30 Ways To Use A Sarong – Essential Advice For Travellers

About to jet off on holiday? Never mind packing your toothbrush, just don’t forget your sarong!

A sarong is undoubtedly the most versatile piece of holiday kit going…  Here are some traditional and creative ways you can put yours to good use on holiday, along with some more unusual applications in the event of an emergency!

OK, so the obvious ones first:

    1. Tie round the waist for a beach skirt
    2. Wrap around the waist for a long skirt
    3. Fold in half and wrap around the waist for a short skirt
    4. Tie at the top of your chest for a simple beach dress
    5. Or over one shoulder and around your waist as a toga style dress
    6. Wear as trousers,no pins needed and takes less than a minute
Check out this awesome video from Friendships with Benefits YouTube channel:

  1. Keep warm by wearing a sarong as a scarf
  2. Or as a shawl
  3. As a blanket it can keep chills away too
  4. Worn as a headscarf is a fashion statement
  5. Wear as a kiffiyeah to keep dust out of your face
  6. To use as a bag simply wrap your things in the sarong, and tie the two ends together
30 Ways to Use a Sarong, as a headscarf

A stunning boho fashion statement, image courtesy of trailofinspiration.com

Now some innovative ideas you may or may not have tried before:

  1. A sarong is a perfect beach mat
  2. Ideal as a picnic blanket
  3. Works well as a lightweight towel
  4. Use as a curtains to cut out the light
  5. Or keep out light by making an eye mask, just wrap the sarong around the top of your head and over your eyes
  6. Sarongs are also great when made into a papoose for carrying small children
  7. Some people fashion them into a hammock for their babies
30 Ways to Use a Sarong, Curtains

Perfect to brighten up a bedroom – courtesy of brightestplanet.blogspot.co.uk

Next up, the sarong as a lifesaver!
  1. Use as an emergency bed sheet if your hostel mattress is a bit grim
  2. Sarongs are pretty good as a tourniquet in case of an emergency
  3. They make a great sling in an emergency too
  4. Also perfect as a bandage until you get medical help
  5. Sarongs can be used as emergency rope if needed
  6. As an emergency sail on a boat
  7. You can catch food when used as a fishing net if needed too
30 Ways to Use a Sarong, as a tourniquent

Great demonstration of improvising with a sarong in an emergency. Image sourced from 101usesforasarong.com

Did you know that a sarong has culinary uses too?

  1. Sarongs can be used as a colander
  2. Use as a coffee strainer when filters are nowhere to be found
  3. Wear it as an apron while cooking
  4. Or use as a tablecloth as a treat while on the road
30 Ways to Use a Sarong, as a tablecloth

The perfect stand in for a tablecloth, image courtesy of mexicalibluesblog.com

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