Babymoon Travel Guide – Travel Safe in These Top Destinations

Fancy one last break abroad before baby arrives? Check out these awesome destinations for a babymoon in 2023 featuring beach breaks, city escapes, and rural retreats! Plus we include some expert advice on travelling safely while pregnant.

The City Escape – Rome

Rome Travel Image by Chait Goli CC0

Image by Chait Goli CC0

Rome is a great city to head for a babymoon, it is quite compact, and mostly flat so easy to see the sights even if you need a slower than usual day. As well as attractions such as the Colosseum, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain – there are huge number of galleries and museums to explore and there is great cuisine on every corner. Pasta, pizza and gelato will certainly help keep your energy levels up!

Top tips: Go late spring when temperatures are pleasantly warm, and avoid high season when the streets are bustling with tourists and the heat is high!

The Beach Break – Sardinia

Sardinia Travel Image

Image by fradellafra CC0

Beautiful sandy beaches, warm blue sea, and plenty of places to escape to and be at one with nature. Sardinia is the perfect place to go for peace, quiet, and together time – and the coastal areas really are as idyllic as it gets without going to the Caribbean. Head to the east coast if you want to explore the nature reserves on gentle hikes, and head to the north coast if you want a more lively seaside experience.

Top tips: Get a hire car! Even though the island is small,  public transport doesn’t reach all the most beautiful parts. Get yourself some wheels so you can get to remote beaches, and take in wonderful views from the mountains.

The Rural Retreat – Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley France Image

Image by Ledain CC0

Beautiful landscapes, stunning chateaux, and quaint villages make the Loire Valley the place to be for a rural babymoon retreat. Whether you are travelling by train, or have decided to take a bit of a roadtrip, this stunning and serene area of France will fill you with tranquil vibes. There are lush green forests as far as the eye can see, plentiful vineyards, and of course the meandering Loire, the last wild river in Europe.

Top tip: Take a river cruise to Marseilles-les-Aubigny, to visit the Floral Park at Apremont-sur-Allier. At 625 miles, the Loire is the longest river in France and has plenty of tours running from multiple destinations along it’s banks.

Travel Safety While Pregnant

  • Although you can travel up until 36 weeks pregnant (note that some airlines have a lower limit, especially for long-haul flights) a babymoon is best taken before you reach 28 weeks. Not only is it considered safer, but you will likely have more energy to enjoy your break before baby arrives.
  • For your comfort and to minimise risk of DVT, keep to flights that are under three hours and try to avoid lengthy transfers at your destination.
  • Choose a location that has good transport connections and medical facilities, and don’t forget to take your GHIC (the new European Health Insurance Card), and make sure you have adequate travel insurance to meet your needs.
  • Remember to pack your maternity notes! If you become unwell during travel or at your destination this will make things a whole lot easier when you go to get treatment.
  • It is recommended to avoid areas where you would need a vaccination to travel – live vaccines can be harmful to an unborn child, but having them is recommended if travelling to a high risk area. Places with Malaria, Zika, and Dengue are very high risk destinations during pregnancy.

Travel insurance while pregnant

Whether you are heading to beach, city, or countryside, ensure that you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy that meets your needs. It should include cover for unexpected complications of pregnancy, cover for any medical condition which could impact on your pregnancy, and any complications you have had in a previous pregnancy. can offer travel insurance during pregnancy to travellers affected by a variety of conditions relating to pregnancy, such as pre-eclampsia; diabetes; high blood pressure, and anaemia.

Kids Go Free with

Whether you have children already or you are planning a trip once baby is born, remember Worldwide Travel Insurance – kids go free on our family travel insurance policies!

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