Father’s Day: Dream Destinations for Sports and Adventure

Give the gift of adventure this Father’s Day with a trip of a lifetime to take part in some epic sports and adventure. Whether it is a short European break, or a longer trip to a far-flung destination, we’ve gathered a whole load of ideas that are sure to please.

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Two Wheels

Off-road adventures on a mountain bike combine adventure, freedom, and if you head to hills – a whole heap of adrenaline too. There are so many places around the world that are renowned for beautiful mountain vistas, here are the top 3:

  •  Mefjellet, Norway – combining glaciers, snow-capped peaks and fjords, this 1100m trail guarantees an epic adventure!
  • Cotopaxi, Ecuador – volcanic slopes with an ever changing terrain of sand, ash, boulders and lava fields, a ride to challenge even the most confident.
  • Dolomites, Italy – the Sella Ronda race route is an 84km circular tour of the Sella Massif, with views of the vertical mountains, alpine meadows, and pine forests. At 4,300m it will certainly take your breath away.
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Four Wheels

Going off-road in a 4×4, especially in an unfamiliar destination, requires a lot of skill, courage, and a great sense of adventure. Here are three of the most exciting places to go for a Father’s Day treat.

  • Rubicon Trail, California, USA – considered the most challenging off-road experience in the world, this 22mile track will take you over boulders and sharp rocks, through forests and soft dirt, and along near impossible passes.
  • Atlas Mountains to Sahara Desert, Morocco – a mix of grassy plains, rocky roads, sand dunes, canyons, and salt marshes  make Morocco a splendid choice for a 4×4 trip with variety.
  • The Alps, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein… – this mountain range runs for 750 miles through numerous countries and offers the adventurous driver a mix of rocky mountain roads, gravelly passes, hair pin bends, steep drops, and plentiful waterways to traverse and explore.
Rapids Valley Image

Image by dennisflarsen CC0

On the Water

White water rafting is a white-knuckle adventure even for those that love extreme sports. We’ve selected three of the most challenging locations – by name and by nature – that you might want to check out.

  • Zambezi River, Zimbabwe – One of the rapids is called “Gnashing Jaws of Death” and an entry-point for tours is right by Victoria Falls. Throw in some hippos and crocodiles as well as grade IV and V rapids and you’re in for a heart-racing treat for sure.
  • Futalefu River, Chile – the crystal-clear glacier-fed grade V rapids nestled amongst Patagonian rainforest are a popular spot for white-water rafters to plummet downstream. Bonus points for the plentiful riverside camps with hot tubs – perfect for those aching muscles.
  • Noce River, Italy – 28km of top rafting fun! The river is fed by melting glaciers from the Dolomites, and the route takes in gorges and valleys with snow-capped mountainous views along the way.
Skydiving Adventure Image

Image by Pexels CC0

In The Air

Plummeting towards the earth at 120mph really is some people’s idea of fun, and while the sensation may be the same falling from the sky wherever you are the views certainly aren’t. Here are three of the top places to soak up the views skydiving!

  • Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland – on your way down to earth you’ll see the beautiful gorges and waterfalls that make up Lauterbrunnen Valley as well as the stunning glacial surroundings.
  • Mount Everest, Nepal – this is the highest drop zone in the world, and you’ll need a decent canister of oxygen to get you through not only the breath-taking views but also the oxygen-deficient air on the 23,000ft drop!
  •  The Grand Canyon, USA – there is probably no other viewpoint that does this natural wonder of the world justice. From 15,000ft in the air you’ll be able to see the canyon and the surrounding desert  in all its glory.

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