How To See The World And Get Paid – Travel Guide

It may seem like a dream come true, but you can in fact get to travel the world and get paid for it. Jobs in travel are highly competitive, and some are better paid than others – but for most people, a taste of distant shores as part of their job keeps their hunger for travel satisfied. Here’s how to get a foot in the door!

Air Crew

Becoming a cabin crew member may not lead to long stays abroad, but you’ll definitely get the opportunity to touchdown in many countries. Long haul flights come with overnight stays, so there may be a chance to explore the destination, but short haul flights such as those delivered by easyjet will only lead to a lot of air-time! The plus point of being air crew is that you get access to discounted flights, perfect for cheap holidays!

Ship or Yacht Crew

Engineer or Hospitality? As either the hours are long, and on private charters, work is potentially 24/7 – but at least you’ll be surrounded by ocean and indulging in 5-star feasting courtesy of the on-board a la carte chef. Cruises offer a wider range of opportunities for a range of skills, but once again, you’ll need to commit to long travel times if you really want to feel the adventure!


Teaching English as a Foreign Language is considered by some to be an easy way to get to visit new countries. You don’t need to be fluent in your host country’s language, you get a wage, and accommodation and expenses are quite often paid. To become qualified to teach you need to complete a TEFL course, which can take as little as 140 hours.

Travel Writer

A highly competitive arena, and not as glamorous for most as it sounds. Thanks to the World Wide Web, a travel writer does not have to travel the world to gather information for editorials, most research can be done online – but experience does speak best. The most successful travel writers are self-funded, already globetrotting, and able to sell their words from the destinations they are in. See also: Digital Nomad.

Au Pair

Live-in babysitters and housekeepers are in quite high demand for those with the cash, who quite often live and holiday in wonderful locations. Au Pairs can expect to experience a new culture, get a nice room, and receive tuition in the home language in return for moderate childcare and housekeeping duties. On the plus side there are vacancies worldwide, on the down side it is notoriously low paid.

Photographer/Camera Person

If you can take a fabulous photo, or wield a video camera, there are opportunities to travel and indulge in your passion. As with the Travel Writer, commissioned opportunities are hard to come by, but for the motivated traveller, getting out there and collecting images and footage can lead to a nice pay packet either whilst traveling, or when you return.

Beauty Therapists and Fitness Instructors

If you are in the beauty business, or you have an instructor qualification for personal fitness, skiing or scuba diving, then there are plenty of opportunities to head to distant shores and work. Resorts and spa hotels are always on the lookout for beauty therapists and instructors to provide services for guests during peak times. To find opportunities, check out dedicated seasonal job websites, the way to become a seasonaire!

Digital Nomad

This is a term for a virtual assistant who moves from place to place whilst still carrying out a job. This time writers, designers, personal assistants and other types of virtual office worker have a lot to thank the internet for. It is now possible to research a project from anywhere in the world, and deliver work on time. Digital Nomads are self-starters with a love for seeing the world, the motivation to be self-employed and the cunning to live where prices are low whilst working for companies that pay well.

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