Forget Halloween – Check Out These Top 10 Holiday Horrors!

Forget Halloween – Check Out These Top 10 Holiday Horrors!

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We share the top 10 ways a holiday can go awry – and how can help.

  1. You are at the airport, your passport is on your kitchen table.
  2. You are not at the airport, you are stuck on the M25; your plane is leaving the airport.
  3. You arrive at your destination, your luggage arrives at a different destination, in a different timezone; possibly a different universe.
  4. You booked into a new five star resort, when you turn up you see clearly that you were looking at a concept drawing, once you’ve got past the cement mixers!
  5. You routinely apply your sunscreen only to find out that it is factor 2, AFTER you get third degree sunburn.
  6. You return to your hotel after a few too many Sambuccas, you wake up to find your passport gone, with vague memories of tossing it into the sea shouting “I never wanna leave this place, it’s beautiful!”
  7. You return to your hotel after a few too many Sambuccas, you wake up to find that you are in hospital after falling off your balcony.
  8. You stick to glasses of water, but didn’t check it was bottled water, you head to hospital with a very upset stomach.
  9. You hire a car on holiday and have a prang. Then you find out that your car hire excess is excessive and that you might have to sell your house to cover the bill.
  10. You wake up to find you have posted inappropriate pictures of yourself at a foam party on LinkedIn.

How can help

Missed flight – If you have missed a departure because a coach has broken down, we can help – however, if you’ve gone and left your passport on the table at home, you’ll be experiencing an expensive learning curve!

 Lost or stolen luggage, passport or wallet – These are holiday fails are covered as standard with all our travel insurance policies. They must be lost or stolen though – disposing of them yourself in a moment of madness is not covered!

 Mis-sold a holiday – if you’re disappointed with the facilities or feel they do not meet the description in the brochure, you will need to pursue any requests for compensation direct with the Tour Operator.  If you are injured on holiday due to building works at the hotel, you may be able to use the Legal Expenses cover to pursue a claim.

Medical help – Treatment for accidents and injury is covered, as is repatriation to your home country – as long as you were not under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances when you got hurt.

Car hire excess insurance – We offer a cost effective policy that will make sure you aren’t stung by car hire companies in the UK or abroad. To find out more from Norbert.

Posting inappropriate pictures to your social networking sites – This one we can’t help with, sorry! have you covered for almost any pickle you might get yourself into while on holiday. You just need to get yourself the insurance! For more information about travel insurance tailored to suit your lifestyle call 01892 833338.

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