Top 10 Travel Hacks – Essential Tips From Frequent Travellers

Don’t let poor planning and inexperience cast a dark cloud on your holiday! Take the advice of seasoned travellers with these top travel hacks – guaranteed to make travelling abroad a more pleasant experience.

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  1. Take toiletries and a change of clothes in your hand luggage in case your luggage gets lost – extra points for packing swim stuff and flip flops so you can hit the beach or pool as soon as you get to your destination.
  2. Opt for solid shampoo and soaps over liquid ones to prevent spillages in your luggage.
  3. Save space by using compression bags for packing clothes. top tip: pack wrinkle release spray to use the other end!
  4. Pack a dry bag (or two) and use to keep your dirty laundry separate when travelling, for beach days out, you can even use one to wash clothes in if you are backpacking, plus these handy bags can also be used for compression packing!
  5. Always take ear plugs and an eye mask so you can get decent rest while you travel and at your accommodation – your room may be noisier and brighter than expected.
  6. Pack a packed lunch for the flight – saves money and also might be of a better quality than you’ll get on board! It also means you can eat when it suits you.
  7. When renting a car – take your own photos so that you can prove that any damage isn’t from your use. Also great for finding your hire car in a full car park – because you aren’t likely to remember the number plate.

Top tip – get car hire excess insurance!  It is super cheap and could save you a lot of money as well as stress – find out more in our car hire tips blog. 

  1. In a place where haggling or bartering is common – wait until you’ve heard what a local is charged so you can haggle a better tourist rate.
  2. Pack a sarong – it can be used as a towel, curtain, bag, sling, skirt… and 25 other ways!
  3. Get a rigid case and customise it so it stands out. A rigid case will protect your belongings against the expected knocks, falls, and throws of airport life! Plus, having something that stands out – either with colourful tape, or straps or even a custom skin – will make finding your luggage an easier task.

The biggest travel hack of all is making sure that you get your travel insurance! It is the number one way to get peace of mind when travelling abroad. Get a quick online quote today!

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