Roadtrip Top Tip: Get Rental Excess Insurance for your Motorhome Hire!

Hiring a motorhome or camper is the way to do a summer roadtrip in comfort and style, but don’t get  caught out by the rental company’s collision damage waiver – all is not as it seems!

Image of a white motor home with excess insurance on a road trip through mountains

Image by memorycatcher aka Siggy Nowak via Pixabay CC0

What is a collision damage waiver?

A collision damage waiver (CDW) is an extra insurance the hire company will push you to take out when you hire a car or motorhome. Its purpose is to cover the cost of repairs or replacement in the event of a collision.

What’s so wrong with a hire company CDW?

CDWs usually have a hefty excess charge which you would be liable to pay in the event of a claim – even if the collision was not your fault. These charges are often in excess of £2,500 and it isn’t unusual for them to be much higher.

How does motorhome rental excess insurance make a difference?

It acts like (but replaces) a collision damage waiver but with a much lower fee. It also covers things that would not usually be covered under a CDW.

I’m unlikely to have an accident though, so I probably don’t need it right?

Wrong! The hire company is able to charge for ANY damage to the motorhome, it doesn’t need to be an accident. If there is damage to the bodywork, even a minor scratch, that could count as a collision. Damage to mirrors, tyres, the underneath of the motorhome… anything could be flagged as damage, and if you don’t have motorhome hire excess insurance you will have to pay the excess.

How do I get Motorhome Excess Insurance?

Either visit our website, give us a call 01892 833338 or drop us an email and we’ll get a quote to you quickly – even if you are already at your motorhome hire destination!

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Don’t forget your travel insurance!

For peace of mind (beyond making sure you motorhome hire doesn’t cost the earth) get yourself comprehensive travel insurance tailored to suit you and your roadtrip. From lost luggage and stolen items to medical costs and repatriation our policies can ease the impact should something go wrong on holiday.

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