Stress-Beating and Boredom-Busting Travel Tips for Business Trips

It’s a fact – business trips abroad don’t bring nearly as much pleasure as other people think you’ll have. Far from “going on a jolly” overseas business trips are often loaded with stress and boredom. Here are our top tips that will hopefully bring a bit more balance to your next trip overseas for work.

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1. Book an Airbnb – even if you’re paying for a higher rate hotel, there is only so much comfort you can get from being in one-room, or even a suite with a travel kettle, coffee machine and room service. Booking yourself an apartment where you can sleep in one room, relax in another, and even whip up some simple dishes in a kitchen will bring a more homely feel to your trip, even if it’s just for a few days of your stay.

2. Organise A Capsule Travel Kit – packing is a pain, so get yourself a capsule travel kit which is always ready to go. In it have:• a fully stocked designated toiletries bag• a set of crease-free travel clothes• spares of (or list of) chargers and cables you need for all your devices• earplugs and an eye mask – essential for flights and noisy hotels!

Top Tip for a short trip: Pack hand luggage only for a speedier exit from the airport and to reduce the risk of lost luggage.

3. Download your content – music, films, podcasts, ebooks… what ever floats your boat download it before you go to while away the hours spent in an airport, waiting for a transfer, or even unwinding after working. It’ll save on battery, data, and of course help you take a break from work work work.

Top Tip for a long trip: Dress smart casual, that way if your luggage gets lost you’ll still look presentable if needed when you arrive.

4. Get Social – if you have family or friends nearby then book in some time to catch up, and if you don’t get, on something like City Socializer or Meetup. This is an excellent app for likeminded people to hook up with emphasis being on just meeting up to be social. Showaround is also good for a guided tour by a local who can show you where to go and what to do as well as get to know your destination.

5. Get Business Travel Insurance – nothing ups the stress levels like a missed or cancelled flight; lost, stolen or damaged laptop or equipment; or even something happening that means you can no longer travel to your destination. Get travel insurance and you buy peace of mind!

6. Schedule in Time Off – give yourself a day (or two) extra time to explore the place that you are in, re-charge your batteries and actually enjoy yourself a little before you head back home. It might be a one-day spa break at the end of your trip, sight-seeing mid-way, or even heading out to a gig, game, or show to allow yourself time off in the evening to relax and unwind.

Don’t forget your business travel insurance! We can tailor a single-trip or annual multi-trip travel insurance policy to give you the cover you need for work equipment as well as personal belongings.

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