Weird Travel Insurance Claims

The Telegraph has published some crazy travel insurance claims made by holidaymakers, some were so funny we thought it would be rude not to share!


One pensioner on a cruise decided to claim for new false teeth by declaring them ‘lost baggage’. The hapless pensioner had lost his dentures whilst vomiting over the side of the cruise ship. In our experience travel insurance for cruises is usually to cover the costs of cancellation, not the cost of new dentures!


Not many lost luggage claims are blamed on monkeys, but that is what happened to a couple holidaying in Malaysia who returned to their lodge to find that their clothes had been stolen and scattered throughout the rainforest by monkeys.


During a trip to the south coast, two holidaymakers claimed that the paintwork on their car had been damaged by a herd of cows licking their vehicle, promptly filing a claim on their return. Having your hire car damaged by a herd of cows could be grounds for a claim on car hire excess insurance, but we are not entirely sure how damaging a cow tongue can be on a car’s paintwork!


During a trip to the beach, two thoughtful children thought it was wise to bury mum and dad’s video camera in the sand whilst they went swimming to prevent it from being stolen. Unfortunately, the kids could not remember where it was buried when they came out.


A soon to be wed couple on a wedding holiday in the Caribbean found out how to put a spark in their marriage as the bride’s dress caught fire on the barbeque. The groom quickly picked up the damsel in distress and threw her into the ocean. The ruined wedding outfits prompted a claim upon return to the UK. This is exactly the kind of mishap that wedding insurance is intended to cover, we hope the happy couple enjoyed the rest of their rather unusual wedding day!

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