Meet Norbert in Our TV Ad for Car Hire Excess Insurance

We would like you to meet Norbert, the star of our new TV ad for car hire excess insurance that is airing from 20th September on Sky News, Discovery, National Geographic and Travel Channel.

In some blatant blowing of our own trumpet, we think the transformation of Norbert from a nervous wreck into a conscientious chap (thanks to our brilliant insurance policy) is a simple, to the point and fun way to get across the importance of taking out car hire excess insurance.

You can read all about our policy later on in the post, but first – here is the star of the ad in action! Oh, before we go, one more blow of the trumpet – we have been listed as one of the cheapest car hire excess insurance providers!

So – Car Hire Excess Insurance, what does it all mean?

Well, car hire companies will always provide you with insurance, but this cover is limited and there will be exclusions.

Exclusions are commonly tyres, windscreens, the underside of the car, loss of keys, (the list goes on…) all things our policy covers! Any loss or damage that affects the exclusions will have to be paid for by you, the person who has hired the car, as well as any excess that has to be paid on a claim. These figures can be extortionate – even if the theft of damage is not your fault.

As if that wasn’t unfair enough, the T&Cs vary from country to country – as does the hefty bill for unprepared drivers!

For example in the US and Canada drivers must have third party liability that provides cover for at least $1 million (that will be our US Car Hire Excess insurance).  This protects a driver if they have been deemed as responsible for an accident. Without it, the bills could literally be bankrupting.

We have already said that we have been listed as the cheapest providers of car hire excess insurance – here is how our figures add up:

Our USA and Canada Car Hire Excess Insurance includes the third party liability cover, with daily rates starting at £6 – YES JUST £6 for a million dollars worth of cover!

Our Car Hire Excess Insurance only costs £1.85 a day! We must be mad!

Much cheaper than paying through the nose for some lost keys and arguing with the car hire provider we are sure you will agree!

If you would like to know more about what we offer (not that Norbert hasn’t summed it up succinctly), give us a call on 01892 83 33 38

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