12 Month Travel Bucket List – A Dream Adventure Itinerary

While 2022 is getting off to a great start, we have our eyes set to 2023 and all the wonderful adventures we can hope to go on. Here’s a dreamy month-by-month list of love-to-dos to look forward to!

January –  Antarctica To See Penguin Chicks

Summer is in full swing at this time of year with a blissful 20 hours of daylight to illuminate your explorations. The summer season is also when the ice retreats exposing rock that makes the perfect playground for penguin chicks. The safest and most eco-friendly way to enjoy this adventure is as part of a polar expedition – there are a number of reputable operators to choose from.

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February – Abu Dhabi To Experience It Without Melting In Unbearable Heat

Enjoy the Goldilocks effect in full swing and visit this awesome city at a time when the weather is “just right”. It’s warm enough to enjoy time at the beach and cool enough to explore all the attractions without relying on air-con.

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March – Nepal To Sleep At Everest Basecamp

The views in March in Nepal are picture-perfect. The weather is usually clear and rainfall is minimal. The days are also long, meaning more hiking hours to take in those gorgeous views and to enjoy the 14 day trek to basecamp.

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April – Japan To Experience The Cherry Blossom Festival

The festivals actually take place from January to May depending on where in Japan you are – the time the blossom appears varies from region to region. Be mindful not to travel during Golden Week when the whole of the country is on the move enjoying all the attractions and and the many bank holiday festivities – unless you like extra high prices and lots of queueing!

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May – USA To Kayak The Grand Canyon

No bucket list travel itinerary would be complete without a mention of this great wonder of the world. Clear skies and high temperatures make this the best time of year to take to the water in the Grand Canyon, it’s only 10 degrees! Should you take an unexpected dip, which you are quite likely to do, at least you’ll warm up fast once you are out.

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Image by KeYang CC0


June – Peru To Visit Machu Picchu

This is the driest time of the year to experience Peru’s interior – exactly what you want if you’re going to trek or venture to Machu Picchu. It’s officially the start of winter but you can expect temperatures to be a comfortable 20 degrees C during the day, but be prepared for chilly nights.

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Don’t forget your travel insurance! Who knows what might happen on the trip of your dreams. It could be as minor as your baggage getting held up, or a flight being delayed, but it could also be something a lot more serious with the potential to turn the holiday of a lifetime into an expensive trip doing the worst kind of admin. Travel insurance can take that burden away – get in touch to find out what kind of cover suits your needs and your budget the best.


July – Switzerland To Enjoy An Alpine Summer

The shoulder season in Switzerland is a dream, with the start of July being as warm as it’s likely to get without all the crowds of high season. The mountain scenery at this time is at its best with jaw-dropping and unforgettable views. Be warned, if you leave your trip until the end of the month it’s likely to get expensive as well as a lot more busy.

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Image by Sonyuser CC0

August – Santorini To Experience A Summer in Full Swing

Hot weather, warm seas, the best beach breaks and a vibrant nightlife are the hallmarks of a Santorini Summer in August. It is also the busiest time to visit – but if you are prepared to brave the crowds and take this delectable destination in your stride, you’ll have a great time.

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September – Morocco To Sleep Under The Stars in the Sahara Desert

Avoid sandstorms, freezing temperatures, and believe it or not – the chance of flash floods by visiting the Sahara Desert in September. This is the tail end of the season when it is still warm enough to sleep outside but has the perfect conditions for star-gazing.

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October – Fiji To Celebrate Fiji-Day

The shoulder season is about to end, prices are still low and the temperatures are starting to rise… and all before cyclones and rain could stop play. Go at the start of the month to discover a whole week of celebration of Fijian and Indo-Fijian diversity that reaches a crescendo on October 10th aka Fiji Day!

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Image by fleglsebastian7 CC0

November – Iceland To See The Northern Lights

At this time of year not only is the Aurora Borealis at its most active, but the skies are at their darkest and clearest – the perfect combination for viewing the most spectacular light show on the planet! There are some other great locations you might want to consider – check out our blog about Best Northern Lights Destinations.

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Image by ID 12019 CC0

December – New Zealand To Visit The Fjords at Milford Sound

It may be the middle of the peak-season, but it means that the rains that this part of the world is known for – and the reason why the vistas are so spectacular – are less likely to make an appearance and obscure the picture-perfect views!

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Image by Julius_Silver CC0

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