Getting Travel Insurance With A Pre Existing Medical Condition

If you have an illness, or have been unwell in the past, you may find that your pre-existing medical condition pushes your travel insurance premium up, and in some cases, prevents you getting cover at all; but this is only if you want a pre-existing problem covered by your travel insurance. It is up to you whether you want to get cover for that condition or not, but you must be aware that if the pre-existing illness requires treatment on holiday or  means that you have to cut your holiday short – your insurance will not cover the costs as your condition will be considered excluded from the policy. If you require medical assistance or have an injury that is not connected with the pre-existing condition, your normal travel insurance will provide cover.


The other option is to purchase special travel insurance that provides cover for pre-existing medical conditions. Whilst Travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions is more costly, it does mean that if you are at risk of suffering from a pre-existing condition, you will be covered for all eventualities.

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