What Type Of Travel Insurance Do I Need For A Cruise?

Most cruise operators require that the traveller has comprehensive travel insurance. While that doesn’t necessarily have to be cruise-specific insurance, you’ll probably find that one tailored to cruises does indeed offer the best value for money due to the unique nature of this type of holiday – read on to find out why!

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Cruises are more expensive on average per person which means you’ll need Travel Insurance that can meet the costs if things don’t go to plan.  

Cruises are the ultimate all-inclusive package holiday. You have travel, accommodation, entertainment, food and drink all wrapped up in a luxurious trip of a lifetime. And this usually comes at quite a cost.

It’s for this reason that travel insurance tailored specifically for cruises is the best option. It is designed to offer adequate cover should things not go to plan, so you don’t suffer the financial impact from the theft or loss of personal belongings and passports, delayed departures and trip cancellations, or the costs of medical assistance.

On the open sea everywhere is a long way from home! Whether you are in the Med, Caribbean, or even the Arctic you are going to need travel insurance that can get you back home if needed.

While medical assistance is available on every cruise, should you fall very ill or get badly injured you will need to get medical treatment on-shore. This could mean a helicopter transfer or a boat charter, and even repatriation back home. None of these things come cheap, and quite often not included in standard travel insurance policies.

Cruise travel insurance should come with a helpline that can assist with getting the medical help you need, including speaking with medical professionals anywhere in the world.

Extended travel comes with extended risks. You need travel insurance that can accommodate longstay travel arrangements, adequate cover for additional baggage, and the added risks associated with multiple stops, as well as excursion, activities and sports.

The longer you are travelling for, the more likely you are to encounter adversity. The risk of loss or theft of belongings goes up, as does the risk of injury from on and offshore activities and excursions. And as you travel from port to port encountering different countries, the risk of missing a departure rises considerably too!

Cruise-specific travel insurance can provide cover for these increased risks and also provide cover for a range of sports, activities and adventures that may be included in your cruise. The extended travel means you are also more likely to have taken extra baggage to last the trip – which requires additional cover too!

When should you buy travel insurance for a cruise?

As soon as you book your holiday! The sooner you take out insurance, the sooner you are covered. It isn’t just the time on the trip that travel insurance provides cover for – it can be there for peace of mind should anything happen in the lead up to your cruise which could cause the trip to be cancelled, postponed, delayed or missed.

What Can Worldwide Insure Cruise Travel Insurance Cover?

  • 24hr multilingual emergency helpline to liaise with doctors and hospitals overseas.
  • Medical treatments and repatriation.
  • Sports and activities.
  • Loss or theft of personal belongings.
  • Impact of missed, delayed or cancelled travel.
  • Cruise interruption and Cabin confinement.

Get your cruise travel insurance policy as soon as your holiday is booked!

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