Take Me To The Sunshine: Destination Barbados

What better time than the mid-winter solstice to let our minds wander to thoughts of a hot sunny beach holiday to beat those winter blues. We are thinking blue skies, white sands, crystal clear seas and weather so hot you’ll want to be in the shade. Barbados anyone?

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Why Barbados?

It has over 70 miles of stunning beaches, arguably the best in the Caribbean, and you can choose where to go by deciding whether you want to swim, surf, paddle board, snorkel… you get the picture. The weather is a delight and the laidback vibe is made for relaxing – in the daytime! By night you’ll soon discover that this is when the island wakes up, and there is much fun to be had!

Where to Stay

The island is small, approx 32km by 25km, but you still might like to base yourself near the type of beach that fits your preferred activity. The west coast is a bit more expensive but has a calm sea so good for swimming and snorkelling, the east coast is the place to be for surfing and the generally more rugged terrain will appeal to hikers too.

What to Do

Island Tour: A five hour feast for the eyes, (and the belly!) where you can experience the people, culture and history of Barbados. Stops include taking in the beautiful architecture of  Speightstown, a visit to the Animal Flower Cave, Bridgetown, the Platinum Coast and the Garrison – a world heritage site. Expect to be offered rum and banana bread as well as delicious traditional cuisine for lunch.

Snorkelling: For most of the year visibility is between 40 and 70 feet, making it the perfect place to explore the water’s wildlife and shipwrecks! The best spots are within the two marine parks. You may well be able to spot seahorses, turtles, parrotfish, grouper, squid and nurse sharks.

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Rum Tasting: Barbados is considered the birthplace of rum, and The Mount Gay Rum Tour is well recommended. The distillery was founded over 300 years ago so home to the world’s oldest rum. It’s not the only rum tour on offer though, check out St Nicholas Abbey, Foursquare Rum and Heritage Park and the West Indies Rum Distillery if you are really serious about your spirits.

Food and Drink: We’ve covered rum, but for something a little less potent try mauby – a favourite amongst locals. It’s made from mauby bark and is delicious with ice and a slice of lemon on a hot day. It’s quite a tonic, said to alleviate symptoms of arthritis, reduce cholesterol and treat diarrhoea. The national dish is Flying Fish with a side of cou cou (cornmeal cooked with okra). If meat is off the menu, check the roti options – available with a wide variety of fillings all over the island.

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Good to Know

  • The best time to go is January through to March when temperatures average 29°C.
  • The tap water is safe to drink.
  • In Barbados they drive on the left.
  • Although the island is considered safe, it is wise to have your wits about you when visiting the capital Bridgetown, just as you would in any city, as petty crime is a reality even in paradise; a good reason to make sure you get your travel insurance!

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