A Chocoholics Dream: Holidays In Pursuit of the Cacao Bean

Forget tucking into cheap Easter eggs, take a look at these amazing destinations where you can indulge in some of the best chocolatey delights in the world whilst enjoying a dream holiday!


Switzerland Travel Image

Image by narya CC0

This destination may be just as famous for the chocolate peaks of a Toblerone bar as it is for its jaw-droppingly beautiful mountain vistas, but maybe it is the cows that make Switzerland a must-visit destination for chocolate lovers. The reason Swiss chocolate is up there as the best in the world is thanks to a Swiss confectioner who worked out how to make solid chocolate using milk – and now Swiss chocolate is known as the creamiest chocolate in the world. One of the top chocolate days out is Maison Cailler in Broc, which offers tours, tastings, workshops and boutique gift shop.

Fun Fact: The mountain on the Toblerone pack is the Matterhorn.

St Lucia

St Lucia Travel Image

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Cacao beans have been harvested on the Caribbean island of St Lucia since the 1700s, that is over 400 years of chocolatier experience guests can tap into on a luxury break. The Chocolate Laboratory located on the Jade Mountain estate offers guests an indulgent array of chocolate-themed activities including sensory tastings, truffle making classes, and cocoa bean spa treatments; and let’s not forget that the tropical climate that allows cacao trees to thrive is just the ticket for sun-seekers who like a little luxury.

Best time to go: August because it has been declared Chocolate Heritage Month!


Ecuador Cacao Bean Travel Image

Image by DEZALB CC0

Ecuador has a reputation worldwide for producing some of the best and highest quality cacao beans in the world. As a result, the chocolate produced here is known for delivering raw, organic cocoa goodness – making it the go-to for premium dark chocolate indulgence. The geological diversity that makes Ecuador such an interesting place to visit in its own right – note national parks and the Galapagos Islands – is also responsible for the popularity of its chocolate, each region bringing a unique flavour to its bean. Kallari Chocolate in Quito is a perfect pit-stop for indulging in hot chocolate as well as local chocolate bars, with a chance to learn about making artisan chocolates too.

Top Tip: Sign up to a trek to the Amazon to visit local cacao plantations.


Belgium Travel Image

Image by dimitrisvetsikas1969 CC0

Belgian chocolate is known for melt-in the mouth perfection, fine structure and high cocoa content. Being ahead of the game in cacao bean imports back in the 1800s meant that Belgian chocolatiers had a head start in perfecting the chocolate-making process. A visit to ChocoStory, a chocolate museum in Bruges will give you a real feel for the history of the Aztecs and Mayas and how the discovery played a vital role in what is arguably Belgium’s best-known export today.

Did you know: Bruges is known as one of the romantic cities in the world – what better place to indulge in some fancy chocolates!


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