Shades of Autumn: Scenic Holiday Ideas for 2022

Long to soak up the hazy hues of autumn on your next holiday? We’ve picked six of the most beautiful destinations you can head to see some autumnal treasures.

Nara – Japan

Nara Japan Image

Image by Kanenori CC0

The Visit Nara website lists 10 reasons why Nara should be on your bucket list – and the amazing colours of the autumn leaves at Murouji Temple is one of them! The vibrant display of red, yellow and orange maples are also celebrated in an Autumn leaves Festival.

The best time to go to see the colours of the trees change is from mid-November to early December – the festival takes place in the evenings during the first few weeks, when the trees, pagoda and bridge are illuminated once dusk falls.

Aspen – USA

Aspen Colorado Image

Image by JoshuaWoroniecki CC0

The hues of an autumn in Aspen, Colorado are very much of the golden variety, thanks to the native Aspen tree, which covers vast swathes of the landscape. Hiking or biking is the way to go to soak it all up while you are there. The trees grow to 80 feet in height, creating a magical feel when you’re in amongst them.

The top recommendation is to take the Cathedral lake trail, which starts off in the Aspen groves, opens out onto views of valley and the alpine meadows, before meandering all the way to the top of a mountain high above the lake. The summit is over 3,600 metres high offering absolutely spectacular views! Time to go is during the last two weeks of September, and there is even a Fall Foliage Map available to help you time your trip with peak season!

Vermont – USA

Vermot in Autumn Image

Image by sidharthmalhotra CC0

The time to head to Vermont, New England for a touch fiery-coloured foliage is late-September in the north and late-October in the south – our advice is to go for at least a month and explore it all!

Three-quarters of the state of Vermont is covered in Maple trees, and once the leaves start to turn a whole host of activities are on offer. Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, harvest festivals, hikes, bike tours, and river rides to take in the reflections of the foliage are just some ways you can enjoy the scenery. There is an excellent Foliage Forecaster to help you plan your trip.

Quebec – Canada

Quebec Canada Image

Image by AlainAudet CC0

To witness the brightest blaze of glorious foliage in Quebec City, you need to hit some of the best scenic landscapes the area has to offer – what a shame!

Our top three recommendations are: Mont-Sainte-Anne, great for mountain biking and hiking, but for the best views get the chairlift up and wander your way down; Parc National de la Jaques-Cartier, over 62 miles of hiking trails taking you through forests, mountains and lakes in a glacial valley; Canyon Sainte-Anne, a feast for the eyes awaits from three magnificent suspension bridges, one of which is 60m above the gorge and the highest in Quebec.

Head to Canada late-September/early-October to see the best of the autumn colours.

Autumn in Europe & Spring in the Southern Hemisphere

France Autumn Image

Image by 12019 CC0

You don’t have to travel all the way around the world to see the wonderful colours of autumn. France, Germany, the UK, and many other countries in middle and high latitude areas have the right climate and conditions to make this season magical in September and October. And if you are ever craving the golden leaves of this season during the spring – you can head to the southern hemisphere where the colours of autumn start in March in places such as Chile, Argentina, Peru and New Zealand!

Don’t forget your travel insurance! We cover staycations as well as holidays abroad, so wherever you’re hoping to head to look at the leaves, you can count on us to be able to give you the cover you need.

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