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12 Travel Photography Tips You Don’t Want To Miss

Image by Free-Photos CC0

Want to take some Nat-Geo worthy snaps on your next trip? Take a look at these top tips, guaranteed to improve your travel shots!

  1. Get up early. Sunrise is an awesome time, take the time to capture it in your location. An early start also gives you a better chance for capturing well-known landmarks without the masses.
  2. Stay out late. Long exposures of city lights, or of the stars at night sweeping by. Staying up late might also reveal a more decadent side to your destination!
  3. Use a tripod. It’ll give you time to set up your shot, and wait for the ideal light, or opportunity to take a remarkable shot.
  4. Shoot from the hip. A unique perspective, and a fun way to get some candid shots.
  5. Plan an itinerary. Don’t kick yourself for missing a photo opportunity, make a comprehensive list of locations you’d like to shoot.
  6. Let yourself get lost. Some of the best photos come from adventure. See where your journey takes you, there could be untold surprises in store.
  7. Recap the rules of composition. The rule of thirds in particular, it is a fast-track way to get a well-balanced shot.
  8. Try out some unusual framing. Break the composition rules and you may well get a dream shot that no-one else discovered.
  9. Learn to use your manual settings. Adjusting the shutter speed and light levels yourself can lead to a signature style that no one else can steal.
  10. Let yourself free with auto. Even the most basic of cameras nowadays are capable of awesome imagery – let your equipment do the hard work.
  11. Backup your image library. The last thing you want is to lose your pictures – keep them backed up!
  12. Make sure your equipment is covered with travel insurance. You also won’t want to lose your camera. Make sure that any equipment you take on your travels is covered on your insurance policy.

What Would A Traveller Do? Top 10 Travel Poll Q&As

Travel Polls reveal informative insights into how we like to travel, what we think is important when we do and about the experiences we have on the journey. Here are a few insightful results that we have found – good enough to incorporate into your next pub quiz!

1. What is more important – your comfort or your length of stay?

Length of stay! Just  4% would choose a 5 star hotel and a short stay whilst 61.4% would choose a 2 star hotel to be able to stay longer. The rest of the voters said that you should compromise on both for a better break.

2. What are the top 3 countries on a travellers wish list?

  • South America – 19.6%
  • Southeast Asia – 18.7%
  • Africa – 13.5%

3. Best Airline?

Singapore Airlines – 50%

4. Worst Airline for lost luggage?

Thankfully, the majority of voters in this poll (16.8%) said that their bags always show up in the right place at the right time. The top three for bad luggage handling however are as follows:

  • British Airways – 9.94%
  • Air France – 9.03%
  • KLM – 8.11%

5. Laos or Cambodia -which would you choose?

Laos got 21.1% of the votes and Cambodia got 30.9%. The majority chose the option to do both if you can, but who wouldn’t if you could!

6. Where on Earth wouldn’t you go?  The least appealing destinations for travellers.

  • Somalia – 65.6% for being deemed ‘a hellhole’
  • Bali – 13.89% for being too westernised
  • Central Asia – 8.5% for being unwelcoming

7. Guilty Pleasures – what do you indulge in on holiday?

  • Restaurants and Bars – 32.35%
  • Reading trashy books – 17.65%
  • Souvenirs and gifts – 11.76%

8. Where are the worst tour guides? Voters’ top 3…

  • India – 42.8%
  • Egypt – 25.2%
  • Morocco – 11.9%

9. If you had a travel super power what would it be?

  • Neck and neck with 28.57% – fitting everything into a small bag no matter how long the trip and being able to cheat the language barrier
  • Never getting lost – 25.71%

10. Travel insurance… do you?

  • Only for international flights (tut tut) – 52%
  • Always (good-o!) – 31%
  • Never (not good at all) – 17%