that is processed. Red meats are also a popular no-go item on a detox, as is dairy. Instead drink plenty of water, eat fresh seasonal fruit and veg, and add some fish to your diet. Most places that have a healthy outlook will provide a healthy menu, but if you are going self-catering, you may want to check out these tasty New Year detox recipes!

Where to go: Breakfast soups, non-dairy milks, healthy snacks and anti-oxidant-packed juices are on the menu at La Clairiere Bio and Spa Hotel in France. Their ethos is to re-educate guests and help them build a better, and healthier relationship with food.

What to drink

Fruit smoothies, vegetable smoothies, fruit juices, vegetable juices, and water. To mix things up a little you can always break out some mocktails! If you are on a proper cleansing programme (a la We Care Spa) you need to keep your intake of fluids up, which can mean consuming a portion of your liquid diet every 30 to 60 minutes. It must be stressed that you should consult a health advisor before doing this, and that it isn’t something you should embark on at a remote self-catering location!

Where to go: For the ultimate detox, you need to head to We Care Spa in Palm Springs, where you’ll feast on nothing but juices! This is the destination of choice for celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin – be warned, you have to prepare for a juice-only retreat with a fruits and veg only diet for a few days first!

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