Choose My Network Review – Travel App Of The Month September ’13

Choose My Network logoIf roaming charges get you down when travelling abroad, then you’ll be pleased to know that the network selected abroad by your operator is not the only one available to you! There may be cheaper options, as well as ones with better connection.

Yes, you have a choice – and this nifty app helps you make that selection based on what is most important to you.


What does Choose My Network Do?

The aim is to lower you phone bill, or connect to a network that provides a superior service.

After locating the country you are in, Choose My Network ranks the available networks in that country and provides a rating for:

  • Call prices
  • Data prices
  • Network quality
  • User Rating

This enables users to choose a network based on what is most important, ideal for the occasional traveller, plane hopping-parent and business people the world over.

Choose My Network screenshots


Additional Features

This app does what it says on the tin – the only additional feature is the option to personally rate a network.

The updated version also allows you to view operator details before you jet off!

Choose My Network Reviews

The reviews on Google Play are a majority thumbs up, with the most common comment as ‘good app’. There is a minority that say it didn’t work for them in certain countries.

Choose My Network google play review

Unfortunately at the time of review, the iPhone version was unavailable to view.


Download Choose My Network

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