Most Romantic Holiday Destinations In The World

Where in the world would you like to spend time with your loved one? We’ve picked what we think are the best places in the world to enjoy a romantic holiday for two.


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Blessed with spectacular beaches, azure seas, beautiful architecture, and breathtaking landscapes Istanbul makes for a wonderfully romantic destination. In fact it is one of the top honeymoon destinations for couples.

Take time out in a Hammam, a Turkish bath house. This is a must for every couple, time well spent in a spa! Do be mindful of the sort of service that you book in for as the traditional style experience may not  have the romantic edge you are looking for – it starts with a rather vigorous scrub from an attendant. Other styles offer aromatherapy massages, reflexology and facials.


Venice Travel Insurance

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The home of Casanova, a legendary lover, adventurer and author… what better place to indulge in a romantic mood with your loved one! Venice is top of the list when it comes to romantic getaways, and it seems like the whole place was built for an amorous  escape.

Seek out a sumptuous sunset gondola ride for two. It is likely to be the most memorable romantic time of your lives. Over the course of 30 minutes your Gondolier will take your on a stunning tour of the Venice waterways where the colourful city streets and glistening water come alive with the colourful hues of a Venetian sunset.


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This Greek island is known as the Island of Love thanks to its extraordinary natural beauty and iconic architecture. Couple this with sun, sea, and the oldest – and dare we say best – wineries in the world and you have a recipe for a deliciously romantic destination.

Indulge in a sunset winery tour. Santorini is well know for epic sunsets, and a half day winery tour with a tapas supper is the perfect buildup to a romantic sundown. Visiting up to four local wineries you’ll get to soak up some of those sweet vistas in between tastings, before heading to the best spot to watch the sun dip into the Aegean sea.

Bora Bora

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Isolation and volcanic beauty have led to this luxuriously dreamy destination to be known as Romantic Island. The overwater bungalows in the incredible turquoise lagoon are a homing beacon for honeymooners and lovebirds alike; and the white sandy beaches are the iconic  desert island dream come true.

Splash out on a couples experience at Bora Bora spa in Four Seasons resort. The couples overwater spa suite has an outdoor bath, exotic paradise vistas of Mount Otemanu and even the treatment beds come with views as they sit on glass panels over the lagoon. Signature Spa Rituals are inspired by the Polynesian concept of Taurumi, meaning health in hands, where a deep understanding of touch brings balance to body and mind. 


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The geographical beauty of such an extreme landscape is what brings Patagonia to our list of most romantic places to head to in the world. The rugged wild landscapes with blue rivers, snow capped mountains and waterfalls are breathtakingly beautiful, filling visitors with awe and wonder – an extraordinary experience for any couple.

Get yourselves on a glacier sightseeing boat tour to get a real sense of the beauty of Patagonia.  The most impressive sights can only be accessed from the water by boat, an experience that will fill you both with an overwhelming sense of adventure as you are immersed in nature and the primal power of the natural world.


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