Christmas Travel Advice

Travelling at this time of year, no matter how near or far away your destination, comes with its own special set of problems. As bad weather threatens to put a spanner in your travel plans while emotions of the season run high – here is our guide to surviving travelling over Christmas.

train in the snow

Snowy Train Station by Jeff Kramer








Check train timetables. There is an incredibly limited rail service in the UK on Christmas Day and Boxing Day – check out the seasonal rail disruptions before you make plans to be somewhere!
A please and thank you goes a long way

Remember to say please and thank you and smile. Overworked staff at airports, hotels and restaurants have to deal with many demanding customers and larger groups of people than usual. By making sure you pay attention to being polite, you will undoubtedly get a better service, plus it is a nice thing to do.

plane in the snow

Deincing the Plane by James Lee







Acknowledge cultural differences. Not everyone ‘does Christmas’. For some people, Christmas is not an event to be celebrated – bear this in mind, especially when travelling to destinations that do not recognise the holiday the way we Brits do.

Patience is a necessary virtue. Delays and overcrowding by any mode of transport are likely during the winter holiday season. By expecting long queues on the motorway or for there to be no seats on a train, you will be in a better frame of mind should you encounter delays.

car in the snow

Driving in Snow by Rithanne Reid








Be Prepared. Take a book, take a blanket, pack a lunch and pop a flask of hot tea in your bag. Simple comforts can keep you going (and warm) if you get stuck on your journey. You might also want to follow some basic travel advice such as:
• Make sure your phone has plenty of battery
• Have all important phone numbers (including local emergency ones) to hand
• Tell people where you are meant to be and when you are meant to be there

Also – make sure you have the right travel insurance for your journey!

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