Ten of The Best Tech Travel Hacks

They say don’t work harder, work smarter. We think that applies to holidays too – here are some of our favourite hacks that will save a heap of stress on your next holiday.

Tech Travel Hacks Image

Image by albersHeinemann CC0

1. Charge your phone on aeroplane mode – it charges faster!

2. Save battery by sharing photos using AirDrop.

3. Keep a scan of all your important docsuments in the cloud so you can access them even if your tech has been lost or stolen.

4. Download your maps when you are connected to WiFi to use offline later. It’ll save battery and data.

5. Get the Google Translate app. This clever thing not only allows you to speak into the app  for it to generate a translation, it also converts text as you scan it – great for translating menus of course, but can even be a lifesaver if you’ve been prescribed medication in a language you don’t understand.

6. Keep your phone on  aeroplane mode until you need it. You can still take pics while you preserve your battery – and let’s face it, it’s a great excuse not to be bothered by calls while you are on holiday!

7. Offload apps you don’t need while you are away – not only will that extend your battery life but also free up more room for offline storage.

8. Download music playlists, podcasts and films before you go.

9. Make the most of Google’s live flight tracking info to see if your ‘plane is on time.

10. Always carry a charger so you can top up juice as you go – most flatscreen TVs have a USB port so no need for the adaptor!

Don’t forget your travel insurance! If your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or other tech and gadgets are lost or stolen while you are abroad, travel insurance can help recover costs and keep your holiday flowing smoothly. Find out more at worldwideinsure.com.

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