Discovering the Ancient City of Ephesus, Turkey

In our recent travel guide, we shared our travel tips on visiting the town of Kuşadası in Turkey – and we featured the ancient ruins of Ephesus as a must-see place for visitors, just a short drive away.

To share the joys of this not so hidden gem more, check out this great video clip which is a veritable drive-thru history tour of the site. Plus we have included some great Ephesus facts for you to read below!

Ephesus Facts!

• Ephesus was the second largest city of the Roman Empire and home to quarter of a million people

• The Virgin Mary lived in a small cottage near Ephesus

• The columns of Artemis stood an impressive 30 meters high

• Ephesus is the best preserved classical city of the Eastern Mediterranean

• The library housed between 12,000-15,000 scrolls

• The city contained a theatre, Odeon, state agora, public toilets, a brothel and monuments to the emperors


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